My Vampire System
719 Irrational thoughts
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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719 Irrational thoughts

The leaders that had come out to help with the incident, had returned to their castle for more reasons than one, as once again, another council meeting had been called. However, the vampire knights that had been called out, had traveled back with the students.

Now inside the large school assembly hall, all of the students had been gathered. Everyone's condition was being checked to see if they were okay, and at the same time, they were busy trying to gather as much information as possible.

The students had minimal wounds, but some were affected more mentaily than others, particularly those that were either running for their lives or had seen a student die in front of them.

The main reason for the questioning was to find out the scale of the attack that took place. Hopefully it would give them an idea of how strong of a force and large of a force they were dealing with. Although there would be no way to know the true extent of the force, but would at least have an idea of the minimum.

As students were being checked upon, one of the vampire knights went up on stage. A female knight with dark purple overflowing hair that nearly brushed against the floor.

"First, to all the students, I would like to let you know that while you are here, you are safe from the threat that unexpectedly came at you today. I know it is a shock for many of you young students, but the most important thing is that you came out still alive to experience, and live another day." She said.

"Perhaps we were a bit behind on teaching you about the Bloodsuckers, which is a mistake on our part, but now I will give you information about them that should help you in the future, if you are ever to encounter one again."

The knight started to explain to the students what a bloodsucker was and the difference between the two types of bloodsuckers. Most students knew what happened to a vampire when they ran out of blood, but were unaware of the type that would get addicted to blood. They knew of blood addiction but not what it could lead to.

When Silver was listening to this, she started to think back to the words that Rowa spoke. About how the vampires tried to bury and hide any bad thing about them in the past. On top of this, got rid of anything they saw as a threat.

Before the incident with her brother, she was a law abiding vampire, but lately she was allowing thoughts, and other people's ideals to affect her.

"Lastly, when someone turns into the form of the bloodsucker, they no longer have that family bond attaching them. Perhaps some of you might think you're safe if one of your family members were turned, but you are not.

"They are free to hurt anyone regardless, which is why they are considered so dangerous." The knight finished explaining.

Leo went ahead to check up on Erin and everything seemed fine, however he did notice she was acting a little strange as if she wanted to ask something.

What was on her mind was about her being a dhampir. She wanted to know more about that strange aura she used in the middle of her fight. How she was able to activate it? But she knew that this was not the right place with so any people around. Also, Leo was an ordinary vampire, she could see that, so it was unlikely he would know anything.

"I heard you did a good job Timmy," Leo complimented him. "I will tell Edward about his favourite student."

Timmy started to blush, as he was shy. He wasn't really good with getting compliments like so. "Thank you, I will continue to work harder for the tenth family in the future."

Xander, who was being treated, with his good hand also gave Timmy a thumbs up. This experience made him realise he couldn't just rely on his fists, and maybe getting Edward to teach him the mist ability was a good idea.

The group of decedents were gathered together and they couldn't stop talking about the incident that had just happened. While the others were afraid many of them felt excited.

"I swear, if that bloodsucker didn't run away, I would have taken it down."

"I don't know man, did you hear what Kathey just said, they're dangerous."

"What do you mean, Nicu took one down, so of course we can as well."

However, there was one person that wasn't excited about the whole thing, and that was Nicu himself. He had branched himself a little away from the descendants. He just couldn't share the same feelings as they did.

From the sounds of things, the others got attacked by a single blood sucker, two at most. While their group had far more. It also seemed like the bloodsuckers varied in strength. Which would make sense since it was dependent on the vampire they were turned from.

Most of those that would turn into a Bloodsucker would be weak regular vampires anyway, there were only a few that were at the higher level.

Still, that didn't stop Nicu feeling two things. Fear from almost dying and the second one, regret. He still couldn't get over the fact that with his own hands, he had killed two fellow students.

While sitting down up against the wall, he started to hear certain conversations between the other teachers and knights.

"Did you check the report?"

"Yes, two of the students had different wounds on their body compared to the others. There are signs that show the attack seemed to be made using blood aura."

"So you think there's a chance the other side has vampires working for them?"

"Maybe, but there is also the possibility that these two students were killed before the bloodsuckers arrived. Maybe a dispute over the flags, someone went too far and killed them both. Or, maybe one of the students or teachers were working for the Bloodsuckers. It would make sense as to how they were aware of the training taking place in the first place."

"I'll start conducting a search and see if we can find out any more information about these two boys. I'll check who were the last people to see them alive."

Hearing them talking, was giving Nicu the shakes. He held out his hand in front of him trying to keep it straight, but it wouldn't stop shaking. His heartbeat was out of control and beating like a regular human.

'Will they think I'm working with the blood suckers?' Nicu started to think.

They hadn't found out yet, but Nicu being a young boy was having irrational thoughts. He started to go down a deep dark hole of negativity. If they were to find out he killed them what would happen to him? Would he be stripped of his title, his chances of becoming the next leader disappearing?

'Maybe if I just explain the situation to them?' He thought. That would have just given him a small slap on the wrist. Surely they would believe him.

Soon, the negative thoughts took over, and he was no longer thinking of the small outcomes, but just overly worrying about the big ones. He was eating away at his thumb nail.

'They're going to banish me from the first family, put me in a cell. I'm going to rot and be executed, all because of a misunderstanding. I can't let that happen, I can't let them think I was the one that killed those students. I Have to do something.' Nicu thought, looking in the direction of Eirn.


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