My Vampire System
755 Major Quest failed
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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755 Major Quest failed

The notification screen couldn't have appeared at a worse time for Quinn, and during his initial distraction. Lucy's blade was swung down in the perfect place, between the gap in his shoulder guard and neck.

It got in a few inches deep, before Quinn used his flash step to get out of there and return to a position far enough where he could prepare. From here, if she tried to come in, he could move away as he still had the greater speed.


[95/100 HP]

Concentrating, Quinn was trying to see if he could see anything strange when searching for his Qi. It was like he had expected, there was the strange force or energy that could be seen around the wound, just like with Peter, and similar to Peter, the wound wasn't healing.

Tyrig to move his own Qi to the wound. He tried to fight off whatever foreign force had entered his body and was stopping him from healing. However just like with Peter, it was all useless. Other than moving it in place, he didn't really know what to do.

Looking at his HP, another thought possibly had entered his head, it was a little bit of a waste to use it now, but he felt like finding a way to get rid of the current problem, would help him out greatly in this fight.

'Consume blood bank, ten milliliters,' Quinn thought, like he usually did when activating his skills.

Usually a sudden rush feeling in his body would run through it as the blood was consumed, and after the wound would heal. The initial rush feeling was felt in his body, but the normal HP notification never appeared.

Instead he had received another notification.

[Unable to heal using blood]

[Your thirst for blood is still satisfied]

This confirmed it, the wounds that Quinn would usually inflict with his Qi would slow down the healing process vampires had, but the wounds that Lucy inflicted, weren't able to be healed at all.

In this fight, Quinn wouldn't have his second chance.

Now, he needed to decide how to approach this fight, the problem was, his mind was unfocused, for the sudden quest he had got only seconds ago.

'What was with that Quest, what am I meant to do about the tenth family being attacked? Does this mean something is going on in the vampire world?'

The problem was no matter what was going on, there wasn't really much Quinn could do about it at this point and time. The best thing to do was to ignore the quest but he was finding that hard to do as a big percentage bar had appeared. It was at a hundred percent at the moment and while looking at it, it had already gone down by a single percent.

"You seemed confident before, and now you're just standing around doing nothing!" Lucy shouted, and this time she came forward to attack.

With the distance, there was more time for Quinn to react. It was easy for him to just move or run away around the area, but he had another goal in mind. He wanted to find out just what Lucy was doing differently with Qi compared to him. He couldn't see or tell anything from a distance, so he thought he could do up close.

[Skill Daze activated]

[Skill Daze failed]

He wasn't sure it would work against such a high ranking member of Pure, since daze's probability of working was dependent on his charm skill, skills like this varied depending on the opponents state of mind, but it was always worth a try.

'Shadow rise!'

Lifting up the shadow, Quinn had stopped the sword from hitting him from his side. Or so he had thought. For the first time ever, the sword had ignored the shadow completely. When it touched the shadow, it split open, moving like clouds and allowed for the sword to go right through.

This had never happened before.

The sword was still blocked by Quinn's gauntlets instead. The look on Lucy's face had slightly changed, as she wasn't expecting the attack to be blocked this time.

'He has incredibly strong Qi, so I can only do this.' She thought.

Preparing for another strike, Lucy used her bare hand placing her palm on Quinn's chest, at the same time, Quinn had his eyes on something flashing in the top right hand corner.

[8 percent of the tenth family has been lost]

'What's going on!' Quinn was thinking this in more ways than one.

From Lucy's hand, a strong force was felt, it was sudden and powerful chucking him back and blasting him away. The pain was felt in an instant, and his armour was practically non existent.

[-30 HP]

[68/100 HP]

Blood was dripping from Quinn's mouth and the insides of his body were screaming with pain.

'That attack, it was like hammer strike but different. It seems like it was an internal strike, but there was no force or anything. Was it a pure attack using Qi?'

From the sidelines, there were many people judging the fight.

'What is happening, is Quinn losing the fight?' Layla thought watching from the sidelines. She had attempted to move, but still her body didn't want to listen to her. She thought that Cia's vision was to do with this moment. But with the way things were now, she didn't think that was possible.

'Quinn, is this really everything you got? I refuse to believe you escaped the Blade's island with this skill alone.' Owen thought.

"Is Quinn going to lose?" Megan asked.

"Do you really think so?" Sam replied. "To me it looks like Quinn has been distracted by something, and he hasn't even begun to show what he can actually do."

'The shadow didn't work for some reason but that's okay, I have another way. I just need to find out what she's doing with her attacks. I thought if I took a few of them then maybe I could have figured it out, but I haven't learnt anything, and the more attacks I take the more dangerous this whole thing becomes.'

Due to the last attack being internal, Quinn was unsure how much damage was actually done, but as long as all his limbs were working, he would push through the pain and let his body work the way it always had done.

'I don't know if your talented or untalented." Lucy said, unsure what his knowledge of Qi was. He was either talented for having such a large amount of Qi, or untalented because even though he knew how to use it, he was unable to progress to the second and third stage.

Just as Quinn was about to make his next move, the annoying message throughout the fight had appeared again.

[Quest failed]

[More than ten percent of forces have been lost]

Looking at the bar now, it had reached 65 percent so quickly, the bar was still on screen as well. Quinn thought that maybe when the quest had failed, the bar would go away, allowing him to focus more but it stayed there.

'Is it because the attack on the tenth family is still going on even now. Are the other vampires attacking the tenth, what about Erin and Leo? Are they in danger?' Too many questions were going through his mind at the moment.

And he had even thought about summoning Leo, to ask what was going on, but there was the chance he could be in the middle of a fight, and even if he saved Leo, what about Erin? Only Leo was able to be summoned due to a special skill granted by the system, allowing him to call his vampire knights by his side.

'I need to find out what's going on, I need to finish this fight and I need to save Peter.'

"I have to end this fight." Quinn said out loud, and these words came as a shock to everyone.

Particular they were surprising to the viewers online.

"Him ending this fight, how is he going to do that? It's clear that Pure can do something that is stopping him from using his shadow. Did you see his face?"

"I don't think he's gotten one attack in yet, all he's done is dodge and run."

"Maybe it isn't a bluff, remember he still has the other two in the fight as well, and they haven't joined in."

From underneath Quinn's two feet. Shadow started to spread across the floor. As it came towards Lucy she tried to stab it with her sword. The shadow spiralled around moving out of the way, but only on the part where her sword had landed, and it continued to spread across the floor.

When Lucy had attacked with her sword, although Quinn's shadow hadn't blocked the attack, it hadn't used up any of Quinn's MC points either. When blocking an attack with the shadow, depending on how strong the attack was, Quinn would lose MC points.

The blade had gone through, but didn't use up any MC points, which meant rather than Lucy using a skill that allowed her to cut the shadows, it was one that forced it away.

From the ground the shadow rose, and started to incase everyone on the field inside a dome, a dome made of shadows.

"This skill, it was what the kid had done at the inter tournament as well," Oscar said, surprised. Back then they couldn't see anything Quinn had done, but when the dome fell, the winner was clear. "Will this be a repeat of last time?"

"We can't see anything if he does this!" Void shouted, disappointed that the viewers and the footage they now would be getting was just a dark dome.

"We can't do anything about it," Bonny said. "Let's improvise and go around asking the others what they think is going on, and just who is going to win this thing."

Inside the shadow dome itself, Quinn had now equipped the emperor tier mask on his face.

"Oh, this dark dome and that mask has made you a little scarier but it won't frighten me." Lucy said.

"It looks like I can't find out your secret, and I've run out of time, so I can only force you." Quinn said, while wearing the mask his voice was slightly altered, coming out deeper and more menacing. A design Alex had put in, copying what Logan had done when creating the last one.

"In here, I can hide my secrets from everyone outside."


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