Shapeshifter System
34 Killing The Sea Spirit Archer - Chapter - 34
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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34 Killing The Sea Spirit Archer - Chapter - 34

As Martin continued to move forward, he was thinking about future events. He didn't see himself as a very smart being.

He thought he can watch things more clearly and naively, just because he didn't add emotion and different perspectives that normal people add to their thoughts.

Martin was an evil being. He knew that himself. But it wasn't that he was aware of the trouble. He didn't care. He didn't have the mental and spiritual power he needed to care about. That's how it happened from the beginning.

he was moving for exactly three hours and he knew he would reach the mountains covering Long Fire Village in an average of half an hour. He's never seen a lot of different places around. In general, he was moving through the forests frequently. Strangely, he didn't see many creatures around.

Martin noticed a strange sound when he was wondering about the creatures around him, and when he turned his head where the sound came from, he noticed two creatures staring at each other. No matter where he looked, it was obvious that these two creatures were getting into each other.

Martin began to examine the first creation.


The creature was the average leopard-sized spider, and its color was light blue. At the same time, electrical currents were flowing through his eyes and legs. He gave this creature a menacing statement.

Martin then examined the creature's condition.

"Electric Spider"

"W-0" Electric

"STR = 0.8"

"Agility = 0.8"

"Endurance = 0.3"

"Int = 1.1" Evo /"

Martin was surprised to see that the creature was ready to evolve. In fact, for the first time, he had seen a creature bring the INT status to the field of evolution.

And then he looked at the creature in front of him.

The creature opposite the spider creature looked like a pig, and its size was at least as much as a lion. Its black skin and black feathers gave it a menacing look. At the same time, his teeth were at least 30 cm long.

"Demon Wild Pig"

"W-0" Demon

"STR = 0.9"

"Agility = 0.5"

"Endurance = 0.7"

"Int = 0.3"

Martin was quite happy when he realized that the creature was a creature of the type "Demon", just like him. But his happiness didn't last long.

Martin stopped looking at the creature, and two creatures began attacking each other.

Demon Wild Pig quickly attacked his teeth to put his teeth in the spider. The Electric Spider, on the other hand, ran to the side and attacked him with electricity coming out of his legs.

with the attack, Wild Pig collapsed slightly and some of his feathers were burned. But that wasn't enough to end a creature like him.

Martin was still watching the war, but in that time, Demon Wild Pig killed by a blue arrow, Martin surprised after the pig died

But he wasn't the only one who was surprised. Likewise, the Electric Spider was surprised and began to look around in a bewildered way. In a few seconds, another blue arrow killed the Electric Spider, just like that.
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The two creatures were killed by a strange and mysterious blue arrow with a single blow. Martin hid as much as he could because he didn't understand what was going on.

A few minutes later, shapeshifter, who was transformed into a creature, came close to bodies of pig and spider.

Martin was examined by the system in no time.

"Sea Spirit Archer"


"STR = 1.8"

"Agility = 1.3"

"Endurance = 1.3"

"Int = 2.1"

Martin was slightly disturbed when he realized that the person who had turned into a creature across him was an Expert Shapeshifter like himself.

The creature's appearance was a simple centaur. It was just blue - the overall skin color, and instead of the human body, it had a simple body and eyes. Likewise, the creature had blue arrows in his hand and a blue bow. It showed how he did these attacks.

Martin smiled lightly.

"The owner of this creature is a person who hunts from a shapeshifter distance. Not very strong at close range."

After smiling lightly, Martin waited for the shapeshifter, which had become Sea Spirit Archer, to move a little and get into the shadow of one of the trees.

The distance between them was about 25,30 meters. If Martin attacked quickly, the opponent would have noticed it and attacked against him.

But if his opponent entered the shadow, martin could use the talent of "Shadow Demon" to perform teleportation and easily kill the target.

It didn't take a few seconds, and Sea Spirit Archer looked around and then -- when he wanted to get in and out of the shadow of one of the trees,

he suddenly realized there was a creature on his head. He was going to pull the arrow out and attack up, which Martin had turned, and the Shadow Demon he had turned into, had a fatal blow with claws and killed Sea Spirit Archer.


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