Reborn Legacy
2 The Unlucky Beauty
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Reborn Legacy
Author :veronicapurcell3
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2 The Unlucky Beauty

Time slowed to an unbearable pace as I found myself imprisoned in a dank holding cell; sardine between other children around my age or younger. They were scrawny, miscreants with dirty faces and demoralised expressions behind battle-worn eyes.

"Too young to be an adult but already tasting harsh adult life." I sighed in thought.

Judging by whiplash scars on hands, bruised and scarred limbs, these kids were caught stealing and doing naughty deeds in the eyes of upstanding adults. I suspected a few were only doing what they could to survive.

"It's a harsh world," I whispered to no one in particular.

"You say that now? What an idiot," hissed the girl pressed next to me.

I glared at her pretty-girl face, ready to retort and was perplexed by the proud expression I noticed in her glamorous blue eyes. No one else around the cell carried haughty attitude. I turned way, but studied her further from the corner of my eye and saw her doing the same. As I released my glare and frown, I realised she was truly an unlikely and very unlucky beauty to be here. Her face was indeed pretty to behold, dulled by the environment we were thrown into. The sight of her flawless skin, silk blonde hair and tender hands told me she originated from a privileged life. Her finger tips and palm mounts didn't show one callous or scar you'd expect from a hard living.

My mind wandered on the type of crime she could've committed. It must've been terrible for a person of status to be thrown in as trash amongst the unwanted dregs of society.

"Don't talk to me," I warned her.

She huffed and went back into her own mind space.

The cell resumed its uncomfortable silence and waiting.


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