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711 The tenth Vampire knights
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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711 The tenth Vampire knights

Edward and Leo's relationship was a little complicated to say the least. The two of them respected each other, but Leo was not much of a speaker. Never initiating the conversation. The problem was that the two of them were in charge of not only the castle, but the whole of the tenth family as well.

Since Edward had more experiences and knew the duties of those in the castle, Edward was the one that had to try and force communication with Leo. It wasn't that Leo wasn't willing, but Edward knew that Leo was someone who was stronger than himself. In the vampire world, people respected power, and it felt strange to be ordering or commanding a vampire that had more power than him.

Wanting them to get a closer connection with the tenth family, he decided it was best if they did the same task that Quinn had been given. Delivering the supply of blood to those that lived in the inner castle area. There were only around fifty or so people so it wouldn't take too long.

'Twenty five members in the castle, fifty in the inner castle area. It certainly is a big improvement to when nobody wanted to join us.' Edward thought with a smile.

There were those in the castle that usually did this job, but this was the personal touch he wanted the new vampire knights to do.

Leaving from the castle, the two of them walked with the automatic storage crate, moving along behind them. Seeing the blood packs inside, a thought came into Edward's mind.

"According to Quinn, you haven't been a vampire for long." Edward said. "Yet, I have never seen you consume blood. At least not in front of everyone."

"I have done well in controlling the blood lust." Leo replied. "At first, I thought the hunger would make me weaker, however I soon found that it actually made my attacks stronger. Although the actions in the mind wilder for some."

It was true, the more hungry a vampire was, their abilities got weaker, but their strength, speed and general stats improved. The only other thing that was affected, was more of their regenerative abilities.

"You should be careful," Said Edward. "Go too far and you can turn into one of those Crazed beasts. Although as long as you have turned into one through lack of blood, and not addiction, you should be fine."

What Edward was mentioning was the vampire's other form, the form of a bloodsucker.

"It is fine, I no longer have trouble with controlling my hunger. I can now go a month without requiring any need of blood."

"What?" Edward replied stunned. He knew that vampires were able to ween off the blood addiction, but to be able to get it so one could last without blood took many years. "How?"

For a second Leo hesitated before giving his reply.

"It's the Qi. The special technique I practice. I was able to utilise it, to control certain actions in the mind and body."

Once again, Leo had mentioned the use of Qi, and it seemed to do a lot more than just stop vampires from healing when they were hurt.

"You are truly a great person. After learning all the great things Qi can do, I have to ask, Would you be willing to teach it to the vampires in the tenth? We could make it so only those in the castle are able to learn it."

Before, Edward thought that it might be rude to ask Leo such a thing. If he wished to teach people then that was his choice, but after learning about all the wonders of Qi, he couldn't pass this opportunity.

He even thought it could be something they taught those loyal to the family, similar to how the others used abilities, they could teach those with Qi.

When hearing this question, Leo was about to decline. He had always been taught by his master to not share something like this to the world. However, there were already those who knew how to use Qi, such as those that worked for Pure.

Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing to teach more people this skill. But there was one thing that was worrying for him if he did. When people got a new power, they did dangerous things and he would be the one responsible for having taught them it.

"I'll think about it," Leo said. "But my answer for now would be this. Can we really trust that everyone accepts the current tenth family the way it is. If we taught them this power, we have to be sure that it couldn't be used against us."

Leo was right, Edward had let his ambitions of bringing the tenth family up to its former glory get to him. There was a chance that this could do more harm than good, especially with those that would be watching him.

However the good news was it wasn't a no.

They had gone by a few houses and delivered the blood packs with quite ease, when they saw Leo at the door, they were quite starstruck. They would act nervous, smiling and some had even made some strange request.

For one, a middle aged man answered the door, and immediately his eyes started to glow seeing Leo.

"Leo, the tenth vampire knight. I can't believe you're at my door. Honey look who's here!" The man shouted.

When his wife came to the door, a little scream came out, as she went forward. This was not the type of reaction that Edward was expecting. It seemed his last demonstration had made him far more popular then he imagined.

"I have a huge favour to ask, and I understand if you say no. But you were the whole reason why I decided to stay in the tenth family. I'm also only one more item away from the set."

Leo smiled at the men, it was nice to see people energetic about things, and they appeared to be more welcoming than those at the military.

"If I can complete the request without any trouble to others and with little difficulty sure." Leo replied.

"Can you please cut off one of my limbs. Don't worry I've saved up some blood so I can regenerate. Even just a finger would do."

Edward slapped his head in frustration. It was a two way street, not only did the people need to respect Leo, but they needed to convince Leo they were worth teaching and he was afraid these types of silly actions would dampen the mood.

However, Leo pulled out his sword.

"It should be simple enough to do."

'I'm surrounded by crazy people.' Edward thought.

Going from house to house, they were about halfway done, and Edward was greatly pleased with the result. He should have thought sooner that those that were in the inner circle already had chosen to stay in the tenth family.

So they respected the knights more than most and already had loyalty. Next time they would need to go to the general tenth people to see if they had the same reaction.

Eventually they had knocked on one of the house's doors and there was no reply.

"Perhaps they are out," Edward said. "We will try to get them on the way back."

It was a little strange as the delivery was at the same time every week. So the vampires would usually stay in to get their delivery.

Using his ability. Leo sensed something inside the house.

"Something wrong." Leo said.

Immediately, he grabbed his blade, and sliced the door open, entering without saying anything else.

Edward seeing him act this serious knew something was up and followed coley behind. When they finally entered the living room, they could see blood all over and on the floor. Four people died. Two older vampires and two middle-aged vampires.

"Four vampires dead, and on our own family grounds. Who would even be strong enough to do such a thing?" Edward said.

"Whatever it was, part of their aura has been left behind, there close."


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