2 Chapter Two: Wake
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Author :Vyolett
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2 Chapter Two: Wake

Sara woke up first. To day was the day when she was gonna turn 6. And so was her twin sister Victoria.

Sara was happy and seemed to forget about the night before. She turned on the TV and watched Peppa Pig, and she sang along with her. Victoria soon joined in on her favorite part and song.

I was tired from the night before, and clearly still frightened about it. But I kept my head high. Soon, I made eggs and bacon, with the last touch of toast.

I am glad Victoria has no idea what happened last night. She does not even know that Sara knows about what happened. And that makes the weight on my chest sort of go away. I was still wondering about his warning. Who is 'he'? That man always said that this guy was coming and he was not happy. That made me scared for a little until Sara comes up to me and asks for a plate of food.

I bend down and hand it to her, she says thanks, then runs off back to Peppa Pig.

Sooner or later, A knock on the door knocked me out of my pondering state, and sends me up to go answer it.

I warn the girls to go to their rooms just in case it was that man again.

I open the door to find no one. Just a piece of paper.

I bend down and pick it up. It had a message on it.

He is already here.

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