My Vampire System
764 Stone thrower
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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764 Stone thrower

Continuing his travels with the group, Arthur started to participate more and more when beasts would appear. He was getting the hang of his strength so an incident like the first time wouldn't happen again. Part of the problem was the density of the rocks themselves that were from the planet. Of course, the material and density differed based on what one's planet was, so it would take him a while to get used to his strength when throwing them.

Now, he was no longer killing beast with a single hit with the stones, Travelers like these needed to get used to fighting in order to grow, it would be wrong of him to deal with the beast single handedly. Besides the group didn't seem like the type to do that. Even if Arthur told them he could defeat beasts like these with such ease, they wouldn't have wanted him to anyway.

The group were starting to grow on him a little, as he found their arguments humoured him, and even Pike was starting to see Arthur as a valuable asset, with his er.. stone throwing ability.

Once again, after an encounter with another group of beasts, they were resting while the blakc haired traveller girl was healing them..

Sitting down, the black haired girl had approached him, offering a small orange pill.

"It's okay," Arthur said, rejecting the kind offer. "I can go for a long time without food. I don't like those types of things."

Unsure what it was or how it owed affect him, Arthur wouldn't just eat random things created in this day and age. A vampire's stomach was often delicate when it came to these types of things. After years of being a vampire, Arthur longed to try to find food that would satisfy him compared to when he was a human, and he had run into a few difficult times in the past. The short story, Vampire diarrhea was not the best.

"Okay let's do it," Andy said with a cheerful voice. "We've seen Arthur's strength, and I think he might be better as a team then when we are with the old man. Although don't tell him that, the old man might never travel with us again."

"You mean, you think we can go exploring the new area?" Pirya said with excitement. "I was getting tired of fighting the same beasts over and over again. Besides that's where the real treasures are."

Along with them, Pike was carrying a small rucksack, which would expand in size when placed on the ground. When it opened up, it would show all types of different equipment. These were different types of tools that were meant for capturing a beast rather than killing it.

"As long as Arthur is okay with it, then I see no problem." When Andy said these words. He looked towards Arthur with his innocent young face and puppy dog eyes.

"Sure," Arthur replied.

Honestly, with so little people to protect, Arthur didn't see it as a problem. If there was a strong beast to arrive he could deal with them. As long as they didn't run into a demon tier beast of some sort. Maybe he would have searched, to try and fight such strong beasts like these travellers when he was younger.

But the days of testing his strength against strong foe's were over.

When giving his reply. The group looked happy and excited, filled with energy. Seeing the smiles on their faces, he started to wonder what life as a Traveler would be like. When he was a human, from a young age he had been told he was destined to become king. He looked after people but went out on adventures helping the people.

Then, when he became head of the punishers, his job was a strict one, there was no longer the time to go out on an adventure. He had spent his whole life protecting and upholding the law. So much time, so much life flashed before his eyes.

Friends were made, friends were lost. He had even seen someone from the young age of a baby grow up, grow old and die before he did. His life would continue to live on seeing everyone he cared about pass on. In the end, he had gotten sick of this and chose to go into an eternal slumber.

"Come on, are you ready?" Andy asked. They all were now standing up, with some strange looking items attached around their waists and on their back.

Crossing the small part of the river, they had placed some levitating platforms that they were able to jump across. The person at the end would have to pick them up though, as they carried on moving forward.

Technology sure had come a far way, even though the vampires were more advanced in their tech, Arthur was sure the humans would always catch up one day innovating as their population grew.

When reaching the other side, they were now in a new land, a new area that was expected to be full of different types of beasts.

They walked and explored for a while, but it wasn't what they had expected. Unlike on the other side of the river, they hadn't encountered a single beast yet. So to kill the time, the others wanted to make some conversation.

"So Arthur, what's with the big sword on your back?" Pirya asked. "You're a ranged user right, so why have a sword and why is it chained up, you won't be able to cut anything with that thing?"

Arthur grabbed the hilt of the sword on his back for a few seconds, before taking it off his back and swinging it forward with a single hand. The sheer size and weight of the thing, just carrying it with one hand looked like it would snap someone's wrist.

"This, well I'm not really skilled with the sword so I don't like to use it too much. As for the chains, if you ever saw me unwrap the chains on this thing, then you should probably start running."

The others chuckled a little bit but it was a bit of a nervous laughter from some. They realised that after travelling with Arthur, he joked a lot, but when he was serious he said things seriously, and this time just like the other times, he had spoken the words without smiling or laughing.

"And if I was to ask what tier that weapon that was, you would tell me it was a demon tier correct?" Pike said, sarcastically.

"Of course not," Arthur smiled, putting the large sword back on his back. "This isn't even a beast weapon. If you tried using this thing to cut up those beasts back there, you wouldn't do much to them."

With this statement contradicting his last one, the others felt a lot more at ease about the weapon. Still walking through the new lands, they no longer saw any rivers but still had run into no beasts. So they decided that they would head to the closest mountain and when they reached there they would rest before turning back.

They had already spent a lot of time finding nothing, and maybe it was time to choose a different area. When approaching the mountain, leading the front was Pirya, and when she turned round one of the corners, she immediately turned back, placing her back against the mountain wall.

Her eyes were enlarged and she looked like she had just woken up from a nightmare.

"Priya, what did you see?" Andy said, rushing over.

Not even wanting to make a sound, Pirya placed her finger on her lips, and pulled him over to the side. She waited for the rest to reach her possessions and when they did. They all peaked around the corner and they could see it.

A great grand fortress had been built at the base of the mountain. However, it wasn't just any regular fortress. The material that had been used was a hard black substance, the surfaces were uneven and had several bumps and spikes sticking out, yet they still were able to build structures such as towers and even had a large gate out the front.

'This, it looks like a vampire base.' Arthur's first thought was, judging by the materials used. Although they were a little rough, similar to how the old ways vampires used to build their castles from the black material. Nowadays they had discovered a technique to smooth out the material and could build structures just as well as they could with brick and glass. At least from what Arthur had seen on his latest visit to the vampires base.

'Have I finally found a vampire base outside of the vampire establishment? Is this where Eno is hiding.' He never thought he would find something so soon, but then. The words from one of the others had changed his train of thought.

'"It's a Dalki fortress." Andy said. "We have to return, we have to inform everyone on this planet, that the Dalki have already established a fortress here, otherwise, everyone could die."

That's when Arthur could see what they were talking about. On the gate walls, he could see large figures, human looking almost giant like, however they were far larger and muscular than humans, and the features of their faces and arms were almost beast like.

'This belongs to those that are called the Dalki, and not the vampires? Why does their arcreticeture look so similar to the old way of the vampires?' Arthur thought confused.

"Well, I never thought we would have visitors." A deep snarled voice from behind was heard. It was hard to make out what the words actually were.

Turning their heads they could see it, there was a Dalki standing right behind them, towering over, it smiled and showed its sharp teeth. At the back of the group, was the shy black haired healer. Out of fear she closed her eyes and was about to yell.

Jumping in front of her, Andy had his shield held up and ready.

"Don't scream!" Andy said. "If there's just one we might be able to deal with it."

Soon after saying those words, the Dalki swung its arm, and the shield was destroyed, falling to the floor. It was sliced in half. His hopes of possibly getting out of this situation alive was suddenly lost.

"We're dead..we're all dead." Andy said, shaking and sweating nervously. Pike and Pirya, were too afraid to even jump in like Andy had just done, and were frozen with fear.

"This is boring, I thought you would at least provide some entertainment." The Dalki spoke, raising its hand to throw another strike towards the couple.

With its hand swinging and it's strong claws it should have been over for them, but they could see Arthur's long blonde hair, in front of them. It started to change and blacken in colour in front of their eyes.

"Am I dreaming?" Andy said, falling to his knees full of tears.

Arthur, with a single hand, was holding the Dalki's by the wrist, having stopped the attack.

"I kind of like these guys, so do you mind leaving them alone?" Arthur said.


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