Sasuke , the lord of fire
4 Chapter 3 : Survival tes
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Sasuke , the lord of fire
Author :mamafight
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4 Chapter 3 : Survival tes

The next day on the training ground

"Hey kids " "YOUR LATE !"

"So the test will stop at noon . You see I have two bell , you must snatch them from me , but if you didn't caught one before the end , no lunch for you , but most important you will be downgraded, and you will return to school . And yes shuriken was allow , if you want to win you have to fight seriously . "

" But sensei will might kill you " said Sakura with fear

Naruto began to laugh " You wasn't able to avoid the eraser , you will be kill , in no time "

"It's always the no talent one who boast , well left the dunce in it's raving and prepare " . Naruto was fuming with rage , he launch himself on Kakashi with a kunai in it's hand . In a instant Kakashi was behind Naruto , grabbing Naruto hand an head , this later ending with is own kunai behind it's head " No hurry I didn't say start " Sasuke was barely able to see it , he began to feel exciting , a small smile on his lips. " Hehehe , at least you the intention to kill , maybe ... I'm starting to like you " An the test begin !

Sasuke was hiding in a bush , he look at Naruto and kakashi fight , Naruto was being beaten easily , but Naruto use a strange cloning justsu , and caught Kakashi back with one of is clone , only to ending fighting with his own clone. As Sasuke was analyzing the the fight, he understand something , if he fight this jounin with taijustsu , his chance to obtain the bell was too little , fortunately for him is stronger point wasn't taijustsu . While Naruto fall in a evident trap and was reprimanded by his sensei . Sakuke see a opening , he launch shuriken on Kakashi only to hit a log . Substitution art , he was a trap. He quickly disappear in the darkness pondering on his move .

Sasuke was in the wood , he now that for is tactic to work , open place wasn't the best . He hear sakura Cry . Behind him : " Genjustsu : Magen narakumi ( death mirage ) " A 1 tomoe burning sharingan appear in is eye . " Well that was a good technique, but I was immune to that kind of trick " sasuke began smiling , is blood boil , he make a fight position , he send some shuriken at is teacher and jumps back in the dense wood , he begin to make hand seal . Katon : Hosenka ( pheonix flower ) . Sasuke spits a swarm of small fire ball , who fly between branch and trunk . Kakashi avoid easily the small fire ball , an noticed than they has make to steal time . Meanwhile Sasuke was enchaining complex seal he circulate is chakra in is mouth in a circular way , fire licking from is mouth . katon : hakunetsu-to shuriken ( fire shuriken ) , he spits a spinning fire shuriken from is mouth , who flee toward kakashi at high speed . this one didn't dodge the tree but just pass thought them . Kakashi hand become blur . Suiton : Suidan (Water bullet ) . the water ball and the fire shuriken collide and erase each over in a great vapour explosion . Kasachi cannot stop to pounder , he never have seen this justu before , can sasuke have ... "Katon : Gokukyo , Behind kakashi a huge fire ball appear thirty meter wide, tree become ash and coal . Sasuke rush toward the center of the explosion . He know that if is attack have touch him , he have a chance to get a bell , but he must achieve that before he was out of chakra , or he will lose his sharingan , half a minute to win . But Kakashi was nowhere to be found , Sasuke look around , upward when "Below" A hand grasp Sasuke foot Doton :Shinju zanchu ( groundhog decapitation) . Sasuke finish in the ground only is head above.

Sasuke was in the ground thinking about is lose . He have lying too much on is knowledge , that was too shallow . He must learn to think out of the box in fight or accumulate enough knowledge , he will do both . So many prospect to progress , such idea excite him . But now he must retry , failure wasn't an option . He winkle out of the soil . Sakura reach the fight place an see sasuke " Ah sasuke ... how you're managing ? " Sasuke respond with a unexpressive face : " I have my chance , time's running out , I'm off " he began to walk away "Wow... you're so amazing... I mean ... there's no more time and ... even if it's not possible now ... I'm sure we will have an opportunity next time " Sasuke stop , look at her with cold eye , making her shivering" Sakura ...
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    《Sasuke , the lord of fire》