Shapeshifter System
41 Knowledge - Shapeshifters - Chapter 41 -
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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41 Knowledge - Shapeshifters - Chapter 41 -

It was evening, there was no sound from Long Fire Village anymore. A few seconds passed, and with lightning strikes, a fast rain began to wet the whole place.

Martin was sitting quietly in the cave and didn't take his eyes off Malwan and Elise. Each of them ate their food and just waiting.

Elise and Malwan were under psychological pressure. They didn't know who the man they were dealing with, who he was with. All they knew was that the creature he converted into was at least an Expert-Level creature.

Other than that, they didn't know who they were, and it bothered them.


At that time, with the sound of light rain and the lighting around the fire, Martin began to talk.

"Tell me? Who are you people and what is your and girl goal"

Elise and Malwan breathed deep after those words, and Elise was the one who started talking. In general, they weren't disobeying in any way because they were both not children and were aware of how dangerous to talk badly to the man in front of them.

"We are called Light Shapeshifters, and we were working in the Long Fire Village, as shapeshifters who like to be good and fight with the evil"

At that time, Elise thought lightly and spoke again after taking a cold breath.

"At least we were doing it."

Martin started talking again after confirming his head. His words were just questioned and he was more questioning than speaking.

"Who were the peoples that attacked the village and chased you and that man ?"

Malwan was the answer this time.

"Those who want to kill us and attack the people of the village are considered as shapeshifter society, called Dark Shapeshifters, doing everything for evil and power."

Martin began to think after those words. As far as he understood, he was serving as a Dark Shapeshifter with every move, he has made so far in this new world. It didn't bother him, but as far as he understood, people who got by as Light Shapeshifters were hunting for him and those who were seeking to power like himself, who were doing what people saw as evil.

When Martin thought about it, he held his head lightly and started talking.
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"Tell me more about Dark and Light Shapeshifters."

Elise and Malwan looked at each other over these words. There was something strange going on. The young-looking man in front of them - at least as an Expert-Level Shapeshifter, stood before them. But wherever he was, he wanted to know about Light and Dark Shapeshifters, a situation that every shapeshifter knew about.

That seemed strange to them. But at the moment, they weren't in a position to question why this matter was going that way.

That's when Elise started talking.

"These topics are a bit complicated if you have pens and paper, let me write to you."

Martin didn't say anything, and he pulled out a piece of paper and a pen and handed it to her. He wasn't afraid of making a move because he was constantly awakened and couldn't escape the level of attention he now had. There had already been no incidents as expected, and after receiving a woman named Elise, she started writing something on top of her.

A few minutes later, he handed the paper to Martin. Martin started reading what happened on paper with one eye. And with his other eye, he was watching Elise and Malwan.

He learned this technique back in the old days when he was a serial killer.

" All organizations are divided into Dark or Light"

"Dark" - Organisms

- Teach their students to hunt people or strengthen by fighting each other. They also have creatures that are generally poorly and diabolically represented, and the real and only purpose of each is to move forward and strengthen further.

Advantages -

- They are much better warriors and experienced than Light Shapeshifters."

- They get stronger much faster because they're selfish

- They generally go smarter because they are killed by the environment they are in unless they are

not smart


"Light" Organizations

- Teach their students justice in people and defend ing against the creatures around them. They also turn into creatures that generally look good and equally beautiful and are harmless. And the real and only purpose of each is to strengthen without losing the humanity they have and protecting their essence.


Advantages -

- They are more knowledgeable and researchers, in general nature also get along well with other creatures.


Martin took a deep breath at the time and stopped reading the paper.


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