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794 Mona“s ship?
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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794 Mona“s ship?

The large diamond could be seen popping out from the ground, everyone knew what was coming. Whatever arguments they had with each other moments ago was forgotten as they had to deal with the real problem at hand.

The demon tier beast wouldn't wait for them to figure out who was in the right and who was in the wrong.

It exploded as the beast surfaced, and the sound made was one similar to the one that Quinn and Chris had heard off in the distance before. Its whole body was in view, chucking up the ground from beneath with it.

While everyone was busy arguing, Logan was keeping track of the Demon tier beast. When he had a look, he noticed it moved locations, but once again it remained still. Slowly he was starting to put things together. The rumbling in the ground, and the movement of the demon tier beast soon after.

The ground they stood on, why there was no vegetation in the area, simply put, the area they were standing in now, was one of the spots the demon tier crab visited frequently. Still, he couldn't work out why constant beasts were making their way here.

However, a memory returned to Logan, when they were underground, on a particular orange portal planet. The beasts seemed to communicate with each other and were all influenced by the great power of the king tier beast.

'Is there a lingering power that we humans can't, see? Is that what was attracting the beasts here?' As interesting as this thought was, he now needed to get out of the way, along with Bonny and Void, for the others had a great beast to defeat.

"Thank you." Duke managed to cough out, as he was still injured. Right now, he was being carried underneath Oscar's arm. The injury wasn't too bad and usually one would be able to still move, but for some reason the pain was lasting a while after the attack.

"If you're too weak to join this battle, then you don't have to fight." Oscar said, before rushing in to fight the crab with his weapon drawn.

"I was going to leave you guys be." Chris said, "But now that damned crab is in front of me, I'm going to have to teach it another lesson!" Drawing his two blades, Chris was not holding back this time when he went against the demon tier beast.

As for Sil, Quinn had managed to throw his shadow to the ground, and use his sink skill, to drop Sil inside his shadow, and reappear him by his side. Sil had great power using his abilities, but in terms of speed and reflexes, he was better than top humans, but nothing compared to all these monsters here.

Watching Oscar take on the carb, Quinn realized something. He didn't notice it in the last fight, but Oscar only had the earth ability, he didn't utilize Qi, yet he was able to move faster than the crab and it was all because of the demon tier sword.

Not only that, But Quinn soon realized that he was even moving faster this time compared to before.

'Was he holding back, maybe from fighting a demon tier beast before, he knew the crab hadn't shown everything yet. So, he didn't want to use his full strength.' Quinn thought.

"Sil, you're tired right?" Quinn asked. "I can see the sweat on your face."

"Quinn, I can still help you fight." Sil said, as he grabbed onto Quinn's arm.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to die, and I have a few tricks up my sleeve, you recover with Logan and the others, and protect them if you see anything coming. We can't have you dying, and we still need to get Vorden and Raten back." Quinn said.

It was safe to say that the crab had made a full recovery from the last fight, the beast of a higher tier did heal faster, and they had seen its impressive regeneration abilities. Still, each person seemed to have also learnt from the last fight and was much more cautious.

Apart from Chris who was swinging his large blades at the large crystal on the crab's back, but then Quinn noticed something. When one of the thin claws came to attack him, without even looking at the claw it was knocked away, as if by some invisible force.

'That's the same thing Lucy did? Is that the third stage of Qi?' Quinn thought.

The second stage could only block, maybe third stage of Qi was an external strike of Qi. Now knowing this, even if he were to never see Chris again, it was something he could try to progress on his own.

Finally, Quinn too had come and joined in the fight, wasting no time, the first thing he did was use a hammer strike against one of the crab's legs, blocking another one of its thinner claws raising up a blood wall. He had used only ten points of Hp to create the wall, he knew this would not be enough to block the attack of the demon tier, but he needed to only slow it down, while touching the blood wall he was able to coat it with the second stage of Qi.

Then when one of the other claws came towards him, he prepared himself to use a hammer strike, or a hammer kick! Kicking one of the claws and slightly cracking the crab's outer shell. His blood wall was shattered but he was fine now, flash stepping out of the way. Jumping after the damaged claw, Quinn threw out a blood swipe catching it with his shadow, creating the scythe, then striking it down, he finally cut the limb off.

This was something Quinn was able to do before, but this time it was different. The limb wasn't regenerating back, thanks to him using his second coat of Qi, when attacking with his shadow scythe he was able to leave a little bit of his own Qi in the attack to disrupt the beast's natural healing process.

Seeing this, Chris went back as he found attacking the large crystal useless and stood in front of the crab.

"This is going to tire me out Quinn, so I might need you to take care of me for a while." Not allowing Quinn to reply, Chris started to extend his two swords and slashed swinging at full strength at all the claws around the area. They whipped around out of control like a snake.

He didn't care if he was to hit Oscar or Owen, but the two of them were able to avoid the blade anyway. The strong attacks managed to cut each of the limbs off and they were now no longer regenerating.

The weapon itself was impressive, as it ripped apart each of the hard legs like a chainsaw, even Oscar's demon tier blade was not able to do that.

However, as soon as he was done, Chris was covered in sweat and on the floor. "Take that you stupid crab, I couldn't do that last time because I was on my own. Quinn, make sure I'm safe."

There was one easy way for Quinn to do this.

[Shadow lock activated]

Chris had suddenly disappeared, but there was no chance of him getting hurt anymore.

'I hope he's smart enough to not try and break out of the place.' Quinn thought.

The diamond on the crab's back started to shrink and soon its two large claws that remained near its face started to crystalize just like before, it started using them like two giant hammers, slamming them down. When Owen, lightning bolted himself away, he appeared on the crab's back. It was still partly made of diamond but now he could see that a section of it was no longer covered in diamond.

"The crab's back is now open; it looks like it can only move part of the diamond around to different parts of its body." Hearing this, Owen was striking the back, and Quinn started to help him while Oscar was left with at the front.

It was better this way, because occasionally, the crab would shoot a jet of water out of its mouth, and when it did, Oscar was able to use his weapon's active skill. When it happened this time, part of the crystal covering the crab's hands started to fall off, not only that but through Owen and Quinn's persistence, they were starting to crack the crab's back and were successful.

Its flesh to its real body could finally be seen.

The crab cried in anger and lifted its two claws again. Knowing what happened last time, Oscar and Quinn were both able to get away. Instead of doing what it had done last time, it borrowed itself under the ground and it was on the move again, too fast for them to catch up.

"We were close." Owen said, "I think if we chase it this time, we should be able to finish it off."

"From the data, it looks like the crab is resting in another area again, I agree with Owen." Logan said. "I know everyone might be tired, but the crab is tired and hurt as well. If it ran away like that, it should be on its last legs, after all, a beasts' survival instinct is to run away."

During the fight, Duke was patched up, and the wound did not seem to bother him as much anymore, he was once again fit and ready to fight. It seemed like the argument they all had just moments before was all put on hold as they worked towards the same goal.

Opening the shadow lock, Chris was let out as well. When everyone was ready, they were finally on their way again, but after only a few steps, a small spaceship was seen heading down to where they were.

"That's one of the Bree family ships." Logan said. "Did Mona decide to finally come down here?"

Just in case something had happened on the surface, or Mona did change their mind, they decided to wait for the small ship to land, and the doors to them slowly opened.


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