My Vampire System
670 Cruising on the Cursed Ship
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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670 Cruising on the Cursed Ship

A few hours had passed, and both Quinn and Sil had been sitting in the same spot. They hadn't moved. While doing so, Quinn listened to everything Sil had to say. Maybe it was because there was no longer anyone for him to talk to in his head anymore, or he just needed to blurt out all the pent-up emotions inside of him.

Sil told Quinn everything, what his life was like growing up, how he came to know both Vorden and Raten and why they were in his mind. He even explained how their abilities worked and how they sacrificed their lives to save everyone.

"Vorden and Raten, huh. Both of them, until the very end, were looking after everyone." Quinn said.

"I know, I just want them back; I can't do this on my own." Sir said.

Standing up, Quinn did a quick stretch as his body felt like it was starting to fall asleep.

"Don't worry about that too much, we can't give up until we definitely know there's no chance of getting them back," Quinn replied. "You said so yourself, right? There's a chance if we find someone with the same ability that they might be able to do something. Maybe they are just sleeping in your mind and need a knock or two. But there's no point worrying about them being gone if we don't know for sure they're gone.

"I know it's going to take some getting used to, but at least now me and you can get to know each other better, oh and as for your grandfather. Permission to say this, but he is a giant arsehole if I have ever met one. Train hard to beat him, and if you can't, I will give him a punch with my own fist or two."

Standing up with a bright smile on his face, Sil started to bow down and up.

"Of course! Thank you, thank you so much, Quinn for cheering me up."

Leaving the room, Quinn went off to do a few more things around the ship. After all, Fex had said there were a few things that happened while they were away they needed to discuss. But when he did, he paused just outside the training room and leant his back up against the wall, his hand pressed over his forehead.

"Vorden, you're an arsehole as well; why didn't you tell me what was going on with you? About all the problems you had." He couldn't help but think maybe if he went with him, he could have stopped him if he knew about Vorden's past. "I didn't even get to say goodbye. It's going to be quiet, and a little strange without you, and I'm going to miss the first friend I ever made."

Before heading to the main command room, Quinn wanted to stop by a different place first. Being just outside the door, Quinn could feel the heat from inside. Upon entering, there were a few modern-looking furnaces made from marble and metal, several worktops and different moulding machines. It was mixture of modern and old.

One of the empty rooms on the large ship had been turned into Alex's own forger room, and it looked like he had recruited a few people to help him out. Including him, there were five of them hammering away at armour and such.

"This is a little old fashioned, no?" Quinn asked. He remembered, whenever he watched Logan, he wouldn't ever touch a hammer and rely on technology to solidify and create certain moulds and tooling.

Pressing a button on the side of his helmet. The material covering Alex's face that would protect him from sparks came down. Sweat could be seen dripping from his forehead. "Hey, do you like the equipment I give you or do you not? If so, don't complain about my ways." Alex replied. "In the past, I noticed that when creating the weapon by hand, there was more of a chance of it getting an active skill. I don't know if it's just in my head, but ever since, I've always done it this way."

If Quinn remembered correctly, Leo had claimed that the best forgers in the world were able to utilise Qi when creating weapons and armour, even if they didn't know it themselves. That was probably how Alex was able to create such great equipment.

If he was using his own hands rather than a machine, he could constantly connect with the weapon he was making with his Qi.

"I have something you might like." Opening up his hand, as if by magic slowly, the king tier crystals were falling on to the table in front of him. Borden had no use for the crystals he had collected, and there was also the other emperor tier crystal Quinn had as well.

It was quite a haul.

"I want you to do your best with this. Can you do it?" Quinn said with a smile, waiting for Alex to praise him in some way. He always did in the past when he presented such things.

"No I can't," Alex replied back.

"Huh, What do you mean you can't? Can't or won't?" Quinn asked, dumbfounded. Questioning if this was just a bad day for Alex.

"Since when have I ever refused to make such things for you? You saved my arse, and I'm not going to start rebelling against you anytime soon." Alex replied. "It's glathrium, we only have a small supply of it left. We have to either start trading with other factions or buying it from them. With that many high tier crystals, using any other material other than glathrium will just be a waste. I can't just make weapons out of beast tier crystals, you know?"

"Purchase?" Quinn started to think. Now that he was back in contact with Logan frequently, maybe he was happy to spare some funds. After all, he was actually part of this ship. In the past, maybe Quinn would have been to stubborn or shy to ask, but that was stupid considering the situation they were in.

Everyone was working together towards the same things, and they needed to use every recourse and perks they could get. If some had more uses than others, then he couldn't be shy, or stubborn.

"Just make what you can, and I'll try and sort out our glathrium problem," Quinn said.

Alex, pressed the button by the side of his helmet and started hammering away at his work once again. Watching this and listening to what he said, Quinn thought he must be tired. The hammer looked heavy; one of his arms was significantly larger than the other from using the hammer all day.

It didn't look like an easy job for anyone to do.

'I wonder if turning him would have any benefits in any way. As a vampire he would have more stamina, if he turned into an undead, he would have unlimited stamina and more strength.'

Initially, Quinn thought it might be a waste to turn Alex, as he wouldn't be on the front lines fighting. So far, everyone who he had turned had gained quite the strength in fighting power, so he always thought about turning people with this in mind, or those that he had to save. But now, he thought it would be quite beneficial to the team.

Finally, after seeing Alex, Quinn thought it was ready for him to head to the command centre. He didn't know why but he felt a little nervous, but at the same time had a sense, a feeling of being home.

When he arrived on the platform where the large table was placed, everyone was already sitting there looking at some type of map with several different planets on it. Linda, Blip, Dennis, Nate, Sam, Megan, Paul, Kaz, Fex and Peter. There was no Vorden, sorry, there was no Sil.

"Hey, looks like you finally made it!" Fex said. "When you said you were going to talk to him, I didn't realise you were going to tell each other your whole life stories."

Fex had no idea how true those words were.

"Sorry, I'm here now, so what are you guys talking about?"

Quinn went to take a seat and looked at Sam, who was the only one standing up and had a strange large stick in his hand, to point at things in the centre of the holographic map.

"Since Quinn is finally here, we can get down to serious business," Sam said. "The first topic, how the Sunshields are no more, and the consequences of Burnies defeat."


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