Sasuke , the lord of fire
2 chapter 1 : Uchiha fall
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Sasuke , the lord of fire
Author :mamafight
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2 chapter 1 : Uchiha fall

Five years later .

Sasuke wake up with a lot of excitation . Today is the beginning of the ninja academy . Sasuke eat with is brother the breakfast is mother make for them . " Itachi you never want to train me but today you can't stop me, I will become stronger than you " Say sasuke with is fist in the air . Sasuke was a genius he walk early , he speak early and always train is body , child training yes but still training. People always compare him with is older brother itachi . And he fell a lot of pressure , he can't have weaker result than is brother . Itachi laughs and poke is brother head " we will see ".

The next years pass peacefully . But Sasuke was behind is brother in all domain , taijustsu , genjustsu , ninjutsu despite being a pure genius he cannot compare to is brother . But even if is dream is to be strong as is brother , he also want to be proud of is name , to help is clan . Is father was a cold with him , but the pain only increase is wish : he will become strong and gain is father recognition .

With the time itachi grow colder , and tension between him and fugaku increase , even sasuke can understand that something was wrong . Sasuke clench is fist , he must became strong to help is family .

The day to test is affinity arrive. Fugaku was is front of the young sasuke . " take this paper sasuke and inject your chakra inside . It will show us your chakra affinity . If it take fire and turn to ash he show fire affinity , if the paper split in half it show a wind affinity , if the paper wrinkle it show a lighting affinity , if the paper turn to dirt and crumble it show earth affinity , and if the paper become damps it show water affinity . The majority of the uchiha have fire affinity but some of us have double affinity or even non fire affinity. You understand ? " he look deeply as Sasuke

" yes father "

Sasuke began to inject is chakra to the paper . Suddenly a huge fire ball appear in is hand , easily thirty centimeter wide . As quick it have appear the fire ball disappear. Nothing remain of the paper not even the ash . Fugaku was dumbfound , he have feel the temperature increase . " Pure fire affinity and a strong one , good my son " Sasuke was happy beyond believe , is father compliment him.

" It's time to train one of the most important uchiha justsu , katon : gokakyu ( great fireball ) , I will demonstrate for you " Fugaku make the sign and create a huge fireball , four meter wide who crash the training ground with a huge boom. Sasuke was excited . He make the sign " katon : Gokakyu " a small fireball was release , 1 meter large , but it disperse after few second . Fugaku have a smile a muttered " another genius " He look Sasuke and say " Good , train well , become strong , and .... don't follow your brother path " fugaku turn around and disappear . Sasuke was curious , what happened with is brother , but the joy procured by is father recognition make is worries vanish . He happily continue to train . In the shadow a teen with red pupils look at Sasuke training " Sorry brother " .

At the end of the day the fireball of Sasuke was more stable . After some week Sasuke become proficient with the Justus and also began to train katon : hosenka ( Phoenix flower ) , the jujutsu release a lot of small fireball who was controllable . He can vaguely lead the fire ball but actually can't control them .

After some week . Sasuke was returning home after is training . But when he saw a dead body of a uchiha , horror fall . He run to the corpse , try to shake him but nothing work . He look auround for help . But he only saw dead , everyone was dead . Sasuke was shaking . Sasuke became to worry for is parents . He began to run to is home . With a great mental difficulty he arrive in front of is home , he open the door and see them . Fugaku and mikoto, lying in their own blood . A crying sasuke , fall on is knee . A sound make Sasuke look behind him . Itachi was in the door opening .

"What is happening ? " say weekly Sasuke.

A cold voice respond " I kill them all "

Sasuke was horrified by the revelation "why ? "

"to prove my strength "

A rage began to flew in Sasuke vein , this eye became red a black tomoe appear but contrarily at a normal sharingan is sharingan was glowing like is pupil was burning . Sakuke unleash Gokakyu , a huge 4 meter fireball was unleash and explode. the house was burning. Itachi stand unarmed in the fire . He look as Sasuke with is mangekyo : Tsukuyomu. Sasuke saw is parent be kill again and again . Itachi explain that without the mangekyo sharigan , he can't kill him , he try to use the anger of Sasuke to create hatred , to created the desired of vengeance . After tree day ( in is mind , in the reality only some second have pass ) of torture , Sasuke stay in the middle of the piece with a dead look . Before falling unconscious he see a tears fall on the ground .
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    《Sasuke , the lord of fire》