My Vampire System
697 Begger
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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697 Begger

Since Paul did his little trick, it seemed like Dennis had calmed down greatly, and they were starting to wonder if they had found a fix to the problem. Judging by how dire the current situation was, they needed to make a decision and decide what to do next. For this, Sam was called over to the medical bay.

"There's a good chance that if we don't do something soon, you could all end up like Dennis. Out of control and wild." Sam said with his hand on his chin, struggling with what to do. "Could you perhaps, do the same to the others? It looked like it worked on Dennis, so it should work on the other's right?"

Paul lifted and looked at his hand for a few seconds before replying.

"I'll be honest with you, what I did was quite risky. There was a high chance that Dennis might have just died on the spot, but I thought it was the best thing to do at the time. I was trying to get it so my poison was trying to take over whatever was already inside his body. However, when I felt Dennis, I could tell based on the symptoms what he is experiencing, my poison isn't strong enough.."

"Mantis has to be a poison ability user who is at least at level eight. Mine currently is only at the level six. Inside Dennis's body there is a struggle going on between the two forces, mine is less deadly and is only meant to tire the user, but eventually it will lose out. All I did was buy us some time, and I wouldn't like to tempt fate trying to do it again."

"You experimented on him!" Megan shouted. She started to walk towards him, rage filled in her.

"Calm down, Megan. There's no point getting angry over what could have happened, it's fine now, and who knows what could have happened to everyone if Dennis was able to rampage around the base. What would have happened if he left the room?"

While the others were arguing, Nate was sitting on the edge of one of the hospital beds, he started to close his fist and open it slowly. The veins running on top of his arm were bulging in a similar fashion to Dennis's when he was near enough possessed by the poison.

"I'm losing control," Nate said. "I can feel it, you need to do something fast. I don't want to hurt anyone without me choosing to. If Paul needs to attempt his little experiment again, then so be it."

Hearing what Nate said, Fex was starting to wonder about himself. He wasn't at the point the others were, and was wondering if the poison was spreading through his body slower, due to him being different from everyone else.

What he was worried about, was what would happen if he was to go out of control? So far there was something that was noticed between those that were affected. As the poison took over their body more, their ability to focus and use their abilities lessened.

It was the most likely reason why Dennis didn't use his abilities to fight the others. His mind wasn't there and he couldn't activate it, but what about him? Sure, maybe when he got to that point he wouldn't be able to use his string ability, but his vampire blood abilities were different.

They were just things his body could do. Maybe he would even turn into a beast similar to the Bloodsucker. Whatever the case, even if it didn't happen, it was a concern for him.

"Don't worry," Kazz said, whispering into his ear. She could see that Fex was thinking about something. "I'll deal with anyone that finds out."

'Quinn said he thought Kazz had changed, but I see she's still the same girl as always.' Fex gripped his fist in anger.

"I have a solution," Sam said. "Something that isn't as risky as Paul using his poison ability on you all. We confine all of you into one of the training rooms and lock you in there with each other."

"What if they start attacking each other?" Megan said.

"Then at least they aren't out here, able to hurt anyone else." When Sam said these words, he struggled. He didn't want to just say others' lives were more important than theirs, but he had to think of all the people on the ship, not just his close friends.

"Honestly, I'm not confident with my poison ability either. One wrong move and I might be the death of them." Paul said.

"You can-"

"It's okay, Megan." Nate cut her off. "Lock us all up in the same room, I think that's the best thing right now. If we kill each other, then that's just one less problem you guys need to deal with."

"What about me?" Linda asked, who had shown no symptoms so far.

"If we wanted to hundred percent be safe, it would be best to put you in there as well, but if we did that, you would be alone with all of them. Just like with Fex, it could be that it's taking longer than you to be affected. We could always wait. If you start showing signs then we can place you with the others."

With the decision made, everyone had agreed to be locked up in one of the training rooms. Fex, Dennis and Nate. However, when going in, Kazz had tried to enter as well.

"Kazz, you can't go in there." Sam said.

"I'm okay, I won't die." Kazz replied.

Sam shook his head.

"No, I'm not having your death on my hands."

The two of them locked eyes for a second, and eventually Kazz gave in, walking back.


Having defeated one of the hooded men who had such strength, Mantis was speechless. Not knowing what to say or do.

"Rest in peace, I could tell you were in great pain. And I promise I will punish the person who did this to you," Quinn said to himself.

Seeing what just happened, couldn't be explained by just simple high level beast gear. Not unless it was at least at the legendary level. The other members knew this and were hesitant to go forward.

"Don't worry, I'll be coming to you," Said Quinn, dashing forward.

Seeing this, Tony started to act by placing up a barrier, but using his body with his shoulder forward and pushing off his feet, Quinn didn't even need to punch the barrier and was able to just run through it, as if it was made of thin glass.

Hana started to panic and threw out multiple wind slashes at Quinn. But his speed was far too fast. He changed direction, trying to deal with the annoying one first, heading for her.

"Quinn, don't kill her!" Wevil shouted, activating his enhanced soul weapon, allowed him to move twice as fast with his super speed. Honestly, he knew it was a lost cause ever since he had seen Quinn defeat the emperor tier beast on his own.

If Quinn ever got involved in a fight with the Parasites, he told himself he wouldn't fight him, yet here he was trying to save Hana. From his side, he came forward with the daggers ready to do anything he could.

However, he suddenly was lifted into the air, and felt something tight around his throat. While using his speed, Quinn had picked him up by the neck like a child.

'Just like that Fex guy, he could keep up with my speed.'

Swinging Wevil's body, he hurled him towards Hana, knocking them both into one of the crates and smashing them through it.

"Stop him!, don't let him come close!" Mantis shouted.

"I don't even need to use my shadow or blood powers for these. It would just be a waste!" Quinn shouted, now heading towards the back where Mantis was now standing on top of the crate.

With his barrier able to do nothing, Tony knew he was more than useless, and tried to run away. Before he knew it, he felt that his whole body was leaning over and then his eyes were looking at the ground.

Looking down, his legs were mangled. Quinn had kicked his legs causing him to topple and crushed his legs in the process.

Jumping down from the crate the three hooded men came over, it was the last thing Mantis had.

'He could deal with one, but fighting three of them at once, the attack he did before took some time, he would get hit performing such a thing again.' Mantis started to think, giving him a slight bit of hope.

"I suppose that I shouldn't care about you seeing such things if you're no longer going to live," Quinn said as the shadow started to stretch out from his gauntlets. Swiping both his hands, he grabbed the red aura with the shadow, creating two of his shadow scythes.

Swinging wide from both sides, the hooded men had nowhere to go, and they just stood there accepting their fate. As the scythe's touched their bodies, their heads were chopped off and were rolling on the floor.

"No! How? Who are you?" Mantis shouted out loud. He turned around, hoping to find a way to escape. When he looked back to see where Quinn was, he could see no one. Then his body had hit something.

It was Quinn.

"On your knees!" Quinn commanded with his eyes glowing red.

Possessed, Mantis's body was forced onto the ground with his knees slamming onto the top of the crate.

"Now look who's begging?"


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