1 Chapter One: Heavyweigh
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Author :Vyolett
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1 Chapter One: Heavyweigh

I laid down on an empty bed that used to have two every night. My head ached from yelling at the kids I was left with to take care of. But that never got me down by the fact that they were better off with me than him. He was a broken and nobody wanted to help him because of his past.

Sara came running to me in fright. She placed her hands on my thigh and shook me awake from my thoughts.

"What is it hun?" I say in a low tired voice.

"A strange man is at our door." She looks down scared for what might happen. But I did not know who would be coming on a late night like this.

I got out of bed and rubbed my eyes. Once I got to the front door, Sara was hiding behind me. I open the door and the man looked up.

He had his face hidden under the rags he was wearing. Shy, he lifted his head and said, "He is coming. For all of you. You have to get out of here. There is no time to wast."

His face was threaded together Closed shut , he could barely speak. One eye was dug out and missing, but it looked like it has been that way for a while.

Sara covered her mouth in fright, and she ran away crying.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

The man looked up. He mumbled to himself. And I could only make out a few words of what he was saying.

"You have to leave. He is coming and he is not happy. Take your two daughters and yourself out or you will wish you have. Hurry. Your lives are on stake here." He twitched his fingers and he spoke wearily and fast.

I looked down. "I'm not up for crazy shit. You better get off my property or we are gonna have some problems."

He nodded and walked away. It was only then I noticed he had a hunched back and scary walking style,were he wobbled, almost like he was not human. It gave me the shivers, so I closed the door.

I walk back to Sara, which was almost scared to death, and I took her hand. She shivered with fear, and she was crying for her sister.

"Come on. You need to go back to bed."

She nodded and followed me to her bed room. She jumped in her bed and covered her self up with the covers.

"Sleep well."

I leave the light on as I left the room. I hope my baby girl was ok. But she did not seem like it. I went to my own bed, said good night to myself, and went to bed.
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