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723 Living with a Queen
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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723 Living with a Queen

After the order was made, the students started to return back to the tenth castle. There weren't many students in the tenth family attending the school. There were ten and then also Erin and the rest, making a total of fourteen students.

All of them followed Leo and couldn't stop talking about not only Leo's crazy actions but Eirn's great and unexpected achievement as well.

"Looks like they have some new person to admire," Amy said giggling to herself.

She could see that Erin was hearing all of it, and didn't know how to take it. The words were making her lose focus, and her usual closing eye routine she did for training, she was unable to do. Any second now it seemed like she would snap at the students who were gawking at her, in fact, one of the kids that tried to talk to her, she had already threatened to shove her blade right through his backside if he didn't get away.

Once in the pooling area, those students continued to follow Leo, this was because they would be staying at the main castle with him. The reason for the attack on the students was unclear, but they could only guess they were after something or someone, so they wanted to give them more protection by allowing them to stay in the castle.

The parents wouldn't have had this time with them anyway, as they would have been staying at the school apartments. The kids had just been made aware of this, as they thought they would be staying in the inner castle area.

"You mean we're going to be staying with the Queen, maybe I should try talking to her?" A student said.

"Are you crazy, didn't you hear what she said to Jake, the Queen's better off being one of those beauties you just stare at from afar," Another replied.

Once again hearing this, Erin's hand was shaking. On the journey here the students continued to talk amongst themselves and had come up with a nickname for her, Queen.

She did not like this one bit.

"Don't worry about them," Amy said, placing her hand gently on her shoulder. "Boy's will be boys, and some girls would love this type of attention."

"And you're one of them," Xander commented, receiving a kick to his leg right after.

"You are very pretty though." Timmy said in a gentle voice.

When Timmy said these words, Erin didn't feel any anger, and instead went to rub the top of his head. She saw him as a little cute brother.

"Queen we think you're pretty too!"

"Yeah, you're the best, rub my head please!"

"The Queen should treat all her followers equally, and rub all our heads." The boys nodded in agreement.

Passing the inner gates, there was nothing out of the ordinary. Leo was scanning with his ability and the guards were fine, and so were all the houses in the inner area, which was a relief for him.

When entering the castle, the twenty five castle vampires went and showed the students to their rooms. Usually the vampires that lived in the castle would be related to the vampire leader in some way, but the tenth family didn't have many descendants and according to the rest, Vincent had none. For the students, it was the first time they had ever stepped into the castle, and was staying here.

They thought they would never see such a thing, and it only confirmed that they wanted to work for the tenth family even more.

"It's good that you have done this," Edward said, looking at the smiles on the students' faces. "The other leaders have only let the students enter the inner castle area to protect them. Unless they're part of the family, they won't let them into the castle, you have given these guys hope."

Although Leo didn't care for any of the vampire politics and ways, he was just doing what he thought felt right. He had always felt that way, and it was the same with a certain kid he had chosen to follow.

"I heard you did a good job as well Timmy, you have become a brave vampire that will soon take my position," Edward complimented.

Timmy was all smiles, his grin was so wide it looked like it would fall off his face. He was scared as well when he saw the bloodsuckers, but he kept thinking back to last time at Fex's execution. He couldn't help due to how weak he was, and this time he could. This was what had given him courage.

Suddenly, there was a change in attitude from a certain someone, who had gone down to his knees, and placed his head on the floor.

"Master knight Edward, after what happened, I have seen the wrong in my ways, and I wish for you to teach me your ability. If you can take me on as your disciple, I will work harder than anyone you have ever seen before."

"Lift up your head boy." Edward said, "The only person you should bow down to like that, is either the king, or the family leader and I don't see any of them here. Of course I'll teach you. But it won't be easy. Timmy has natural talent in my ability so let's see how you do."

Things had calmed down for a couple of days, with no more incidents happening. Leo and Edward would remain in the castle, not going out like last time, afraid that there could be another attack behind their back.

The Council themselves had yet to make any moves as they had no clue where the Rowa and his people were located. They had decided on two things, either find out the reason for the attack, or find out who the leak was.

If they were watching carefully enough, then sooner or later the said person who was helping them would slip up, and they could get all the information they needed. But there were no leaks so far. They expected as much, since the attack was only a couple of days ago for not much to happen.

As for Nicu, there was no news of what his punishment was. Either Jax didn't really submit the report or Bryce was able to sweep the whole matter under the rug. Still, once they confirmed the truth of what Nicu had done, he wouldn't have gotten much of a punishment anyway.

If it was truly an accident it was understandable , the only thing he would have been punished for was lying to a vampire knight, and trying to pin the blame on somebody else, but the person getting pinned on wasn't exactly popular so the second part of his crimes always seemed to have no light shed on it.

While in the castle, Erin was worried about a major thing, and that was how she was different to the others and why Quinn had told her to keep it a secret, but it seemed like even he didn't know at the time.

This led her to speak out to the one and only other person she felt like she could trust a hundred percent, Leo.

She had explained to him what she felt, and how the colour of her aura was different.

"Well, of course I knew all along, we share the same ability, but when it came to these matters I trusted Quinn with his thinking." Leo said. "For all of us humans, it's difficult and we do not understand what is going on. However, I understand how you feel and you wish to know what you are. When I get time I will try my best to ask about what the dhampirs are and what is so worrying about them."

"Thank you master." Erin said.

Suddenly, Leo's face took a serious turn, he turned his head and was looking in the direction of the front of the castle.

"What's wrong?" Erin asked, concerned..

"That man from the forest, he's here."

Standing inside the inner castle area, was a regular sized man, the guards that were meant to be there, were no longer there. Slowly his body started to change, as he grew in size becoming a giant, ripping through the clothes he wore, his muscles bulging and his hair falling to the ground.

Finally his transformation had finished, and he was now the bloodsucker known as Rowa.

"If there is an important mission, it's always best to do it yourself."


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