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659 To the same place
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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659 To the same place

Walking around in the jungle, both Pai and Vicky were heading around honestly quite aimlesly. While Pai knew the real reason they were out Vicky, did not. Her tactics in the past had caused more trouble than they were worth. It was clear she was not fit to be the leader type, but that's why she always had her brother usually by her side.

She was casually stropping about not really bothering to look in places. While Pia was trying to find any tracks he could, searching high and low moving as if he was in a rush.

"Come on, why are you trying so hard," Vicky said. "It's Duncan, I doubt anything could happen to him, you know how strong he is."

"I know," Pai replied. "But the last time he was seen was when he went to investigate one of the marks that came up on the scanner, and Brock says he hasn't heard from him since."

This was a lie that was partially true. Pai thought the best place to look would probably be where the supposed intruder had crashed, and they had decided to venture into the beast part of the island. Pai also thought if Vorden was to hide or run away, this would be the best place. There weren't many people who were strong enough to freely venture around in such a place. It would therefore make the number of people who would concentrate on finding him lessen.

Eventually, their tracks led them to find a few footsteps in the mud here or there, some quite fresher. Also, parts of the jungle looked to have the tree's pushed and parted away.

The two of them continued to follow when they soon could guess where Duncan was once heading, it was large and right in front of them. The foot of the volcano. Reaching outside they could find no more tracks.

"Well come on then, I'm guessing he went inside?" Vicky said. "Do you think he found someone or just went hunting? There are some strong beasts Inside the volcano."

"Let's find out."

When they entered, it didn't take long for them to find what they were looking for, but it wasn't what they were expecting. Out on the bridge halfway they could see Duncan lying there left in the heat. His body had gone stiff but what stood out was the cut mark on his neck.

"Someone killed Duncan," Pai said.

"I can see that, the problem is who? Who the hell is strong enough to do that if not us?" Vicky asked.

The three boys, Quinn, Borden and Jazz were also busy running around wherever they could, around the jungle. They were searching for any signs of Peter or Logan but had no luck. Whenever they would get close to the temple. Jazz would purposely steer them away.

He had no clue how to get rid of the mask on his face, he had tried touching it and taking it off, but that didn't seem to work, and Peter didn't tell him how to break it off either. Until he learnt how to do that, not only would these two idiots think he was Vorden, everyone else would as well.

However, he was getting tired of running around, somehow he needed to get rid of these two. He didn't know the temple well and there were kids there. If only he could get rid of them, or they were somehow killed, found out as the real suspects then he wouldn't get the blame in all this.

Then a thought came to his head, there was one man that was strong, stronger than anyone he knew apart from in the castle. At the same time, there was a chance he would believe his crazy story that he wasn't Vorden. That man was always easy to fool believing in all sorts of things. The person Jazz was thinking about, was Duncan.

"Hey I think I know a place where we can check, there's a lot of people there and maybe someone took them in, or there hiding among them with a disguise." Jazz said, using the knowledge he already knew about Peter.

'This guy has to be one of Vorden's other personalities; otherwise he wouldn't know about Peter's transformation. I think we can trust him." Quinn thought.

"Sure, lead the way."

The real Vorden, was also busy running about. The island was a large place, but the first palace he had gone to was the space ship dock. The place where Hilston had stopped him last time. He checked to see if there was anyone there, and there were people placed but not anyone he couldn't deal with.

The next step was looking for Quinn and the others. There were hotspots where people would often go. He could rule out theTemple since Peter had already been there and was going back there, and he could rule out the castle.

There was the beast side of the island, which was the most likely guess. If Quinn had gotten stuck anywhere, it would make sense to be dealing with strong beasts, but before heading off that way, he wanted to try one more main area, the village as well.

Finally, Quinn had arrived at the village. When they did, they decided to watch from a distance first. It looked as if the men were getting ready to do something. Many of them had gathered equipment, and out in the middle of the open field in the centre of the plaza, people similar to those that Quinn had seen in the dungeon had been brought out.

They were lined up, and the villagers were told to touch each of them one by one.

"There looks to be around thirty of them, are they all copying an ability?" Quinn asked.

"If that is the case, it will be tough to deal with them all. They might not be all as strong as that man, but I imagine all of them have a base strength."

Jazz on the other hand, was lifting his head, turning and twisting, but he couldn't see who he was looking for.

"Yeah, if they were all as strong as that man I don't think we would fair well," Quinn replied. Although Quinn truthfully thought differently, if they really did need to fight so many people, then he could always use his soul weapon in a situation like this. But he didn't want to leave behind so much bloodshed when he felt like these people had done nothing.

Listening to the other two talk, in the end Jazz's natural curiosity had gotten the better of him. "This man you keep talking about, who was he?" Jazz asked while still trying to find Duncan.

"We never learnt his name," Logan replied. "I'm sorry if he was one of your family members , but he wore furred armour and had scars running up both his arms."

"Duncan!" Jazz shouted out. Quinn lept and held his mouth shut.

Luckily, it seemed like no one had heard them.

"Sorry. Jazz replied. "Is he, what happened to him?"

"He's dead," Borden replied. "I'm sorry…" Borden paused there for a second, before trying to decide what to call this person. "I'm sorry fake Borden, if he was your family, but he was trying to kill me, and we needed to get rid of him to save you."

Saying rid could only mean one word, that they had killed him. The idea of crossing these two people, or even trying to fight his way out when he got an ability had crossed his mind. After all, it was a little man, and some kid.

Now all of those thoughts had gone out the window. These people were certainly dangerous and strong if they had killed Duncan.

Suddenly, the group of people who were outside of the village started to bow down and out from one of the houses had come out a boy and girl.

'Damn, Vicky and Pai are here, what the hell are they doing here, we better get out of here as soon as possible. Otherwise this is going to get bad. Especially if they see me." Jazz thought.

Touching the chained they wished, Vicky closed her eyes, and a wave was sent out like a sonar. Instantly, she turned her head and she was looking in the direction of the three of them hiding in the jungle.

"Looks like we found them," Vicky said.


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