Sasuke , the lord of fire
1 Introduction
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Sasuke , the lord of fire
Author :mamafight
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1 Introduction

In a unknown world , in a ruin castle , who was a splendid palace not to long ago. A man was standing in a place , surround by body burn to ash . The man hair and barb was made of fire , a beautiful and red growing armor on is body and a huge war hammer on his right hand . In front of him the dead body of a beautiful lady , who was pregnant , stay coldly on the ground . On is face a lot of emotion can be saw , rage , sadness , guilt . Sound of Tears touching the ground can be heard. With a swift motion of is left hand a Small orb of light came out of the woman dead body , and came floating in front of him . The man write a circle of strange fire rune. The fire have a deep bluish color . the strange circle flew toward the small fling orb and fuse with him .

The man make a sad smile : " I am sorry , you cannot have the life you deserve because of me . All I can do for you right now is to give you a second chance . Live well and good luck my son . "

The man lift is hammer and the hammer head became coated in deep blue fire . A huge hammer head hit the air , the space melt , the tissue of the universe was destroy and a huge black hole appear . The green fire barrier appear around the young soul an the latter flew toward the hole into the void . The man look into the horizon and say " the war is coming , and they will pay "

In the naruto world, the uchiha district . Fukaku look at is pregnant wife with a small smile. Mikoto caress gently is belly " what name we will give him ? " . Fukaku say with determination : " Sasuke Uchiha " . In the same time a small soul arrive in this world the green barrier disappear and the soul enter makoto , fusing with the small baby .

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    《Sasuke , the lord of fire》