My Vampire System
694 1 vs 1000
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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694 1 vs 1000

The rage seeping out from Quinn's body was apparent to everyone in the room; it was almost suffocating to some. Especially those who had never experienced something like this before, such as Megan and Sam. Just being in the same room as him, reminded her of when she feared for her life against the humanoid emperor tier beast. She never thought she would meet someone, a person that would give her goosebumps like so.

"Quinn, you need to calm down," Sam said. "The worst decisions happen when one is emotionally attached. I know what you're thinking and it's quite obvious, the Parasites are behind this and my bet is on Mantis. Even if that was the case, we don't know what this is, or how it works."

"Do we need to?" Quinn said. "We can ask the person who caused this himself, and I'm sure he knows the answer."

"Sam is right," Paul interrupted. "To me, this looks like a type of poison. Due to my research, I've been studying it more than ever, trying to improve my own ability. Honestly, as long as we have a healer the poison shouldn't affect one this badly and they should be able to recover. For some reason, Dennis seems to be getting worse. A poison this strong. The only thing I can guess, is that it's part of Mantis's soul weapon."

"I'm sure this won't have been the first time he has done something like this, my guess is he either has an antidote, or is the only person who is able to get rid of it through his own skill."

Quinn knew Paul and Sam were right, he needed to calm down and think straight, but his body was already moving towards the exit of the door.

"Don't worry, I'll keep those things in mind," Quinn replied, "I know the perfect thing to calm me down."

And before they could even try and stop Quinn, he was already gone.

"Should someone go after him?" Linda asked, not sure herself if it was the right thing to do.

"It's not him I'm worried about," Blip replied. "But the Parasites, we all saw what he did against the Sunshields…"

"Don't worry about Quinn. He won't kill Mantis until he knows everyone is safe," said Sam.. "That's just how Quinn is. For now, it would be best if we isolate everyone with a stomach ache, and try to find out if there is anyone else experiencing these symptoms. For one, we don't know if this thing can spread."

"If Quinn goes on a rampage at the Parasites base, will Daisy get involved for breaking the deal?" Nate asked.

"I doubt it based on how things are at the moment," Sam replied. "Usually they are there just to make sure an all out war doesn't happen at that point and time. If someone breaks the agreement, it will make it so in the future others wouldn't want to comply. The trust will be broken and you will probably be blacklisted from the other factions for doing such a thing."

Getting blacklisted from the other factions didn't sound good. Different planets had different resources that they needed to share. That was a simple fact. And it was why factions even at current times still did trade, although they would try their best not to trade with someone who they were likely to go into battle with.

If no one was willing to trade with them, then they would have to rely on their own resources. Which at the moment the Cursed family didn;t have much of, even basic things like food pills were running low. And the people were starting to get sick of just eating pills as well.

"If we can prove they broke the agreement first, by getting you guys sick, then it won't be a problem." Sam said.

The others got to it and headed to the medical bay. Their symptoms weren't yet as bad as Dennis's but he had been directly touched. It felt like it would only be a matter of time before they were like him. Just in case, Linda went with those that were infected as well, isolating herself. On their way from leaving the command room, they noticed something, one of them was missing.

"Where's Sil?" Fex asked.

Chasing down the hallway after Quinn, Sil wasn't too far behind him.

"Wait!' Sil shouted, and started to cough shortly after, leaving a few drops of blood on the floor and wiping his mouth with his sleeve.

"Sil, you should head back and rest, you're not well," Quinn said.

"Quinn, I know what you're feeling right now, I've been there myself," Sil said, as he said these words, his throat started to choke up with emotion.

Quinn remembered what Sil had said to him, how he had told him about his past. Just like now, Sil was once filled with rage, he didn't care for anyone and had even ended up killing his friends.

"I know what emotions can do. If someone needs to hold you back, then I'm the only one that can."

Not saying anything, Quinn continued to walk towards the teleporter, and Sil followed. When they arrived on the planet there was only one destination that they were going towards. Grabbing one of the jeeps they were on their way.

Right now, Quinn was ready to fight the whole faction on his own. One consisting of around one thousand plus members. If this was to happen, he would need all the MC cells he could get.

While Sil was sitting in the jeep next to him, he continued to cough and was sweating even more than before. Every time Quinn looked at Sil, it just made him even angrier.

Finally, they had arrived at the outside shelter wall, where the five or so guards were standing outside. Getting out from the vehicle, he walked towards the gate, not slowing down his stride or hesitating.

"Hey, you again?" The guard said. "I told you last time, you can't just come up here without an invitation. We have banned all Cursed members from accessing the Shelter."

Mantis had expected the Cursed faction to come crawling back to them and he had informed the guards to delay them if they were seen. What they didn't expect, was that Quinn would be here on his own.

One of the men, in the back, started to send a message back to the Parasite base. Eh was in no rush, after all they could only see two people.

"Hey, stop, if you get any closer I will hi-"

Between the two of them, there was still a distance of around five meters, and the man was still not worried, but the next second later, Quinn was in front of him. He didn't know what happened after that, but the rest saw it. A fist was slammed into his face, and he was thrown down slamming his body on the ground.

His body laid there still and wasn't moving.

"Hey, hey, hey, that was Ron, he was a Rank C Traveler, he just beat him with a single punch!!!' The other guards said in a panic.

"This is an emergency the Cur-"

Suddenly, the man felt something slip off from his wrist as he was speaking into it. When he looked up. He could see that Quinn had the watch held in his hand. With his fists, he crushed the watch to pieces and allowed the fragments to fall into the ground.

"Come on, let's all attack him at once!" The other guard shouted and the three men charged in ready to use their ability.

However, before they could even do anything, Quinn had dealt with them all, kicking one of them in the head, and then punching the other, and for the last one, he threw him up against the gate wall.

Sil, who was following behind, went and checked on the conditions of the others. Thankfully they still had a pulse, but if left out here with their injuries, they would soon die. When the nurse had attempted to heal Sil, he had copied her ability.

He was hoping that with a healing ability beyond level eight, he might have been able to heal himself or others, but there was no luck. Hovering his hand over those that were injured, Sil healed them just enough so they wouldn't die from their wounds, but wouldn't be getting up any time soon to try to stop Quinn.

'You might not agree with me now, but later you will,' Sil said. Thinking about the two people he regretted killing the most.

Standing in front of the gate, Quinn looked at it. He started to gather his Qi. Then channeling his energy he stomped his foot down on the ground, pulled back and punched the wall as hard as he could. Performing the blood hammer strike.

A loud explosion was heard throughout the shelter, and dust and smoke were thrown up everywhere. Parts of the wall went flying outward into the shelter. Those with useful abilities managed to block the debris from hurting anyone.

"Are we under attack?" Someone asked.

"Is it the Cursed faction?"

"I thought we had a deal, why would they attack us?"

When the dust started to settle, they could see one person walking forward.

"Where is Mantis?" Quinn asked. "That's the only person I want"


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