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NARUTO: the sin of pride
Author :Didy448
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2 CH:2

'arg where am i chit my head hurt soo much mmm so its wasnt a dream yes hshaha everyone must bow there head for me because i am the lion sin of pride escanor sama hmm i think escanor memory and experience affected me much more than i think first lets me look in my memory '


after some time


escanor: holy chit this man its crazy he op like fuck look like i did help the old sage and his brother to seal kaguya by fighting the ten tails alone and beat him wow man look how many Techniques did i created is this one like 'rinne tensei no jitsu' but whiteout the weakness of dying.

'flame of live' a good name hmm now what should i do first lets look were im i wow my luck i live close to the place where mia is buried well how about i revive her first. Getting out from the place where he stay more than many hundred years he start looking around tell he spotted a grave covered whit the shadow of a tree close to a cliff.

Stomping his legs softly on the ground suddenly the ground split and a coffin come out, nodding his head whit approval escanor said " look like living all this time was worth it now i can control all the elements like the avatar " walking to the coffin and opened it he couldn't help but feel his heart ashes.

looking at the beautiful mini tsunade whit this hole in her heart he said "sigh little girl i couldn't help you in your past but i while make sure to help you now " pointing his index finger on her he said "flame of live" from his pointing finger come out a dazzling golden flame that cover mia completely.

after some more second the flame finely start to despair showing a fully recovered body of mia whiteout any injury opining eye her slightly che sat down looking around her in a confused state tiles che finley spotted escanor che couldn't help but look at him in daze his golden hair that look like the sun and his deep blue eye white his perfect looking body.

looking at the girl that didn't say anything escanor start to worry so he asked" hey little girl ar you okay " finding that escanor are talking whit che finely snipe out of her dazed stat and said "ah yes im fine but shouldn't i be dead or something like that " saying that she title her in a cute way finding her reaction funny escanor laugh and said.

" yes you and your brother are both dead and before you ask many question your brother its okay now come close to me to heard the whole story " when mia site down beside him he tell her the whole story from how obito was the cause of there dead tell how they sail him then when hi finish his story che start crying for her brother pain and bad luck.

Feeling her sadness escanor start console her by hugging her and the word its okay for her tell che stopped crying,then escanor said" then what you wanna do little girl do you wana take revenge like youre brother or what" asked escanor wheel looking in her eye she said "no i wanna help brother when he come out from the sail maybe what mother did was bad but che deserve another chance.

Smiling softly at what che said escanor said " i wasnt wrong about you now im gonna introduce my self im the loin sin of pride one of the seven deadly sin escanor the sun lord " looking at escanor when he introduce himself mia couldn't help but think 'wow his soo cool' you see little mia look there.

said escanor well pointing at the sun "the sun are strong and warm but lonely this is why ther is the moon botch are complete each other and i wanna ask you do you wanna be my moon not now of course youre still young" said escanor whit a dazzling soft smile shading some tears of happiness mia said "yes escanor san take care of me " "you to take care of me to ".


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