Shapeshifter System
39 Dark Shapeshifters - Light Shapeshifters - Chapter 39
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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39 Dark Shapeshifters - Light Shapeshifters - Chapter 39

Elise and Malwan, they stopped directly, and there were two road differences at the point where they stopped.

Elise began to move the right way and run. Malwan, on the other hand, began to move and run from the left. The group from behind would have to split in two for this reason.


Student Level Shapeshifters, unaware that they were watched by a murderer from the shadows, became two-person groups, and then one group followed the Elise and the other group began to follow Malwan.

The two Student Level Shapeshifter, who went after Elise, had already been transformed.

One was a warrior-type creature with a mushroom head and short height with a long wooden spear in his hand, and had a mouth with filled with sharp-teeth and evil-looking green eyes in their face The mushroom cap color was red body was white in the color.

"Red Mushroom Warrior"

"W1" Mushroom / Warrior"
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"STR = 0.6"

"Agility = 0.5"

"Endurance = 0.9."

"Int = 0.3"

The other was a human-mixed creature with one crocodile, unlike the other, and he had black claws that only looked sharply strong. The crocodile creature color was green and It tail was longer than his full body height. the crocodile creature was easily about 2 meters in size and the running speed was pretty good compared to his body.

"Crocodile Minion"

"W1 - Crocodile / Animal

"Str = 0.8"

"Agility = 0.7"

"Endurance = 0.2"

"INT = 0.2"


Martin continued to walk quietly behind them, and then, as they passed by a shadow, he used his talent to move fast with all his might, attacking both of them at the same time with his claws. Because there was a level difference between them and Martin, the power or defense they had didn't do anything. At the same time, the Shadow Demon creature have strong stats compared to Crocodile Minion, and Red Mushroom Warrior, because the speed of the creature was too high for them they easily killed by Martin which is Shadow Demon.

Martin won 2,000 Points for killing these two shapeshifters. There were more shapeshifters and people around. That's why he started going after others in no time.


Elise noticed that the Shapeshifters who strangely came after she was dead. She didn't know why, but she knows he had to be happy because she was lucky right now. They didn't think they'd stay in this situation.

Elise and Malwan had a shapeshifter, ideology, and group known as Light Shapeshifters, a shapeshifter who was not exactly a clear form of governance and got along well with all the good and people. They were tasked by this group with finding and destroying the shapeshifter, who killed evil shapeshifters and people.

But now it's something they don't understand. For no reason, they were attacked by shapeshifters who would kill all kinds of people to get stronger and to get stronger.


Malwan was advancing and the creatures behind him were making him nervous. But he knew it wasn't the right move for him to turn around and fight. People who were Dark Shapeshifters were generally at war all the time and were stronger by fighting. That's why the creatures they had were stronger and also more experienced. Therefore, it was impossible to fight against such people as one against two people.

At the time, something had happened that he didn't expect, and they stopped following the shapeshifter creatures that followed him. Malwan was more experienced because of his age than Elise. He knew it wouldn't happen to him. He slowed down and after he paused, he started focusing around him. But he lost consciousness without understanding what it was.

Martin could easily have fainted with the physical attack, avoiding Malwa's viewing influence.


Martin had no intention of killing Malwan and Elise because he had other plans, at least that thought had not occurred to him for now. After hiding Malwan in a safe place, he quickly began to go after Elise.


Elise realized that the noises around him were running low. So he began to carefully examine his surroundings, which he had suffered the same fate as Malwan and fainted directly. After Martin smiled, he took a slightly deep breath and began to think, after hiding Elise again in a safe place.

"In a few hours, they will return to human form because they have no consciousness. Until then, I can kill the people and other shapeshifters who are around and increase my score."

With this thought, Martin found and began to kill all kinds of shapeshifters hiding inside Long Fire Village.


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