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785 A pure Blood weapon
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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785 A pure Blood weapon

On the right side of the ship, is where the Cursed faction's hardest working members were. If one were to walk past, they would hear a constant clang that never stopped no matter what time of day it was.

This was the forging section on the ship, a place rarely visited due to how hot it was. Here the forgers were led by Alex, each person being handpicked by him. The forging team consisted of ten people, and a few assistants, but the assistants would only come by occasionally.

No one really knew what criteria Alex was looking for when choosing a forger, but anyone he chose, always stuck with it. Forging was a tough job, one would have to complete tasks repeatedly, and the slightest change, or wrong strike, could ruin the outcome of hours and hours of demanding work.

So, it was a job few ever thought of doing, which was why Alex being able to select the right people was impressive. In return, for them finding their passion, they thanked Alex and worked just as hard as him. The team grew and bonded together, and they all cared for each other.

One of the forgers closest to Alex was called Nog, and he had noticed that recently, Alex had been able to work for longer periods of time without stopping as he was doing now.

'Is he even human?' Nog pondered with a smile. He admired his work, but he did notice something strange.

Lately, Alex had been touching his back increasingly as if something were sore, and he would often leave the forgers room claiming he wanted to rest. Even when Alex was tired before he never left the forgers room.

Still, it was something that he had just noticed so it wasn't too much of a big deal.


The entrance of the door was a wide sliding one, and at the moment they could hear it being whacked upon multiple times.

"Turn off the furnaces!" Alex ordered, and everyone did as he said. The furnaces generated a lot of noise, so it was hard to hear clearly just what was going on.

"This isn't a funny joke you guys!" Alex shouted, but the banging continued.

Some of the other forgers started to panic as it was clear something was going on. On the table in front of them were pieces of completed equipment. Usually, they would not wear any beast gear due to it being harder to work in, although they would have some things on their arms to give them a few extra stats in strength here and there.

They quickly grabbed what they could and started to put on the equipment, and soon the door was pulled away and flung over to the side. A woman with short black hair walked in, and behind were the members of Pure.

"I knew this would be a gold mine." Fareen said. "Take what you wish from here."

Members of pure needed weapons more than anything, and what better place than the forgery. When those in Pure ran forward, the one in front was quickly greeted to a hammer in the face. It landed heavily knocking the first person out.

'You think we're going to let you take our things!" Nog shouted. "Do you know how hard we worked making these? You'll just beat us up anyway so we might as well put up a fight."

Soon, everyone including Alex were chucking the things on their table towards the Pure members, they weren't fighters, so they didn't really know how to use the weapons they had created.

"I was giving you guys an easy out." Fareen said, as she lifted her hand, and soon all the weapons in the air and those on the table, started to come together and towards her. A large ball of weapons had been made, and slowly she placed it down on the floor in front of her.

"Now go get them, fools trying to resist." Farheen said.

Everyone running towards them, Alex was thinking about what he could do, and that's when he noticed out of all the peons that floated towards her, there was still a single short sword left on his table.

'Huh, isn't that the new weapon I created?' Alex thought.

This weapon was different to the others, for this one was created using his very own blood. Quinn had asked him to start putting his blood into weapons, but due to how weapons were made, the items would mostly be composed of glathrium and only a small percentage of blood could be used.

It made Alex wonder if a weapon with a higher blood content could be used. He knew Quinn wanted such a thing, so he set himself the task of doing so. Using more crystals, and beast body parts as a basis would make it less durable, but he had eventually found a way to create a red soaked blood fairy sword.

A beast's eye in the center just above the hilt, by the sword guard several sharp beast teeth, and then instead of a silver or grey shine like normal swords, this one was blood red.

Needing to do something, Alex rushed forward and started to engage in combat with the first person he could see, he swung his sword sloppily threw the air, while running and the man laughed.

The swings were clearly one of an amateur. The man from Pure was easily able to block it, but when he did, he felt the weight of the sword and the strength behind such a swing.

"What the hell!?" The man said, as the weight soon crashed down, and Alex went for another attack stabbing him in the stomach.

Alex was a forger, and if forger had one good thing about their bodies it was their strength, on top of this, ever since becoming the blood fairy, his strength had improved beyond what a normal human was capable of.

Fareen seeing this, tried to lift her hand and tried using her magnetic ability to pull the weapon towards her again, but there was no such luck.

"Now I want that sword." She spoke.

Out of the pile of weapons, she would then repel each one towards Alex at a fast speed. Using his reflexes, he moved and avoided the attack. Looking behind him, the small dagger she had fired at him was stuck in the wall, an attack like that would kill him.

She started to do this with the weapons multiple times, but Alex was faster than even he envisioned, he dodged, hit, and managed to miss all the attacks narrowly. The moves still looked odd and sloppy, as he would curl up ducking, twisting his back in odd shapes.

To everyone it was clear he wasn't a fighter and it looked like pure luck that he was avoiding the attacks.

"Now I'm getting annoyed." Fareen said.

The weapons that were stuck in the wall, now were also moving from behind, and that's when Alex noticed that one of the weapons being pulled was going for Nog.

"No," Alex thought.

Nog was quite a distance away, and even with his fast movements, he wanted to make sure he would make it in time.

"I have to move, my body, it needs to move faster!!!" Thinking this, screaming at his body to try and block the weapon, a twitch was felt on his back like no other.

Nog, looked around him, he looked for anything to pick up and block the weapon. He could avoid one, but he could not avoid them all. Then, the sight of something red appeared in his vision. To off them spread wide.

"I'm sorry Quinn, I couldn't keep it a secret."

With his blood fairy wings out, everyone in the room could see them clearly. They were so powerful they had ripped through the uniform he was wearing, and he had moved faster than he had ever done in practice before.

"So this is why you kept touching your back." Nog commented.


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