Sasuke , the lord of fire
3 chapter 2 : team 7
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Sasuke , the lord of fire
Author :mamafight
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3 chapter 2 : team 7

Sasuke was in the class waiting for the team placement. A unemotional face and a cold look . Suddenly he heard a voice girl " Hey you move out , I want to sit here ... Naruto I say BACK OFF " a young teen with pink hair was screaming and decide sit beside him. Naroto give him a angry look . He was seriously annoy by them. But just decide to ignore.

Iruka enter the class : " Congratulation you are now ninja , more precisely genin , you will be place in group of three people and make mission for Konoha , a jounin will become your teacher . The squad was already form and are :


team 7 : Naruto Uzumaki , Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha .

Sasuke was not really happy with is team , just weak buffon . Naruto complain an ask why he was , he the great ninja naruto , with me, a showy bastard . Will iraka remember him that is was the latest of the class . Sasuke say " Naruto , your pitiful " . This latest tried to attack him but finish punch by sakura. After a couple of hours only the team 7 remain in the class. Naruto was bored . He decide to trap the door with the table eraser . "Haha , That will teach him to not be late " Sasuke sight " A jonin will not fall in such tra... "

the door open and the eraser fall on the head of the jonin , Kakashi Hatake . While Naruto was lauching et Sakura was snitching Naruto , Sasuke pounder , he have see the eraser , his eyebrow twitch sightly when he opened the door , but he decide to not avoid , why ?

"The first impression I have of you ... is really bad " say Kakashi with a small laughs .

On the roof :

" Well first of all , the presentation " said Kakashi

"What do you want to now ? " respond Sakura

" Well basic stuff , like , dislike , dream hobbies , and so on " said Kakashi while shrugging a shoulder .

" An why you didn't give us a example " said Naruto with annoyance.

" What ... me ? Well , my name is Kakashi Hatake , my like and my dislike isn't your concern, I didn't have many dream and my hobbies are many and varied " a silence fall "your turn now " . Naruto life turns around ramen expect for his dream becoming the hokage , Sakura was just saying half sentence but all the subject was Sasuke and as he turn came , he say " Sasuke Uchiha , I didn't like a lot of things , i don't have dream but I have some objective : the truth , the strength and kill someone " coldness can be heard in his word .

"Well i think is enough , tomorrow he will have some test , but beware they have sixty six per cent chance of failure. A failure mean to return at the academy . " say Kakashi with a serious face

Sasuke was determined , enough time loss to play the children , time to became serious .
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    《Sasuke , the lord of fire》