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760 The new world Leader“s table
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Author :JKSManga
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760 The new world Leader“s table

Before entering the meeting with the other powerhouses, Quinn was to choose two people to take in with him, and two only. This was the same for the others as well. They were usually there as advisors, or future successors to the family. The other option was someone who was considered strong themselves.

When deciding who to bring with him, Quinn's first choice was Sam. Although Quinn hadn't known Sam too long compared to some of the others, Quinn not only trusted him but, Sam ran nearly everything that went on in the Cursed ship.

Quite frankly, without him, Quinn felt like his life on the Cursed ship would have been ten times harder. This was the obvious choice, but with the second person he was struggling. Usually with something like this, he would have liked to have taken one of his close friends, but where were they all?

Logan was still pretending to work with Mona, Layla and Peter were now in the vampire world and as for Vorden. Well, he was now known as Sil, and although Quinn and Sil got on, it wasn't in the same way as with Vorden. Their connection didn't feel close at all.

Finally there was Fex, but it felt strange to get him involved in a matter with humans. He never really seemed to have an interest in these types of things and it felt like Fex was just there along for the ride, wishing to help Quinn wherever he could.

In the end, Quinn had decided on bringing Paul along with him. Paul being an ex high-ranking general would have been used to these things and knew what games they would play. On top of this, from time to time, Paul would share his wisdom, if he had completely disregarded the group he could have chosen to say nothing, but he had chosen to help Quinn.

The two of them were also vampires who had been turned by Quinn, so with him in his presence, something strange was unlikely to happen.

The meeting was to take place outside. Their people remain on the ship. The ships themselves including the ones belonging to Pure and Daisy were all lined up in a circle shape, and when the current leaders of the world exited from their ships at the appointed time. They walked together with the two by their side towards the centre.

Quinn didn't recognise the ones that had been brought out with Mona and Owen, but he did recognise Duke by Oscar's side, the other one next to Oscar was a female.

Just like before, when they had arrived in the centre, Oscar placed his hands on the floor and created a round table. He then created seats for everyone there, while the two by each person's side would remain standing.

"I would like to announce that everyone sitting down at this moment, is part of the new World leaders table, and that we should welcome our newest member, Quinn Talen." Oscar announced.

Claps from everyone at the table were made. It felt a little hollow and quiet and the grand moment felt quite small. Usually a big deal like this would be televised and a ceremony would take place informing everyone, but it didn't change the fact that Quinn had made it.

"First I would like to talk about the outcome of the match," Oscar said. "Daisy has agreed to hand over everything to you. Resources, equipment and their planets now belong to you and they have disbanded. The same could be said for Pure but we all know this isn't true in the first place.

"The Pure members that had come with their leader, and managed to escape somehow and it looks like they are no longer present on their occupied planets, However, those that lived in the shelters that weren't really part of Pure are still there. We have spoken to these instead and they too have agreed to hand everything over to the Cursed faction with no trouble."

Hearing this, Quinn was wondering what happened to Cia, was she still on the ship with the other faction members, or had she returned with the Pure members from before? It was something he could go see after this meeting.

"As for the members themselves." Oscar continued. "They are not slaves and we wish to correct our ways of the past. They will not be forced to work under you or join your group. They are free to do so if they wish, or are free to join any of the groups here at this table. However, to stop any more troubles occurring, groups will have to be under one of the leaders present at this table."

"I understand what you are saying." Quinn said. "But don't you think it might cause a problem in the future. The group here today were separated by the Cursed faction and we don't have the best of reputations at the moment. There is a good chance once they join one of the other groups, that they will attempt their revenge and take back their planets."

It came as a nice surprise to everyone that Quinn had actually spoken up. This was fine to do as a leader at the table. It was meant to be a discussion in the first place. However, usually when a new person was in front of such great people that they had looked up to for years, they would be a little afraid to speak.

Still, for some reason Quinn wasn't nervous. It felt like he had been in this situation multiple times before, and the vampire council table, the air felt a lot more heavier than this one.

"If they are to attempt something like that, then the respective leader will need to deal with them. This meeting and everything that's happening so far is a sign. A sign that the Civil war is over, and things shall remain the way they are for now. The military is not in charge and has no rule over the others apart from its own people.

"Would it be better for the human race to come together as one force? Yes, I believe so, is it possible. Perhaps, but not without more fighting, and right now we can't afford to carry on fighting with the enemy around the corner. Rather than one force we would need to think of this as an alliance."

It had to be thought of as this way. Quinn thought. Especially since he knew what Owen's ultimate goal in all of this was, and if the Bree family had agreed to the military's ways of doing things, they wouldn't have parted ways either.

"Now before we move on to other topics, there are some concerning thoughts that we share as a group." Oscar continued. "There is still a power that is not part of the alliance still out there, Pure. They have great strength and have announced to the world that their power comes from Qi.

"I was afraid that a lot of people would be swayed into joining them, but thankfully their loss seems to have hindered that a bit, but regardless they are a strong force. Now one of the concerns my people have brought to me is, they worry that you Quinn, are working with Pure. There are multiple reasons for this, your strange actions and taking in the Pure girl you had hurt is one of them. It also doesn't sit well with me that one of my trusted men is now standing right by your side. I can't help but think he was forced to do so."

They had invited Quinn to the leaders table, and then the first thing they had done was question him about his intentions. Quinn was a little frustrated about this, but worried he might say something wrong allowed one of his men to do the speaking.

"Both of those are quite aggressive questions." Sam said. "I thought we came here to be treated as another leader like the rest of you? We could ask all of you here incriminating questions as well. What was with the dungeon area's beneath the base? The experimentation rooms?

"Why did the Graylash family decide to strike first and start this war, and why are the Bree family hiding the fact that they have a device that is able to locate demon tier beasts, yet aren't sharing this with everyone?"

There was silence between everyone there, apart from Owen who started to chuckle.

'Ha, ha, so the Cursed faction haven't just been dealing with me this whole time.'

Each one of the powers here had secrets of their own, and somehow the Cursed group knew about them all. They had revealed things that the others had no clue about.

"If you want to ask if Paul is being forced to do this or not, you are free to ask him?" Quinn said. "but I want to tell you now. Many of the Cursed faction is made up of people who have been pushed and bullied around their whole lives. We have crawled through far more than you know to get here, and now that we are here, we will not let that happen here either."

As Quinn spoke those words, and intense pressure was felt off him, that all the others could feel.

'This is no normal child, just what did he go through to be able to give off a presence like that?' Oscar thought.


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