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710 Useless Beast gear
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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710 Useless Beast gear

Quinn had told Erin that she was different compared to the others. Curious about what Quinn actually meant by this, she had asked Amy for information on the different types of vampires.

Since she never attended school and this was the first time learning about them, she didn't know much apart from what her friends around her had turned into. From Amy, she had learnt about the subclasses.

However, this was what she had found strange, vampires and sub classes had the same purple aura. The only difference was the shape it would take. Vampires flickered like a type of flame.

The undead's aura was more like a circle, and so on for the other subclasses, but hers was different. It wasn't a different shape, in fact it was similar to a vampires, but hers was a different colour altogether. Which made her question, was Quinn keeping something from her?

'What exactly is a Dhampir, maybe I can find out more details about it in school."

The first day of school started, and Erin and her group were all placed in the same class. They could only assume that this was thanks to Edwards doing so; he would have been able to give a simple reason as to why it was important to have those look after the new members of the Tenth family.

There were a few decedents in their class, but thankfully it didn't seem like Nicu, who held the biggest grudge against their group, was in it. Another bit of bad news was their teacher wasn't Silver either, and was another woman who went by the name of Gina. She was strict with her lesson, but in the teacher way rather than in the cold way Silver would be.

As the lessons went on through the day there was an apparent gap that people started to notice. The descendants were not only stronger but their knowledge was better as well. The subjects that were being taught to the rest of the class they already had knowledge about.

It got to the point where Gina would no longer ask them questions. However, when this happened, they started to cause disturbances in the class out of boredom which caused her to snap.

"Would you guys at the back please shut up!" Gina shouted. "I understand that you may already understand today's lesson but the others do not, can you really be so selfish?"

The descendants stopped talking, and one boy who was at the front of the group who had his fringe covering one eye looked at her.

"Aren't you part of the third Toppy family, Miss Gina? If I recall, you have been buttering up my mother for quite a while trying to get into the inner castle. It would be a shame if that all suddenly fell down the drain, wouldn't it?"

Gina's face sunk and she gulped, soon going back to her lesson and ignoring the chatter in the back.

"This is a mess, what were they thinking?" Amy whispered.

"This is why the descendants were taught by only vampire knights in the past." Xander replied. "They have too much influence over the regular vampires, regardless of age."

Moving on from the theory lessons, the next step was to go onto the practical lessons. Here the other classes had joined together out on the field. Holographic dummies were placed in different areas at all different distances, and the goal was to hit the dummies using the blood swipe.

It was a lesson of exercising control, and seeing how far each person could throw out their blood swipe. When the classes were seen outside, there was a certain group in particular being mocked, and this time it wasn't just by the descendants but the others as well.

"I can't believe you guys can wear that outside?" One of them said.

"I would rather kill myself than rely on something like that."

Some of the taunts were even thrown at Timmy and Erin who were both wearing the same beast gear. The ones that were being mocked were those in the Tenth family who wore beast gear.

"Can that beast gear even help you?" They continued to say.

The practical lesson had started and as expected, the descendants were outdoing all of the regular vampires, hitting targets that were nearly twice as far. The targets were set up in five rows and so far the descendants were hitting mostly the third row, while the regular vampires were hitting the first.

Seeing this, even the teachers apart from Silver thought they would at best be able to hit the fourth row. The targets set behind the third row was more for encouragement, and to show them that they still had training to do.

When Xander's name was called, he had a fierce look in his eyes. He felt a little down ever since he had been beaten by Nicu, someone who was even younger then he was.

'Can hard work really not make up for talent?' He started to question himself. Preparing and getting in a distance, he decided he wanted to break through those barriers, surpassing all those that thought he couldn't make it.

The blood swipe came out, larger than most and it was moving across the ground at a great pace. Those that thought nothing of him were now paying attention.

"Xander whoo!" Amy shouted.

It smashed through the first target, going through the second row and it didn't look like it was going to slow down. Then it had reached the third row.

"That's as good as the descendants!" The other students said, now cheering for him, regardless of what family he was a part of.

Finally, it looked like it was about to reach the fourth row but halfway through the red aura had disappeared.

Still, everyone was amazed that a regular vampire had the strength to match the descendants.

"I guess you weren't the best student for no reason." Amy said, giving him a high five on his way back.

"Pathetic." Nicu said. "You guys let a regular vampire get the same score as you. You guys don't deserve to be leaders."

Nicu was a person who believed the leader should be the strongest. It was the vampire way of being strong to be respected. When he reached the platform, he appeared to put in great effort and threw out his own blood swipe. With so much power he had even fallen to the floor.

But it didn't matter, for when he lifted his head up again, he could see that he had destroyed the fourth target. Getting the highest score out of everyone.

"This is the difference, you can never catch up to us." Nicu said.

More students were called up and not a single one was able to beat Nicu's score, finally it was Erin's turn. No one expected much from her, to them it was just someone who had the will to go against the decedents for some reason.

Although they were not cheering her on publicly, somewhere deep down, they were hoping that Erin would display something impressive.

"Look at all that pathetic beast gear!" Nicu shouted, making it clear Erin had heard.

"Am I not allowed to use beast gear?" Erin replied back. "I thought that the test was to get us ready for the real world, to see what it was like if we needed to battle at full strength. If outside I will be using beast gear, then here I shall use beast gear as well."

The others still felt embarrassed for Erin, it felt strange someone talking so positively about beast gear. To them, it was like a kid claiming he rode a bike better with training wheels, so why not keep them on all the time?

Concentrating, Erin put her Qi, and also focused her blood. She had learnt a lot from Leo, and this was one of the first things. Drawing out her blade as fast as she could, from the blade rather than her finger tips, a blood swipe was released.

It came out faster than any of the others, and it looked like there were no signs of it slowing down. It had smashed through the first, second, third, fourth, and finally the fifth.

"This is the power of beast gear, if anyone has a problem with the Tenth family using beast gear, then please. I will be happy to duel you." She strutted off, and didn't even look in the direction of the decedents.

Seeing what she had just done, Nicu knew this girl was going to be trouble, and something seriously needed to be done.


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