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680 The black tar
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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680 The black tar

A group of five was composed to go along with Quinn and the others. What they were surprised about though, was that it didn't send either the big eyes bald man, who was the vice leader of the Parasites, or Mantis.

However, it did contain Wevil, the short-haired green man with two daggers. The other people in the Parasite group included, a man that was twice his size that stood tall, who carried a large mace as his beast weapon. A female with short spikey hair, who only had her hands wrapped up but used no beast weapons. Another middle-sized man with glasses and a shield, finally, another female who also had no beast weapon.

Usually, those that didn't carry beast weapons were elemental users or an ability that required the use of the hands. Quinn's inspect skill showed most of their abilities apart from Wevils. What Quinn did take note of were their Traveler ranks.

Wevil was the highest a Rank B, while the others were all Rank C. Quinn had expected this; one would have to be quite skilled to pull off what he had done in the game. Even if they were cheating.

On Quinn's side, Dennis was a Rank A, Nate and Linda were Rank Bs. Fex and Quinn were both C, and lastly, Sil was a rank D. This was because Sil wasn't registered as a Travller before, so they had to get him a new Travelers ID.

There was no point in him taking the test; Quinn already knew plenty how strong Sil was, and being the leader he just assigned him the highest Rank possible. This was usually considered irresponsible for a faction leader. It was dangerous to do this, but he was sure Sil would be okay.

The spikey hair women named Hana, noticed all of this while everyone was preparing to set off. They were just outside the Shelter and talking about which way to go. After learning about everyone on the other team, she went back to Wevil to give her report, informing him of all their ranks.

"A rank D, why would they bring him along?" Wevil replied. Watching, it did look like Sil was a bit afraid, awkward standing away from others, and his form looked terrible. It was the signs of someone who was a closed person, scared of the whole world. "We already knew about Dennis, so it looks like the Parasites do have stronger members in general."

Most of the parasites were Rank C's. During their time here, they were checking out what the Cursed family was like before making enemies. Even though the faction was a Rank F, they were very surprised when they came across Blip and Dennis, who were both Rank A's.

There were times were strong people would come to gather and create a new faction, and they were starting to wonder if this was one of them, but with the faction leader himself coming here, they thought now they had seen the extent of The Cursed faction powers.

"What do you think of their leader?" Hana asked. "He's only a rank C, but he did really well on the game."

"It just proves that his ability must not be that impressive," Wevil said, although he did have a thought. He certainly did show something that just seemed impossible to do on the game, and Wevil was wondering why he had chosen to save his backside.

Honestly, right now, he didn't want to be doing this, but Mantis ordered it and he had no choice but to follow. He placed his hand over his stomach and his face clenched up a little.

"You have a stomach ache?" Fex asked. "You better go now before we head off for the hunt; you don't want to go crapping your pants in front of a beast. Actually, that might help if it's like a dog and has a good sense of smell."

"I'm fine!" Wevil snapped. "Let's go."

"No sense of humour, huh," Fex replied.

The two groups were off, and for this one, they were travelling in a large sealed looking military van. It was quite spacious inside. Enough room for all of them to stand in. Taking the driver's seat was Linda.

The van itself was made out of strong material but not as strong as Glathrium due to the rarity and high cost. So if they did run into a beast on their way there, it would be best for them to step out and deal with them first.

Wevil was standing next to her, as he was making a note of what areas they were passing by and where they were heading.

"This area, is it really a good hunting ground?" Hana asked, a little suspicious. "You're not going to lie to us and just keep the best places for yourself, are you?"

"Don't worry, where we're going, I'm hoping there will be plenty of Emperor tier beasts," Quinn said.

Hana started to laugh.

"That's good, we need some high tier beasts." She replied back, sarcastically.

With a group as small as this, there was no way they were hunting Emperor tier beasts, especially with how low ranked everyone was and how calm they were. Not only that, but Quinn had stated, 'a few'.

'Who do these guys think they're fooling?' She thought. 'Oh well, as long as there are some advanced tiers in the area, it shouldn't be a problem.'

The van was driving on part of a wasteland heading to the new land. To get there, they would have to climb up the mountain, as the whole of the new land was on higher land compared to what they were currently on.

Once in a while, the wasteland would have pools of black water, because the ground was also dark in colour, it was hard to see and avoid, and Linda was trying her best. However, soon they came across a large pool of black water that the vehicle would have to drive over.

"Alright, it looks like we are going to have to get out," Linda said.

"Huh, why?" Wevil asked. "The black water looks shallow; can't we just drive over it?"

"Because there are advanced level beasts in the water, we need to get rid of them first; we don't want to ruin our ride back now, do we?" Said Linda.

Quinn looked almost bored and tired; while the others left to deal with the beasts that would appear, Quinn decided to sit on the ramp that came down from the van and watch. While doing this, he would focus on improving and controlling his Qi.

"Isn't he going to fight?" Hana asked.

"He's saving his energy for the big boys, don't; worry about him," Fex said.

Hana and Wevil assumed it was to do with his Rank; it would be quite dangerous, especially for the leader of the faction to hunt advanced tier beasts. Linda had also stayed behind by his side, looking after the van, which seemed to only further prove their point.

When they approached the black pool of water, ripples started to show and soon after, human-sized creatures started to crawl out from the black water. The black water seemed to be quite thick and sticky in nature, like a type of tar.

When it started to fall off, they could see the beasts a bit better. They were green in colour and had nine red eyes on their rectangle face. Too large tusks and its hands were like that of a mantis, bladed. The first one leapt, going for Wevil who stood in the front. It swung its bladed hands but was stuck mid-air.

Tied with some string.

"Time for a warm-up." Fex said.

There were quite a lot of advanced tier beasts, and Wevil thought they would be in trouble. They were strong enough to take on some, but not this many, yet still, Quinn did nothing and looked calm.

However, when the fighting started, they soon saw the strength of Dennis, and the others. Sil also took part as well, copying Dennis's ability, transforming parts of his body into that of an Eagle. He mainly used his strong wings to defend himself, more than using them as a way to attack.

Seeing this, Wevil gave his teammates a signal, telling them to not try so hard; it was a signal that they had prepared beforehand.

"They weren't lying, look how many advanced beats there are here. This is a great hunting place." Hana said with excitement.

"I know, and Dennis and that D rank are a lot stronger than I thought; let's start the plan."

Dennis had ripped the arms of one of the beasts, and held it up with its claw hand in the sky. He was about to grip tightly to finish the beast off, but just as he was about to. He saw a dagger go right through the beasts head.

"Oh, sorry, I guess that beast kill is mine," Wevil said.

"Damn you!" Dennis said in anger, but the beasts had targeted him due to his strength.

As the fight continued, it looked like the Parasites were continually getting the last hit on the beasts.

"So that's their plan?" Quinn said.

The rules were simple, the person who killed the beast was able to keep the crystal. In this case, the Parasites were getting most of the kills while the others did all the work.

"Maybe I should get involved?" Quinn said, standing up from the Van and walking forward.


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