Shapeshifter System
30 Mind Of Martin - Chapter 30
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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30 Mind Of Martin - Chapter 30

The middle-aged butcher took the horn first and began to examine it. After a few minutes of studying, he started talking.

"A 12-year-old 25 cm longhorn. Not bad, some people like this kind of thing. I'll give you 20 copper for that."

Martin was obsessed with not caring too much about these things, and after receiving the money he was given, he started talking.

"I'm new in this city, I need an area to sleep and eat. Can I also get information about the organizations and shapeshifter academies that are here."

The middle-aged man thought a little bit and decided to connect the young man across to his shop to bring products all the time. Normally, he wouldn't do that because he found this kind of a waste of time. But the young man opposite had potential, and it wasn't a bad idea to be friends.

"Once you get out of here, turn left and go for 10 minutes. In general, many of the outsiders go to "Velgon Tavern", which is there.

Martin approved it with his head. Then the middle-aged man thought for a few minutes and started talking.

"There are two academies in the city. One of these academies is the Black Day Academy and the other is the Silver Fire Academy. The Silver Fire academy used to be very strong, but now that the Black Day Academy has reached a real point, it's much stronger. As an organization, Wolf City is generally collaborating with the Fire Mountain Shapeshifter Organization, a 5 to 6-hour horse-drawn carriage ride east of the city's site."

After Martin got the necessary information, he made ahead sign again without saying any words, and he turned around and came out of the he had to wait for what he was supposed to do now to get into a plan. After all, it wasn't "Earth." Walking around the city and going there and here at night would be seen as suspicious by people.


With the words of the middle-aged man who was a butcher, he found the room, which was called Velgon Khan, which provides food and drink. He went inside without deep thought and looked around.

There were 15 people in the middle, and the majority were teenagers. They had black long plain clothes on top of them. After seeing the old clothes on Martin, they turned their heads and kept talking. Martin wasn't the kind of person who cared about what he looked like in social media. So, without caring about anyone, he started moving forward and sat at a table.
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The table he was sitting in was a table that no one would normally want to sit in. Martin chose it on purpose. After all, why do you go and sit at the table were a lot of important people and people want to sit, and then there's an event when that person comes in and asks you for the table, the person or the person who is in question right now doesn't give the table. He didn't like that kind of thing. He didn't like to be on top of attention.


After Martin sat down, a man came to the table with a pretty face, with black skin color. The man had a simple, relaxed look and looked at Martin and talked.

"What do you want?"

Martin looked at the guy with a cold face and spoke.

"I want meat and alcohol, thank you"

After Martin finished his words, he began to carefully examine the area. The reason he wanted to watch people wasn't to learn their culture and similarly personal purpose. He was watching more to find out what they reacted to, what they cared about and what they were going to do for.

Otherwise, Martin wouldn't care about things like culture. Even when he was thinking about it, he was questioning himself from time to time. He knows the feelings he has, but he didn't know why he felt that way. It was like smoking. The person knew he was hurting himself and wrong, but he was still doing it.

Of course, while smoking had a chance to survive with techniques, Martin's condition was a natural mental problem, and there was no easy way to get rid of it.

Martin dived deeply, and the man with the color of black skin brought him meat and drink.


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