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759 Choose a reward
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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759 Choose a reward

Quinn was expecting quite the reward from the quest since it was a major quest line. Rather than an instant quest that would pop up when facing a tough opponent. When going up against Lucy, nothing had come up when using his inspect skill either.

He suspected that this might have not been because the system didn't consider her strong enough, but just because it was already related to the main quest anyway of becoming a new power. It had been quite the journey taking planet after planet, but in the end it ended quicker than he imagined due to the duel.

Not without its problems though.

[Please choose your quest reward]

[Instant level up (Evolution available)]

The first set of messages surprised Quinn, rather than giving him multiple rewards or just a single big one it was letting him choose. The first option an instant level up, there was nothing else but that.

A little disappointed, but the rewards for becoming one of the leaders at the leaders table, would bear fruit soon, rather than in the system itself. And if Quinn thought about it a bit more, the instant level up quest would appear less and less as he got stronger.

At the moment it felt like it was impossible for him to level up, and despite all the people he had met so far, he had not been given an instant level up quest. With this he would finally reach level forty evolving into a vampire lord, which he was sure would have its own benefits.

And he would have been one step closer to completing the quest of becoming a vampire leader. All that was left after that was to appoint another vampire knight.

But then there was the second option.

[Unlock all skills of the shadow ability, Level eight and seven]

He thought it might be easy choosing between the two but the second one had certainly made things difficult. There was still one more skill to be unlocked at level seven and he had no clue how many there were at level eight. Choosing this reward would unlock them all.

Training the shadow to get enough skill points took a long time, and unlike the instant level up, there was hardly ever a quest that would allow him to unlock a skill. Yet, this was allowing him to unlock every skill.

After thinking about it long and hard, Quinn had finally chosen one.

[New skill Shadow sink unlocked: similar to shadow hop where the user is able to travel to anywhere the shadow they control is present. Shadow sink allows one to do this with anything as long as the shadow is large enough. The larger the object is to be moved, and the greater the distance is, the more MC points will be consumed.]

Quinn had seen Arthur use this skill while fighting the vampire leaders. He had spread his shadow so it was spread on the whole battlefield floor, then used it to move the leader's away from battle, and even used it to redirect one of their attacks.

When Arthur used it, the skill certainly seemed very handy, but Quinn and Arthur were two different people. Quinn was unable to spread his shadow on the floor that wide, he just didn't have enough MC points for that. If the skill took up more MC points on top of this, then that would be a problem.

Like shadow hop, it was most likely a skill that could only be used with Shadow void, when he would create the domes made of shadow.

That was the last skill of the level 7, and finally he had levelled his ability to the last level, level 8.

[Level 8 shadow ability unlocked]

[Reward sixty MC points]

[You now have a total of 200 MC points]

Just when Quinn was talking about the lack of MC points, he had received a nice surprise, however he thought 200 must have been the difference between the earth and sun when comparing himself to Arthur.

[Skill unlocked Shadow link: This skill allows the user to feel other shadow users no matter where they are as long as they are currently using the shadow ability. Requires no MC points to use, but must activate the skill. This is not a passive skill]

Quinn could only guess that this was how Arthur had found out about him that time, which meant he was pretty sure what the next and final skill would be.

[New skill unlocked, Shadow to Shadow: Once a link has been made using shadow link, the user can use the skill shadow to shadow. This will allow the person to move and travel to the other person's shadow. This skill can only be used once a day.]

Obtaining these two skills Quinn was understanding what Arthur had done that day, Quickly as a test he decided to try to activate shadow link to see if there was anyone out there, or if he could even locate Arthur.

Activating the shadow link skill was simple enough since the system did all the work for him, but he could feel nothing, and this was confirmed by the system message that had appeared.

[No shadow users found]

'Arthur must not be using his shadow right now, I guess it was true when he said that all shadow users had died out.' Although Quinn couldn't be completely sure as someone would have had to have been using the shadow ability at that very moment.

Looking at all the skills and checking out the system, there really wasn't anything else. There were no more skills with his ability to unlock, but he was sure he had seen Arthur do some interesting things with the shadow other than the skills present.

One of them was restoring Quinn's MC points allowing him to consistently use his shadow. Perhaps this was something that Arthur had found out how to do himself, he had been alive for thousands of years after all.

Now with the shadow ability completely unlocked, Quinn really only had to worry about two things, levelling up to evolve and increasing his MC points. The only current way he knew how was using shadow eater.

'Surely there has to be another way.'

In the middle of his thoughts, the door slid open again, and it was Linda who had appeared. She was surprised to see that both Peter and Layla were no longer in the medical bay, but she didn't dare ask.

"Quinn I have a message from the other leaders. They can't wait any longer and have said that it is time. It's time for the first meeting of the new leader's table."

His heart thumped a little louder than before hearing those words. It confirmed that Quinn had somehow, someway made it to this position. A position he could only dream of. He knew what questions they wanted to ask, but he had a few questions of his own as well.


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