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796 A fool never learns
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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796 A fool never learns

It was a weird reaction to say the least, but the only reason why it was working out between everyone and these two groups, was due to how quiet Chris and Quinn were being, and how cautious Oscar was. Owen, he was the tiebreaker between all of this. As soon as Hilston suggested going on a hunt, he stood forward, bowing just like before.

"It would be great to have you help us on a hunt," Owen said.

Oscar had noticed Owen's change in demeanour. Owen was a confident young person, who spoke freely whenever at the leader's table, but he wasn't doing so now, which made Oscar act cautious as well, on top of knowing that he was released to the blonde-haired boy somehow.

The whole group was on the move, just like before. This time, Bonny and Void were filming the whole thing. They were unable to go live where they were underground on the inner planet, but they would be able to post a video about it after.

Although Bonny and Void felt like they were forced to film, at the same time, she couldn't thank them enough for allowing them to film such a turn of events. After witnessing Sil's power, she became curious about his family background; she never expected them to turn up.

The two of them were walking off to the side filming everything, while the Blades were travelling at the back. This included Sil, who was walking along dragging his feet with his head down, standing next to his 'Mother' and 'father '. No one asked him to do this. He just naturally fell into place, and seeing Sil like this was just upsetting Quinn even more.

'I've worked so hard, I've improved so much, but still, everything is telling me that if I try to save Sil from them, I'm going to lose. I need to think of a way to bring back Sil with us, I can't lose him again.'

Logan was now travelling closer to Quinn and Chris; he felt more comfortable next to them, especially after the new people appeared.

"Quinn, I think it's best if we stay away from Sil for now, pretend we don't really have a relation to him. We don't know how much they know about Sil or why he left the island. They might not even care. I just feel like maybe part of the reason they are here, is because they're looking for the people who helped him escape from there, and if he finds out what we did, I'm sure he will have a great grudge." Logan explained.

Quinn agreed, but he was pretty sure that they had already been made a target, especially if they found out that they had taken in all the other kids from the island as well.

After fighting Sil's siblings, Quinn knew how strong the Blades were, so he thought he had a clear idea of the others strength. What he did not expect, was Hilston, Sil's grandpa, or technical father had four pieces of emperor tier gear on him, and the other two by their side were not weak either, with each of them wearing Demi-god tier armour.

The atmosphere was heavy in the group, as they soon realized that in the end, all these people were a group of strangers working together.

"The signal is not too far up ahead; it still hasn't moved. It probably is quite injured from the last fight." Logan said. "It shouldn't take much to finish off the demon tier beast."

As they were getting closer to the beast, Oscar needed to make things clear.

"Hilston, being so strong, I was wondering why you never chose to show yourself to the military?" Oscar asked. "I understand you said you have come out now to look for your beloved grandson, but it seems like all the great power users knew about you apart from us?"

Chris was also interested in this. Pure had very little information on the Balde family; they just knew a greater power existed beyond the big four families and nothing else. All their attempts in getting an insider had failed.

"You should see it as a blessing you didn't know about us." Hilston said while laughing. "All of these only knew our family due to the pain of choosing us, the pain of trying to overthrow us, so in return they were punished for it. I hope you don't do the same."

When speaking his words, Hilston sounded so calm, but at the same time, they were a threat, and Owen knew what Hilston was talking about. Due to the big families all at one point trying to defeat the blades, they had been bound via a contract to have their stronger members become chained.

'If these Blades were so powerful, then my real question is, why didn't they join the war and try to help us fend off the Dalki?' Oscar thought with anger building inside him, even the other big four families, as arrogant as they were, had tried to defend earth. Yet, the Blades just sat back and did nothing?

Finally, they had left the jungle-like green and were now walking through tall grassy fields. Then up ahead on a large hilltop just like the area they were in before, a giant mud patch, where grass didn't grow. The large back of the crab could be seen. Its wounds still had not healed from before, and black blood was pouring out from them.

Still, it was a distance away, but due to its sheer size, they could see it.

"Thank you for leading us to the demon tier beast; it will be nice to add another one to the collection." Hilston said, and the three of them picked up their pace and walked ahead of the others.

"Wait!" Oscar said. 'We still haven't discussed the terms; I know you are powerful. I can see that, and I would be happy to invite you along to our hunt, but we have already made an agreement between the world leaders as to what to do with the demon tier weapon to be made. If you would like, I would be happy to add you to that agreement as long as everyone agrees, but we need to agree to these things beforehand."

Immediately, Hilston started to laugh.

"You expect me to be part of some deal? Have you gone mad? The Blade family take what they want from who they want. That demon crystal, once we kill the beast, is ours. I thought you would be smarter than this Oscar. I thought you were complying when you were leading us here, but now I see it was all just a big misunderstanding."

"You crazy old man!" Duke shouted at him. "You really think that we would just let you have the demon crystal. Why would we agree to such crazy terms? Maybe all of that hiding has made you go crazy!"

Duke had been holding it in for a while. He hated when others disrespected the military, and even more so when they did to Oscar. A family they never heard of before, they couldn't be that strong, was what was going through Duke's head. Oscar was just a cautious person and sometimes too nice.

"Crazy?" Hilston repeated, and the mother and father Blade stepped back, pulling Sil with them.

Owen was now sweating even more than before.

'This is it; this is what I feared; I now need to make a choice of what to do.'

There were rumours passed along the big families when they learned of the Blade family, and one of those rumours and rules was never to say the word crazy in front of the Blade family. Not only had they said that word, but Duke had directed it at him.

Everything happened too fast. No one was able to react or see a thing. Suddenly, Duke's body was on the floor, his neck twisted at a weird angle, and his eyes gone.

The person standing over him, who was standing a few meters away just moments ago, was now standing over Duke's body with his hand held out in a grabbing position.

"Oh, I think it broke easier than a toy?" Hilston said.

Looking at Duke on the floor, Quinn could tell with his inspect skill, Duke was dead. His neck snapped in front of everyone there.


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