Naruto in DXD
3 chapter 2
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Naruto in DXD
Author :inusama
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3 chapter 2

After Naruto henge his sage coat and some cloths he started to walk to the closest village.

(One hour later)

He had arrived at the entrance of a small village.

He saw there wasn't much difference from his world to this new one.

Naruto found the streets empty of life .

Walking he could feel eyes on hi following his movement .

As he reached the center of the town , he noticed that he found himself surrounded by what looked like bandits .

They had cleverly blocking his way from every direction. Then the leader or more likely the strongest idiot of the gang stepped up and shouted good evening Mishiranu-san (Mr. Stranger).Welcome to ower humble town and please hand over all your belonging and we might let you leave with the cloths on your back!

Naruto sighed and thought ,`At least they speak the same language as me'. 'And if I refuse…?

However this didn't even faze the young man.

Naruto pulled out a kunai and shunshin in front of the leader and raided some killing intent to the whole group that they were terrified and made them flee like headless chicken.

Naruto laughed as he saw the leader fainted .

Garbing the money pouch on his side Naruto left. During the next few week we find naruto in Osaka.

Anyways, Naruto was out walking around studying and listening to the street. He wore his mask and cloak and blended in with the people as no one noticed him. He smiled as he remembered learning this from his old dead master, Ero-sennin or as everyone knew him as Jiraiya the Gama Sennin. Nevertheless, to him, he was a perverted godfather with a rather large obsession with women and their beautiful bodies especially with Ba-chan's breasts as he calls them the largest of all in the Elemental Nations. Naruto chuckled lightly as he did not want the populaces to notice him as a mad man.

Naruto knew that he needed a house for his future clan . However, he will need a rather large sum of money to buy house like the ones for the clans in Konohagakure. As he walked, he thought of a way to invigorate his wallet and do a good deed as well. Then an idea hit him like a bolt of lightning as he began to smirk evilly. He began to walk to the seedy parts of Osaka, therefore the Red Light district. He noticed that women emphasized on their breasts as he noticed the women he pasted by on his way to the Red Light district. He continued on his march towards his target, a social establishment therefore a Yakuza owned gambling den.

Naruto smirked as he thought, 'maybe I have to clean house, tonight. Hahahaha…' He made a few kage bunshin and ordered them to go clean out all gaming houses in Osaka and exterminate any that refuse to pay his winnings and take control of all Yakuza owned gaming houses. The clones saluted as they used the henge, transformed into random people, and disappeared in gust of wind and leaves to accomplish mission.

A week later

Later that week, Naruto had cleaned out all of Osaka gambling dens and he owned about three fourth of them which were Yakuza owned. His kage bunshin made a bloodbath as they slaughtered the Yakuza who refused to pay them their winnings. He killed the whole Yakuza gangs in the Osaka thus taking their wealth and power for himself. He took control of the brothels and marketplaces as well to essentially control the entire city from behind the scenes.

Naruto walked out of one of the inn in Osaka in the morning. He was wearing a formal black silk kimono with a orange hooded long-sleeved, haori with a rinnegan with 6 magatamas and black flame pattern on the hemline. He wore custom-made zōri that looked like his original shinobi sandals and a large scroll oh his back as he headed to Kyoto.


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