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713 Protect or attack
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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713 Protect or attack

The kids at the school slept on campus and were each given their own rooms. One thing that was different between the regular vampires and the decedents, was that they were both given separate areas.

This was actually due to Silver acting behind the scenes. It had only been a day, but it was enough for her to see the mistreatment that was going on. She was sure that there would only be bigger problems if they were allowed to mix at this moment.

It wasn't a bad idea, getting the two groups to work and act together, but going all in like this was risky.

A meeting had been called in the evening and the teachers were trying to come up with a way to solve this problem. Twelve of them were present at the table including Silver.

"The problem is we can't even punish them," Gina said. "They hold a higher position than us and threaten us."

"If they do that I can always report it to their leaders." Silver replied. "They will be punished for abusing their powers."

"Are you really that naive, Silver?" Garath said. He was a rough looking man who wore basic thin clothing and had spiky hair that made his head look twice as big. "Maybe because you spent most of your time in the castle you don't know what it's like. The descendants act this way because they know they will get away with it.

"What's worse is at some point, they probably will become our leaders, and then what? They hold a grudge against us because of something petty we have done in the past. Not all of the families are the same way and think like you."

'When did the vampires become like this?' Silver thought. When she grew up, there didn't seem to be this level of discrimination between groups. Sure there were disagreements but generally the vampires lived quiet, peaceful lives.

Back then it seemed like they didn't have any worries. Now it seemed like due to the recent attacks from Earth and other external threats, that the vampires that saw humans as the types to be enslaved, were starting to come out and convince others.

"The descendants need to learn more about responsibility and what it's like to be a leader." Silver said. "They are still kids and this is the perfect time to influence them to be better. Maybe we can't change the current vampire mindsets but we can teach the future.

"We also need to split them apart. Otherwise they will just create an echo chamber of their current values, supporting their thoughts more and taking them down the wrong way. Here is what I suggest…"

Back in the rooms, Erin was sharing with another vampire. It was one she did not know, but it was one from the Tenth family, as recognised by a single piece of beast gear she wore on her chest.

Xander and Timmy were in a room together, while Amy was sent to the subclass campus.

The two girls didn't talk, and the other girl was a little nervous, for Erin hadn't said a word and was just silent sitting on her bed cross legged with her eyes closed. Both of her weapons were laid out on the bed in front of her.

It felt like if she made a noise she would break her concentration.

What Erin was doing right now was two things at once. She was trying to improve on Leo's ability, for currently she could be compared to someone who was at level four, and the second thing, was focusing on improving her Qi control.

She now realised one of the things that made Leo so strong compared to other humans. With his ability, she was able to control the Qi to a greater level. She could fine tune and move it to certain areas. Before she could only harden or improve a certain part of her body.

But with the ability, she could also now just reinforce her skin, making it stronger and allowing her to move the Qi into different areas. She couldn't imagine anyone being able to get to this level of control without Leo's ability.

This was why he was special, but now, she had a chance to get to his level as well. Not only that, she wanted to surpass him. Even Leo wasn't able to save his friends with his power.

While concentrating, she looked at the auras all around, and that's when she spotted something. Opening her eyes, she grabbed one of the blades in front of her.

"I'm sorry!" The other girl screamed. "I just wanted to watch some Poutube videos!" She shouted flinching and covering her face, worried that she would get hit.

As soon as the other girl started making noises, the aura that she could sense felt like it was disappearing. Closing her eyes again, she tried to see if she could find it, however, it was no longer just outside the dorms.

Her ability also wasn't good enough to detect a trail left. There was one thing she was sure of though, the aura belonged to a vampire. Yet, if it had nothing to hide, it wouldn't have tried to run away the second she heard the girl scream.

The next day when school started, each of the classes were informed that they would be taking part in a group bonding session together. The descendants, the subclasses, everyone. All the classes were taken outside, while Silver explained the rules.

"So for today's session we will be playing a modified version of capture the flag. For this game we will be entering the forest." Silver explained. "Each team will consist of a group of five, and in that group of five, there can only be one decsendent. Every team must have a descendent."

This caused murmuring amongst the other students and even complaints, which were mostly from the decedent's themselves.

"Why do we have to form a team with them, they will only slow us down." Nicu said.

"What would be the point of having the decedents go up against the regular vampires when there is an obvious power gap? Would it not be boring, and you would learn nothing." Silver replied.

"Every person on the team will have this." Silver pulled out a pole, which had a coloured flag on the top. "All apart from the decedent that is. The goal is to get the most points while also protecting your own. Getting another team's flag earns you one point, while losing your own flag will make you lose two points.

"The second a flag has been taken off the pole, it will be reflected in our school system. This is to avoid others from cheating. Now please form your teams of five, you have ten minutes to do so."

There were multiple reasons why Silver had suggested this game. One of them being she wanted the descendants, who would possibly be future family leaders, to get used to protecting those on their side. Rather than getting other peoples flags, it was more important for them to protect their own.

Another reason was to develop teamwork. The descendants probably never cared for the other vampires' abilities or strengths, and now they would need to work together, if they didn't want to lose.

"For the decedents, I will be reporting your results to your family, so don't disappoint." Silver said, giving them the last bit of encouragement.

It didn't take long for Erin to form a group with those she knew. Timmy, Xander and Amy. The four of them thought it wouldn't have been so hard to find a fifth person due to Xander's strength.

However, they weren't expecting that the fifth person would have to be an decedent. Xander had approached a few but they all declined, the main reason being they knew that their group would be a target of a certain someone.

"I'm sorry." Erin said. "I didn't know my actions before would put us in this predicament."

"Don't worry about it!" Amy chuckled. "If we don't find anyone they'll just give us someone. I hope we just don't get Nicu."

At that moment, a small looking vampire had approached them.

"Hey, you guys are from the Tenth family, right?" The boy asked.

"If so, is it okay if I join your team? The name's Rokene." After everything Quinn did to help him in the past and what Quinn had shown him, how actions spoke more than words, he decided he wanted to help those in his family.

He couldn't get a transfer due to him being a direct descent, if he could he would have, but this was the least he could do.

"Huh, a loser of the decedent's joining the loser family. As expected." Nicu said. This little game was going to be a great way for him to hurt some people without having to suffer the consequences for it.


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