Revenge: Queen of the Fashion World
172 The twin’s names
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Revenge: Queen of the Fashion World
Author :Les01
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172 The twin’s names

I slowly open my eyes. I was momentarily blinded with the fluorescent lights above me but quickly adjusted. I look around to see that I am inside a private hospital room. "No flowers are allowed inside, only balloons and greeting cards are permitted. None scented please." I hear a female's voice. I look towards the voice and see a nurse at the door way. She was talking to people who were just outside the door. I look around and see my room has so many balloons with 'congratulations' and 'best wishes' written. "M-Miss nurse." My voice was still weak but at least I was still audible. The nurse turned around and looked at me. "Oh, Mrs. Versales you are awake." The nurse said. "How are you feeling?" The nurse started to monitor the IV drop beside me. "I'm a little thirsty." I said. "Let me get you a cup of water." The nurse turned around to get some water from the dispenser. She came back with the cup of water and a straw. "Here let me help you." The nurse helped me with elevating the bed so that I am now in a slightly sitting position. She held the cup so that I can take a sip of water. "Just a few sips Mrs. Versales." The nurse said. So I took two to three sips. "Who was that at the door?" I asked after drinking. "Oh, it was a delivery from a flower shop." The nurse said. "There have been so many gift being brought to your room after your delivery. Well flowers are strictly prohibited because the babies will be rooming with you later." "How long was I out?" I asked. "Just a few hours Mrs. Versales. You will see your babies soon." The nurse smiled. "My husband?" I asked. "Oh, he was here the whole time you were sleeping. He just left a while ago to fetch your babies." The nurse replied. "Thanks." I replied. "You are welcome." The nurse said. "You just rest there Mrs. I am sure your husband will be back in no time." Then after a while the door opened. Two nurses came in while pushing two baby beds. Inside are my two adorable little angels sleeping peacefully. "Jill, you're awake." Troy came in behind the the nurses. I smiled at him. Troy walked directly towards me. "How are you feeling?" "I feel fine." I said. "I little weak, I guess." Troy looked at the nurse for some explanation. "Don't worry sir. It's normal for the mother to be a little weak and feel fatigued after giving birth." The nurse said. "Well we will give you some privacy with your adorable little babies. Just push the button if you need us." The nurse smiled and walked out of the room. Troy sat down on my bed side and looked at me affectionately. He reached for one of my hands and lifted it. He rubbed it gently and planted a kiss on top of it. "How are our angels?" I asked. "They are doing great. They are done with their newborn screening." Troy said. "The nurse said that once they wake up and cry that means they would be hungry." I remember after giving birth to them, the nurses latched them to me so that they can feed. After that I was so tired that I fell asleep instantly. "Have you thought of the names for them?" Troy asked. I nodded. "Let's go with the ones we have agreed on." I replied. Troy and I have talked about possible names for our little angels after we knew about the babies' genders. And we have decided for the names for our little babies. "Baby girl would be Angelica Rosselie Versales." I said with a smile. "Then baby boy would be Angelo Jules Versales." Troy said. "The names are perfect." He gave me a kiss on my forehead. I smiled at Troy. At this moment in time I feel so happy. I wish that this happiness would be forever. "Where are the others? Daddy, Andrea?" I asked. "Father is on his way here." Troy said. "Andrea went home to fetch some of your essential needs." "And Adrian?" I asked. Adrian was the one that took me to the hospital when I was in labor. I would like to thank him. "He has gone home after you gave birth to the twins." Troy said. "Well he sent those balloons for you and teddy bears for the twins." He made a gesture towards the far corner of the room. There I see at least a dozen balloons with different colors floating under the ceiling. At the coach just under the balloons were two huge teddy bears, one pink and one blue. "Well that's a little too much." I said. Troy sighed. "Well, I have given him my thanks when I saw him." "But I still need to tell him my thanks after what he has done." I said. "I understand." Troy said. "Well you can call him later, ask him to visit when I am here." I giggled. Troy was still on his guard even after Adrian helped me. Well that is understandable with Adrian still being one of the big bosses of the under world. "Are you laughing Mrs. Versales?" Troy asked teasingly. "You just look cute when you are jealous." I said. "It's because I love you so much Mrs. Versales." Troy said teasingly. He was slowly caressed my face. "And I love you, Mr. Versales." I smiled at him. Troy inched his face to mine. His lips found mine and gave me a sweet kiss. I can feel bliss this very moment. All of this was so perfect.
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    《Revenge: Queen of the Fashion World》