My Vampire System
700 A deal made
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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700 A deal made

Looking up at Sil, Wevil couldn't believe it. The thing that had caused him so much pain, this whole time, was floating about and it was there outside. A strange rush was felt, the agonizing small pain he consistently had in his stomach was gone. He couldn't even remember when the last time he felt like this was.

The tears of anger had suddenly changed to tears of joy. The first words that came out of his mouths wasn't how, what, or why. Instead, it was…

"Thank you, thank you…" Wevil said, uncontrollably sobbing more so than he did before.

"Wait!" Hana shouted, so loud that Quinn thought his eardrum was going to explode. "You can extract the poison, but how? Paul was a level eight poison ability user. Even if you can copy abilities, surely it should take some time to learn something like that?"

'Maybe for an ordinary person, but not for a Blade.' Quinn thought.

"When Mantis removed it from me, I just felt what he did and tried copying it. It's easier than it looks." Sil said, smiling.

Quinn was relieved now. It looked like they finally had a way to remove the poison from his friends. With Sil having just copied the ability, they would have twenty four hours to remove the poison, which was plenty of time.

Walking away, Quinn was ready to head off back to the base and Sil started to follow.

"Wait, Please!" Hana shouted. "Help us, you have to help us. And I'm not just talking about me, but the whole faction. We're all infected by the poison and if it's not removed, we will all die."

At first, Quinn felt like he had no reason to help them, they were the ones that had caused so much trouble, not just for him but for the whole of their group, but after realizing what Mantis had done, it wasn't really their fault, but he couldn't just help them with getting nothing in return, right?

"And what's in it for me, why should we help you after what has happened to us? You've set us back quite a bit," Quinn said.

"Can't you just be a decent human being!" Hana shouted.

But, at that point, Wevil stood up and pushed her to one side.

"No, he's right, even if we were under Mantis's orders, that still doesn't change the fact that their faction was affected by our actions," Wevil said, bowing down.

"I can't speak for everyone in the faction, but if you do us this favor, then I'm sure everyone would be in your debt. We have seen your power, the things you are able to do, and I would like to join you. Join the Cursed faction. I don't mean as part of the Parasites either."

"With Mantis dead, the Parasites will have died with him. Isn't that right, Tony!" Wevil shouted.

"Argh, yes please, just fix my legs and remove the poison, I promise, glathrium, crystals, whatever you want!" Tony shouted.

Although Wevil seemed to be admirable and loyal, there were certain people that didn't seem to be the type like Tony. However, they really could do with their resources and people, and as long as Quinn didn't give them a reason to betray him, why would someone choose to move over to the other side.

Seeing Quinn thinking about it, Wevil thought he could give one more push.

"The word that you killed Mantis will get out to those in Daisy and the Graylashes. His Traveler Rank will no longer appear on the system. If this is found out by them, then they will Blacklist you. I know you might think this was justifiable, but truthfully, everything Mantis had done was during the fight with the others. He didn't actually break any rules."

"You were the ones that attacked us, and I'm not blackmailing you. I just wanted to let you know, either way whatever happens, I will put in the word, tell them that Mantis had started it."

There were nervous looks all around, and all that could be heard was Tony groaning on the floor.

"Fine, if Sil is happy too, then I will get him to remove the poison from everybody. But there are some conditions. I will be taking all of the resources from this Shelter. Everything that did belong to the Parasites now belongs to us.

"However, I will only accept those that wish to come over to the Cursed faction. No one will be forced. If they want to join after helping them, then that's down to them. Quickly gather everyone you can and we'll get to work."

The first one Sil went up to was Hana, and he had done the same to her, moving the green liquid and then throwing it out on the floor.

"There are around a thousand faction members that have been poisoned. Removing it all at once. Won't that tire you out?" Hana asked, "What if you can't remove it from your friends after that?"

"Don't worry about me," Sil replied smiling. "I have more than enough power to remove it from everyone."

Saying those words so casually, and after witnessing everything Quinn had done. Just who were these people? Both Hana and Wevil thought. One thing was for sure, they would soon be causing a huge shakeup in the Civil war.

Once they quickly removed the poison from the Parasite members, they would head off back to the ship. Quinn was just hoping that this small delay wouldn't be too much of a problem for them.


Back inside the training room, Linda didn't know what she was staring at. Fex seemed to be stuck in the middle of a transformation. Half his head was bald, and one arm was bulging larger than the other, with sharp long nails.

"Fex are you still there!" She shouted, preparing herself for possibly another fight.

"Grahhh!" Fex snarled back, and there was nothing else. On all fours, he was on the move.

She got in a fighting stance and was ready, but then, she noticed that he wasn't going for her. Instead, he was heading for Dennis, who was on the ground.

'Is it the blood!' She thought and started to move out. Her being an undead, Fex did not care for her at all and was going for the thing his body was craving for most at this time.

Linda being closer was able to reach Dennis before Fex had done, but she could see that Fex was even faster than before. She threw out her fist, but the crazed Fex had ducked the attack and dug one of its clawed hands into Linda's shoulder.

As the nails sunk deeper into her skin, for some reason, the pain was worse than when she had broken her bones.

"Arhhh!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.

With his other hand, Fex then pushed her to the ground out of the way.

"That scream, it was Linda's!" Blip said. "I have to get in there, Sam quickly the code!"


"Sam, if she dies, then all of this will be on you!" Blip said, pulling him forward by his collar.

"Fine, we can deal with the consequences later," Sam said as he inputted the code to the door.

Linda, having been thrown to the floor, was still conscious, and before Fex could reach Dennis's body, she had grabbed his ankle. She wasn't going to let go and let him kill Dennis.

"Linda!" Blip shouted, running towards her. Seeing his sister on the floor bleeding, he thought she was in trouble.

The strange beast that was being held back even started to claw at his dear sister's arm, and more blood and flesh were being seen getting ripped off.

Filled with anger and not thinking, Blip ran forward.

"Get off my sister!!" He screamed.

Eventually, the half crazed Fex was able to slice Linda's hand to the point where he had cut through the bone and was free. However, instead of going for Dennis, he decided to go for another Human that was running towards him.

The speed coming from Fex was unexpected and even Blip was only partially through his transformation. When it leapt up in the air, using its great strength, it had knocked Blip's hand away and then latched onto his shoulders. Using its fangs, it sunk them into the side of his neck, and the two fell to the floor.

"Blip!!!' Linda screamed.


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