Reaper of the Martial World
1032 Last Chance 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1032 Last Chance 1

The statue's spirit sighed. "My sect was annihilated long ago, there's nothing to worry about kid."

A dull sadness took over them all. Considering they were just the sliver of souls, they could obviously sense the happenings of their true souls. Apparently, this statue had been here long enough to witness the fall of his sect.

"If anything, passing on a legacy like this to someone as talented as you is a good thing. At least then we can continue on.

"There's no need to feel bad, this already happened tens of millions of years ago. I was only waiting for someone like you to inherit my core teachings. Unfortunately, those as talented as you are never stop in the outer rings and always immediately shoot off to the center, so I could only wait."

With this, everyone realized a few things. At the same time, they all tacitly agreed to take a step back. Clearly this spirit needed Dyon more than they did. Although they wanted the added Karma Dyon could bring, after being here together for so many years, they saw their neighboring statues as a secondary family.

"Who destroyed your clan, senior? Maybe I could help you get revenge as long as it doesn't conflict wit my own principles."

The spirit shook his head. "My clan was destroyed during the Phoenix wars. From what I hear from my fellow spirits here, they've long been extinct, so there's no longer any vengeance to seek."

Dyon's eyes brightened with realization.

Years ago, when he had first met the younger prince of the Belmont Royal God Clan, he had tried to offer Ri a gift of two phoenix feathers. Back then, he had also told them the history of the phoenixes and how there used to be many more quadrants. It was only after the Dark Phoenixes ran rampant with their death will that the number was so severely reduced.

As far as Dyon was aware, all three branch phoenix clans were enemies with one another. The most disgusting part of the story was that the fire and ice phoenixes only allied to keep Amethyst's parents separated, which ultimately resulted in their deaths. Dyon really didn't understand why the old bastards of clans were such busybodies. You spend years as enemies only to ally in order to keep a couple in love apart? What kind of twisted nonsense was that?

That aside, because dark phoenixes were the embodiment of death, the older the cosmos became, the more powerful they grew. The fire and ice phoenixes, the embodiments of reincarnation and life respectively, were, by heaven's intentions, meant come together to suppress the dark phoenixes. However, they didn't do so, resulting in the near infinite number of universes reducing down to a mere ten thousand.

'I'm not sure how accurate that ten thousand number is anymore considering the existences of the devil path cultivators… Unless they're hiding amongst us already?'

Either way, the story ended with Amethyst raging over the loss of her parents, accumulating her own forces to eradicate the phoenixes from existence all before she transcended herself. She might very well have destroyed the phoenixes on the transcendent plane as well.

This truly made people understand the kind of power Amethyst wielded. The dark phoenixes had been responsible for destroying a near infinite number of universes, yet Amethyst built a force capable of eradicating them all to their last.

It was also at that time that Dyon remembered something else. According to what the Belmont prince had said at that time. There were three ranks to supreme beasts and also three ranks to faith seeds. Elementary, Nascent and Ancestral.

For millennia, the Ancestral ranking had never been used until the ice and fire bloodlines fused with Amethyst's birth. It was no wonder she was so powerful. It seemed he had yet another one of his wives he couldn't afford to anger….

"It seems we have some fate, senior." Dyon said with a smile.

"Oh? How so?"

"My wife is the inheritor of Amethyst's faith seed. So, it could be said, in a way, that I'm connected to the revenge sought out for your clan."

The spirit's eyes widened with surprise before he laughed uproariously. Whether Dyon was lying or not was something they could easily check. They could all sense Amethyst's Primordial Yin within Dyon.

"You snot nosed brat, you have quite good luck with women. So many powerful Primordial Yins, Amethyst alone wasn't enough for you? You better be careful. Some of the power houses found deeper down in the valley have been here long enough to have been in their youth while Amethyst and Kukan were being chased by every man under the sun. Obviously, considering you have their primordial yins with you, they all failed.

"If they sense their Primordial Yins within you, the kinder ones would directly ignore you, but the evil ones might purposely try to harm your soul during resonance. Luckily, the tower's rules would stop the latter from happening, so you should be safe."

The outer ring of the Valley of Geniuses fell into light hearted and cheery atmosphere, completely obliterating the bleak air from before.

Dyon was happy to chat up the statues and build good relationships with them. It wasn't that he had nothing better to do, but rather because what he was about to ask them to do might be considered a loss to many of them, and for good reason. So, it wouldn't hurt if they had a good impression of him before he brought it up.

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    《Reaper of the Martial World》