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660 The unkillable man
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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660 The unkillable man

After the strange meeting Pam had with Peter, she couldn't quite put her finger on it, but she felt something was up. Jazz seemed to care for this person a lot, so much so that he followed him around everywhere. She thought it was nearly impossible for him to not know what he was doing.

However, what concerned her more than anything was the lack of care about his disappearance; surely, Peter should have been worried if he really had disappeared. That was of course, unless he knew where he was or Peter was the one that silenced him.

Pam wasn't the type of person who would do anything until she received proof or evidence first. She didn't want to just go around accusing others, so she had people from the Temple keep an eye on him. Most of the time, they would use their invisibility ability to do so.

During the counselling session, Pam decided to look herself and saw and heard everything from when Peter had transformed himself into Vorden.

"Now tell me, why would someone want to free Vorden so badly? Are you part of the big four, maybe the Sunshields?" Pam asked. "You know he is a part of the Blade family. They will chase him wherever he goes. The whole thing is useless."

Peter was still disguised as Vorden, and for a brief second, Deal, who thought his hero had come and saved him, realised it was nothing but a lie. Upset by this, he went over and tried running to Pam's side.

"Wait!" Peter shouted out. "I know I'm not Vorden, but I'm good friends with him. He's already been freed, and he asked me to save you guys as well." He tried to convince Deal. Otherwise, he would have to fight this alone.

Still, Deal kept his head down and continued to run out of the room to join the others.

"You really were going to rely on the kids to get you out of this one?" Pam said. "Their hopes were already crushed once. I doubt they will ever believe someone can save them again. In the end, the only people they will be able to rely on to survive are those in the castle, just like the rest of us."

Peter then smiled at her.

"You're wrong about one thing, you red haired bitch!" No longer did he have to put up with the act and could say what was on his mind. "I was never relying on them. I just thought it would be a pain if I had to deal with the whole thing myself."

He clenched his fists, and seeing the look in his eyes, Pam had seen it all before. She knew he was ready for a fight.

"Maybe cause we don't have any Chained here at the moment, you think you can take us on. But let me tell you, even without any abilities, I am plenty strong to beat yo-"

Launching off his feet in nearly an instant, Peter had gone from one side of the room to the other, and he was already throwing a fist out. It came as a surprise, but Pam was still fast enough to react. After all, there was a reason why she was made leader of the Temple.

She had strength that was comparable to Duncan and Brock in the castle. One of the strongest people outside of the castle. Lifting her hand, she could see her hand reaching for the fist. Just because one was fast didn't mean they were strong.

This was the first mistake she made.

Her hand was blown back by the sheer power from Peter, and soon a kick was coming her way as well, right to the stomach, sending her back and crashing against the wall.

It was strong, but she wasn't too badly injured. She was wearing her beast armour after all that took most of the damage but still didn't absorb the impact, which was why she was sent flying.

"I told you I can do this without the kids," Peter said.

Her strength, speed, and reflexes and overall body were better than that of a regular human. She was considered a superhuman. Maybe not at the level of those in the castle, but definitely compared to regulars.

In front of her was a man with the transformation ability and had no beast gear, yet somehow he was able to overpower her. It just didn't make any sense.

"I need help, get the Chained here immediately!" The staff had heard the loud noises and were down the hallway peeking around door frames to see what was going on. They could see that Pam was on the ground looking panicked, then a few seconds later, they saw Vorden opposite her.

"Get the Chained!" A man shouted.

"Vorden has escaped; we must get him, inform the castle at once."

Pam wasn't one who was too proud to ask for help, and she knew she needed it right now. While two of the teachers went off to get the Chained, the remaining sixteen or so were on their way to where Peter was.

"I need to finish them fast, and I need to start off with you!" Peter shouted, going for a punch towards Pam's head. He swung as hard as he could, but she had moved her head, avoiding the blow. Due to Peter's strength, his hand had gone right through the wall.

Using this opportunity, Pam kicked Peter in the stomach and punched him on the side of the face. Her blows weren't weak either, but strangely they weren't working against Peter the same way they usually would. He hadn't moved or whined in pain at all.

Pulling his arm out from the wall, he now had a chunk of brick in his hand and went to smash it against her. Diving in from the side and shoving him off balance, one of the teachers had knocked him over.

Peter didn't know who or where it had come from at the time, and that was because the teacher was invisible. A few of them that had been told to keep watch under Peter had the invisibility ability.

Frustrated at the invisible person, Peter started swinging, but he was hitting nothing but air. In frustration, he placed his hands into parts of the wall, and pulled as hard as he could, now holding an even larger piece.

He then felt a few kicks to his side and body, but they seemed to be doing nothing. They were having no effect and barely moving his body.

'This guy, he can't feel pain.' Pam thought.

"Get out of here. He's too strong!' She shouted.

The large piece of wall was thrown down the hallway, and it had successfully done its job, as it had whacked a couple of the teachers and had knocked them out.

Quickly getting up, Pam headed into the council room and dove through the window, smashing it to pieces. She then safely rolled onto the ground just outside the Temple near the open area.

Fear was running through her mind. She felt like she was going up against a beast. However, when she looked up, the mood had changed. Two teachers had arrived, and with them, the Chained had been brought out.

Most of the teachers after her warning, had run outside as well. There were now nine of them in total and eleven, including the two that returned.

Each of them quickly touched a Chained, and Pam had placed her hand on two of them. A big bang was heard, and when she turned around, she could see part of the temple wall had turned to rubble, with Peter walking through it calmly as ever.

"You sure did take a long time getting out of there," Pam said. "Now, I'm afraid the tide will have turned. You're strong and strange, but you can't take all of us now we have abilities."

She thought saying this might cause Peter to surrender. She was doubtful, but there was a little hope. However, Peter had no reaction, and there was no fear in his eyes.

"Let us take care of this!" One of the teachers said, rushing forward.

The two abilities brought forward were the wind and earth ability. Walls of sea, solid rocks and rubble were being chucked towards Peter, but still with his strength and speed he was either able to punch them away, or avoid the impacts.

The ones that he struggled with more where the wind attacks that seemed to be causing cuts all over his body. Peter, trying his best to ignore all the attacks, started to focus on just one person in particular.

Eventually, he managed to grab one of them by the wrist, lifted them in the air and slammed them into the ground. With a single hit, the man was surely passed out or dead. One thing was for sure, he wouldn't be getting up again.

Pam noticed that it was futile to continue on like this. Peter would be able to just take them out one by one. She too needed to join in the fight. When Peter threw his fist again, at the right time, she had raised an earth pillar, directed at his elbow. It had come up at such speed and force that when it hit, not only did it stop Peter's attack, it had broken his arm as well.

'With one arm out of the fight, his attack power will have significantly weakened.' Pam thought.

But it seemed like her worst fears were coming true. Peter stepped back away from the teachers, and in front of her very own eyes, Pam could see the bone healing in Peter's arm until it was like new again.

"What the hell are you?" Pam asked.

"You should have never tried attacking me."


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