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728 The king“s power
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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728 The king“s power

At first when they looked at the king, they thought they could see him shaking, but that's when they realised it wasn't him that was shaking at all, it was them. The strange power the king was activating made everyone's body start to vibrate slightly and the students, including a few of the royal vampires, fell to the ground. They felt weak and couldn't take the upsetting feeling they had in their stomach.

"What is going on?" Erin asked, as she too had fallen to the floor, taking a knee. But Leo stood there strong, still pinned up with his sword.

"Listen up," Dwight said. "You two don't know much about the vampire world but you are now too involved. There is a reason why some of the leaders are so obsessed with becoming the vampire king. When one becomes king there are two things that get passed on to the next. The first being the armour the king is wearing. It is one of the only two sets of armour in existence that has been purely made out of blood crystals.

"Today we haven't seen the extent of this armour, due to its power not being activated by any human blood. As for the second thing, it's a skill passed down that only the king can learn and that skill is what you're about to witness."

When saying these words, there was a sharp pain going through Dwight's heart. With the current king's strength, using such power could possibly end his life, if it didn't, it would certainly shorten it.

"Summoning this much power, are you trying to kill your self old man!" Rowa said, even he felt uneasy.

"Rowa, you are strong, stronger than possibly any other vampire I know of…" the king said. Then the image of a certain someone who had returned recently popped into his head. "Let me take that back, you are stronger than any vampire here. You could beat any of the leaders. I can't go easy on you."

Lifting his hands from his side, red balls of red liquid had formed, and soon from all the dead blood suckers around, and all the dead vampires in the inner castle area, their blood was floating in the air. Every single last drop of blood had been lifted from the ground and taken directly out of the dead bodies.

"The skill passed down from king to king, absolute blood control." Dwight said. "When one obtains this skill, they can control the blood in their own body, advancing the vampire's body beyond what any leader has ever seen. There's no need for the king to become a blood sucker to match up with Rowa's speed, for his body has already reached that point.

"But that's not the only thing the skill can do.."

Rowa charged in once again, at full strength. He was just as fast as he was before. But suddenly at a light speed, all of the blood that was in the air, had moved to where the king was and had formed a giant wall of blood. It looked like there was a waterfall pouring from above.

When Rowa punched the wall of blood, it did nothing, his hand went through it but there was nothing else. Then, a sharp pain could be felt through his whole body and eventually into his back. Turning his head he could see that thousands of blood daggers were floating behind him, stabbing him constantly.

With no choice, he attempted to run through the waterfall of blood but that was his biggest mistake. The blood surrounded him like a tornado, and threw him up in the air. He noticed that from the wounds that had been made, his own blood was working against him, restraining him from doing anything.

He couldn't see anything and had no clue what was happening, looking around all he could see was red blood swirling around. He kicked and punched, nothing was effective.

Finally, the blood had disappeared around him, and he could now see that he had been thrown up fifty meters into the air, he could see the whole city from up high. However, there was something else there that wasn't there before.

It was a giant blade made of blood. It was taller than any of the castles. Turning his head, he could see six more surrounding him.

"Old man, do you really have to go this far!" Rowa shouted. "Do you hate us this much!" Now genuine tears were running down his face and sadness was taking over from the anger. Rowa started to revert back to his regular vampire form.

"Look at me, I am one of you. I served you and you're going to kill me, kill your own kind over them!"

The king had his hands held up to the sky, he said nothing but coughed as his own blood had started to trickle out of his mouth. That too started to float up in the air and join the blood made blades.

Swinging his hands down, all of the giant blood blades swung at the same time. At the same time they had clashed into Rowa's body. When it did, the swords started to crush into each other and a great explosion of blood occurred.

The sight could be seen for miles in the vampire settlement and all of the vampires had witnessed what had just happened.

"Pathetic." Bryce thought while watching the spectacle from his castle window. "If I was king, I would have never used so much power against a weakling like that."

"Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!" Another vampire stomped the ground, witnessing Rowa's death.

"It may have been the end of your life Rowa," Cindy, the current Second vampire leader said, "But you have affected the vampire world far greater than you know, now it will be the start of a new era." Saying these words, tears started to fall down her cheeks.

As for the rest of the vampires, they soon found themselves covered in a rainfall of blood. Little droplets fell down like rain and covered everyone's faces from the explosion. In the sky where Rowa's body once was, there was nothing. Not a single scrap of flesh or clothing, but somewhere in the rainfall of blood, was his.

The king had since fallen and was laying on the ground.

Dwight, knowing the fight was over rushed over to his majesty's side. He held him up to check if he was okay, and thankfully there seemed to be faint sights of breathing.

"Tell Cindy to head to the main castle now, we will meet her in his majesty's room. Your majesty, you have done enough, you have protected the people from the great threat."

The king shook his head disagreeing with this, he wanted to speak to tell Dwight of the Tenth people that had died and of the future he wouldn't live to see. Killing Rowa would not put an end to the vampire's deaths, but he was too weak to speak.

"Don't worry, I promise we will work harder than ever, we will find which dreaded bastard was working with the blood sucker, and I will personally kill every last one of them!" Dwight said, shaking in anger.


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