My Vampire System
675 Unknown subclass
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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675 Unknown subclass

[Blood fairy]

[The playboy or playgirl of the vampire race.]

Reading the opening line, Quinn looked at Alex. In no way did he ever think this person was a playboy. He was too fixated on his weapons that Quinn didn't think he had ever even seen Alex talk to a girl. Nevertheless, he carried on reading.

[They physically have a superhuman body which is comparable to vampires, including their regenerative abilities. Although unlike vampires, they do not consume human blood to live and regenerate. They consume vampire blood. They are long lived but not immortal by any means. The main traits of a Blood fairy are it's smooth silky skin, and its red blood wings.]

The description seemed to match what Quinn was seeing in front of him. He was thankful so far that at least the Blood fairy had some traits of vampires. Which meant Alex would have improved strength and stamina, which would certainly help him when making weapons.

What surprised him was the information on what Blood fairies ate, Vampire blood. Judging from the explanation, it seemed to work the same way as human blood did for vampires. Quinn would withhold judgement for now, as he didn't know if this was a good thing or a bad thing.

[The blood fairies are able to fly and use their own set of blood skills that are different from vampire skills. This is due to the blood inside the fairy's being different. The fairy's blood is toxic and acidic to vampires.]

Now, this part really was interesting. It looked like the Blood fairy was something that actually would be better off being used to fight against vampires due to its blood and skills.

The sad part was that Alex was no fighter, and Quinn had no intention of letting him out on the battlefield, especially against the vampires. For one, Alex didn't want to, and two, it would be a waste of a good forger.

Which made him think if there was anything he could do to make use of him.

Quinn quickly explained what he knew what Alex was, and to Alex, it all sounded amazing, apart from the part where he had to consume vampire blood.

"So, If I feel a bit peckish, I have to come and find you?" Alex asked.

"Not just me, I guess me, Paul or Ka-, yeah, just come to me," Quinn said. "I still have some special flasks used to store blood. I've only used it really for human blood so far, but I'm sure it will do the same thing. Just keep it on you at all times. If worse comes to worst and I'm not around, you can go look for others, but Fex would be your best bet."

Alex was excited; he could feel his body had changed. Just seconds ago, he felt weak, but now he was full of life. Before he knew it, his wings were flapping around like crazy.

"Damn, these are annoying!" Alex said.

"Can you not put them away or something, maybe try to focus on them?" Quin suggested.

He closed his eyes and imagined his wings retracting back inside him. He could feel it, and in his head, he could see it going back in. When he opened his eyes….they were still there. The image he was seeing in his head was all in his head.

The wings had sprouted and ripped through his uniform he was wearing, and he couldn't go out like this. People would think he was a humanoid beast before assuming anything else. He also needed to explain to Kazz before she saw anything.

"Just stay here for a sec," Quinn said, leaving the room. While out of the room, Quinn thought maybe he should try and ask Fex if he knew anything else about the Blood fairy. Often the system would only give basic information, and sometimes there were more to it.

Also, Maybe Fex knew a way for him to hide his wings or retract them.

"A Blood fairy?" Fex said, confused. "What the hell is that? A fairy soaked in ketchup. Aren't fairy's those really small things."

"Like I said, Alex, the forger. I turned him, and he's turned into a Blood fairy." Quinn repeated once again.

"Well, I mean, you have to remember I'm young when you compare me to vampire standards, and turning isn't something that is often done. Still, I would have thought I would have heard of it from somewhere before, but it's not ringing any bells." Fex replied.

"Well, if you don't know, then we are going to have to do something about his wings."

"Maybe we can use something like my string, but more permanent," Fex suggested.

When returning to the room, Fex was brought along this time, and in their hands, they had some medical wraps and a new uniform. Alex was naturally able to control the wings quite well, and it was easy to fold them in. Then wrapping his body around, the wings stayed close to his body.

With the uniform over him, no one could tell he ever had anything on his back.

"Do you feel okay?" Quinn asked.

"It's a little stiff, I think I might have to stretch them out once in a while but it should be okay," Alex replied.

"I was actually hoping we could test a few things, or maybe Fex could teach you if he knew about the Blood fairy, but even he doesn't," Quinn said, tapping his foot, trying to think.

"Fex, you want to be a little useful, right? Why don't we do a little experiment?" Quinn said, smiling, and Fex didn't like the look of Quinn's smile.

Alex's hand was hovering over Fex's hand, and Quinn had sharpened his fingernail. In this case, it should have been Alex shaking about, but instead, it was Fex.

"Will you stop shaking?" Quinn said. "It's only a bit of blood; what are you worried about?"

"If it was only a bit of blood, then why do you need to test this?"

Instead of replying, Quinn used his fingernail to cause a small scratch on Alex's palm and the blood started to drip onto Fex's hand. A sizzling sound could be heard.

"Ahhh, it burns! What the hell, is his blood made of fire!" Fex said, pulling it away.

Then, Fex's hand started to feel a tiny bit numb.

"Looks like the description was true." Seeing how effective it was even against Fex, a vampire noble, it sparked an idea in Quinn's head. "Are you able to mix in blood while creating weapons?" Quinn asked.

"Sure, I can, it won't be a high percentage, but it definitely can be done," Alex replied.

Weapons made from the Blood fairy's blood, he imagined just how effective it would be against the vampires. "When you make your next set of weapons. Let's mix your blood in there."

Fex, hearing this was a little worried. Was Quinn planning to go up against the vampires at some point or was it just a precaution.

"It's a shame no one knows about the Blood faires. Otherwise they might have been able to tell us a few things, maybe even some blood skills they can do." Quinn said.

"I told you before, I'm young, but you do have an old vampire with us," Fex replied.

"Huh, an old vampire, who?"

"Kazz, I know she may look young and act a bit loopy sometimes, but trust me, she is quite old. As long as you're not the first person to have ever created a Blood fairy, trust me, she will know about them."

The three of them left, but before doing so, a flask was given to Alex with Quinn's blood in it. Alex said he might leave it to the last second to take the blood. It was still something he couldn't get used to, but Quinn said that was fine.

If the fairies worked the same way as vampires, it would be more beneficial for them to build up a resistance and not get addicted to vampires' blood.

Quinn had so many questions about the fairies; if they didn't consume vampire blood, did they have another deadly form like the Bloodsucker? What were their skills like?

In the end, he gritted his teeth and decided to approach Kazz about it, he didn't want to, but he felt it was important to know what Alex exactly was, and he had this bad gut feeling.

Kazz and Paul weren't actually too far away from where they were. They were in another training room as Paul would frequently practice his poison abilities. He had reached the top level of six. It was the highest one could get unless he had a teacher, or found someone with the ability book.

But Paul was trying to see if he could become his own teacher. If he learnt the ability inside out, then at times, people could improve the skill. This was how the first people who learnt the ability did it in the first place.

Although this usually took generations of people to refine certain techniques, but Paul wasn't one to give up.

Wherever Paul was, Kazz would be there too.

"Kazz," Quinn said.

"Quinn," She replied.

It was awkward between the two ever since she had given him the information to save Paul. It wasn't bad between them, but it wasn't good either.

"Ermm, me and Fex were talking about different things, and a certain subclass came up. Something called a Blood fairy, but neither of us had ever seen one before, and was wondering if you knew anything about them?" Quinn asked.

"Blood fairy?" Said Kazz. "Well, it's no wonder you have never seen one. A blood fairy is one of the subclasses that if created, vampires are ordered to kill it on sight."

Quinn was afraid that this might have been the answer.


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