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736 Save them please!
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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736 Save them please!

This wasn't the first time that Quinn had done something like this. This was his usual way of taking over the past planets, the only difference was he never did it so openly before. Sam had said to him that he couldn;t just force the base into submission if he wanted them to be loyal.

This gave Quinn the idea of being their saviour. If a shelter was attacked by strong beasts that they had no clue where they had come from, and Quinn displayed his strength by saving them, then he could offer them protection in return for them coming over to his side.

Not only this, but they would also feel indebted to him.

After unlocking the shadow skill shadow lock he of course went through a testing phase with the ability. It was a skill that allowed him to lock creatures and living beings in a separate space, the shadow space.

It was similar to his dimensional space but there were many differences between the two. When using his dimensional space, he was able to put as many items and take them out as he wished. As long as it wasn't living matter.

The shadow lock was the opposite, only allowing him to lock in living things in the shadow space. However, there were more differences. Depending on the strength of the creature when using shadow lock, it would use a certain amount of MC points.

While the skill was active and had creatures or people in the shadow lock, then those MC points would also be locked away and were unable to be used. Before coming to the shelter, Quinn had locked the king tier beasts as well as the emperor tier beast.

Only allowing him a little amount of MC points left to use his shadow. He was worried about this, for if he ever went over the amount of MC points that were meant to be locked away, then the skill would break, unlocking the shadows and allowing for all the beasts to break free.

This was why he hadn't used his shadow, and only used it when needed to in the previous fight. There were also other ways for the shadow lock to be broken and one of them was from the inside.

Similar to the shadow void, if someone was to attack the strange space they were in, it would eventually break, but what Quinn found, was that beasts when entering the shadow space, would only do a few things.

They would sleep, run in the space looking for an exit, or just walk around. They didn;t see the space around them as a threat, but there was one time where a beast was left in there for too long and Quinn could only assume it had gotten hungry. In it's pain it started to beat on the space around it.

This was why even though the space could be used on humans, usually, after a short while out of frustration they would attempt to attack everything breaking out of the space. Still depending on one's strength, it would take longer for one to break out then others.

The beasts were going on a rampage currently in the shelter, not only attacking the faction members but also houses, stalls and the marketplace. One of the beasts had tried to attack Quinn and his group.

"Of course, it's a beast it will attack us as well!" Void said. This isn't the Bree family where the beasts are tamed.

Using his hand, he knocked the beast's claw away. When their two eyes met, the beast chose to ignore Quinn. Knowing who the clear winner would be out of the two of them.

"These people's lives are in your hand." Quinn said. "If you want us to kill these beasts for you, then we can do it at any time."

Abdul could hear Quinn loud and clear, he wanted to go over and smash the cocky brat's face in but was too busy dealing with the emperor tier beast. His weapon of choice was dual wielding axes and he was holding his ground well.

Each time a giant trunk would swing his way, using his own force he was able to knock it away. Abdul was a muscular man and had good beast gear on, but shouldn't have been able to do such things.

The way he was fighting right now, reminded them of feats that Quinn could do. What the others didn't know, was this was due to Abdul using Qi in his attacks.

Still, even though he was able to hold his ground, the other members who were fighting the king tier beast and getting whacked away by the emperor tier beast's other trunks wenr't doing so well.

While the others were distracted, the group started to move out into the shelter. Quinn stayed where he was, just behind the emperor tier beast and Abdul. Both the reporters didn't move away from Quinn, listening to what he had told them before, and besides at the moment, for Void it was the best angle for all the chaos that was happening.

Online, people could see the whole thing being streamed.

"How could he do that?"

"The Cursed faction are so cruel, people have to worry about beasts attacking shelters all the time and now, he has unleashed a bunch of wild beasts at the shelter.

"You can hear all the screams."

"These people are scum, look he's just standing there."

At the moment, Quinn and his group were unaware of how much hate was being directed towards him online for his current actions. To them in this situation, getting uninvolved people in the shelter, he was the villain.

"Make a decision!" Quinn shouted. "Give up and let these people live."

If Abdul had time, maybe able to think straight, he would have been able to deal with the emperor tier in some way, but not like this. Not while the chaos was going on and his men were dying left and right to the other beasts.

He knew giving up and asking for help. Meant the cursed faction had won.

"Please, help us! Help us!" The others cried.

These people weren't part of Pure but the faction that had joined them on the planet. They had no loyalty.

Still, Quinn stood there, doing nothing. Gripping his fist, Abdul whacked one of the trucks with all his strength, he had finally managed to chop the top part of it off, but in the process he was whacked by another of the beast's trucks sending him sliding across the floor.

Feeling the pain and power of the beasts, and the continued screams, he had made his decision.

"Help us, Stop this madness, please!"

At that moment, Quinn ran underneath the emperor tier beast's legs and activated his flame daggers, infusing his Qi, they were able to go grow in length reaching and piercing the belly. He continued to run as the beast screamed in pain lifting its front legs.

The others who were looking at Quinn before on the ground and now had no clue where he was, and before they knew it, they spotted him up in the air, above the large beast's head. Spinning his body multiple times he came falling down and at the right moment, he had performed the moves of the hammer strike, while adding in his own power of Qi.

With the added momentum of the spin, he was able to perform a strike more powerful than usual.

Hitting the elephant's beast right on the top of it's head, it's heavy body was slammed down onto the ground, and Quinn fell with the beast onto the floor, he stood there on top of it's head as it laid there dead.

Seeing everything unfold in front of him, Abdul now knew that they never stood a chance. Even if he was to attack him after Quinn had killed the beasts, at any moment, Quinn could have taken over this shelter.

What Abdul was wondering though, after seeing the attack and the strange sudden force, was whether or not Quinn was using the power of Qi. Something only high ranking members of Pure should have known.


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