3 Chapter Three: Last Normal Nights
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Author :Vyolett
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3 Chapter Three: Last Normal Nights

Sara waited for me after she got off the bus from Kindergarten. She loved school and she always wanted to go back.

She always told me that she had nightmares the night before she goes back to school from the weekend. Telling me the worst bits and pieces that makes my stomach turn. But worst off all, she says she sees the thing from her dreams standing at the end of her bed when she wakes up. She says it twitches while it says her name. The dark figure, tall and skinny, has a long face. Big white teeth is the part of it that scares her the most. And she stayed in my room because of it. But just a week ago she was telling me it followed her in there. And I have to be honest, sometime I wake up and feel something watching me.

Victoria hugs me and Sara, sending me back into what was real.

"You have to stop doing that mommy." Sara sighed.

Victoria nodded. "Sara's right. You are always thinking about something, you don't even know what's real any more. You're losing it."

I shook my head "Victoria and Sara, mommy has a lot on her mind, and when you say that, mommy is getting hurt."

Victoria nodded, and Sara followed me and Victoria back home from the bus stop.

Walking was hard for me since I was always having fear on my mind, I was to tired to even step out on the deck or lawn. Sara and Victoria are all I have left, and when they are put on danger, I can never get those things off my mind.

Sara did not mind it at all. She has never feared anything except that man, and that shadow cowering over her bed at night. I shook the thought off of me and continued into my room.

The next nights had nothing bad happen. Sara never had a bad dream or that figure over her bed, and everything was how it used to be.

Today we all went out to Disney world and went on almost all the rides my girl were able to get on. Sara had the most fun, but Victoria was not. She had feel down a scraped her knee because some guy was not watching were he was going. But Sara had the most luck of the day. She won all the prizes and had fun on the rides, and most of all, she enjoyed the time with me and her sister. It was their late Birth day, but I had to get my paycheck before we went out, because I did not have the money at first.

When we got home, Sara set all her prizes down and she went to go use the bathroom.

While I waiting, I saw Victoria crying in the corner.

I walked over to her, scared of why she was not happy. But I kinda already knew the answer to that.

She looked up and sniffles a bit, then she looked back down again.

I rubbed her arm and comforted her. "Why are you sad Vicky?"

"I just did not have a good day" She sniffed again then looked up. "Sara had all the fun and I did not have any. She got all the luck when I had none, and she had all the rides to herself because of my knee."

I looked down. I would have felt the same if I were her. But I did not want her to know that.

All of a sudden Sara screams, I come running to the bathroom then I see her.....
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