Sasuke , the lord of fire
5 Chapter 4 :
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Sasuke , the lord of fire
Author :mamafight
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5 Chapter 4 :

"Sakura you are weak, but not because of your talent or your power, because of your will, lack of willpower makes you weak. This makes you unappreciative for others because you are looking outside what you should search inside. If you didn't change, you'll stay like that forever and you'll end up being killed or worse . "Sakura dropped to her knees, shaking. "Sakura, the value of people isn't what they are now , but how they surpasses difficulties and improve, prove me that I'm wrong to consider you a boring girl, simple as that "The ringing tone of the exam end's sounds. Sasuke felt complicated feeling, a failure, something hard for him, lot of feeling swirled in him.

The three young ninja found themselves in front of kakashi. Naruto attach to the poles, : "Well, I have to tell you that you do not have to worry about going back to the academy ... just because none of you will ever become a ninja"

Sasuke was angry but also curious, for him it was clear that he had the qualities and talent to become a powerful ninja. But he respects the strong and Kakashi is anything but weak, so his opinion is clearly not worthless. Holding back his anger, he asked, "What are we missing? "

"Teamwork, I'm going to give you one last chance. But this time it would be a lot harder, so you'd better work together this time. Eat, but Naruto is depriving of meals, punishment for trying to cheat "

After he left, the young ninja was immersed in their thoughts. Sakura reflecting on Sasuke and Kakashi's words, Naruto on his lack of meals, and Sasuke on his past. He had already lost everything and refused to live that again, refusing any connection because of this pain. But he could see Kakashi's reasoning. This suffering had obscured his judgment. If they had worked together they would have won. There is no need to create deep bond ,just mix together to overcome obstacles. Sasuke was out of his reverie by the gurgling of Naruto's belly, he decided to give him a share of his meal , they would need all the strength at their disposal to succeed. Thanks to that, they passed Kakashi's test and formed Team 7.

After a few months doing rank D missions. Cleaning up, catching up lost animals, and so on. The young genin was getting fed up. In the office of the third, the current hokage. "The next task is to take care of the child of a village elder" He was cut by Naruto "No way , give us something interesting" Sarutobi explained the function of the mission ninja and their interest but it's Sasuke who cut him off "Excuse me hokage but I think that Naruto is right we need to do higher level mission, this is important because otherwise we will not be able to become stronger , and strengthening the new generation is essential for the village" Despite his respectful tone Sasuke didn't think any of what he had just said. The hokage ends up giving them a level C mission. Escort a country builder from the land of waves. After the presentations everyone went back to prepare themselves. When Sasuke was alone he left out the wave of anger that he had been holding back from the beginning. This old man knows the truth about the Uchiha massacre, he may even be responsible. If it weren't to know the truth, he would not stay at konoha. He must become strong, so strong that this old bas***d will have no choice but to tell him the truth and that willingly or not

After their preparation the team 7 left for they first mission out of konoha. Direction the country of the waves.

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    《Sasuke , the lord of fire》