My Vampire System
659 The white ligh
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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659 The white ligh

It had taken a long time, and Ray honestly didn't know how long he had been scaling the wall for. That too with his bare hands. Every step of the way, he was only focused on one thing.

'Faster, quicker, I need to get to the top.' He thought to himself.

He didn't protect these people, train them up all for this long to have them all killed. If he was by their side and tried helping them, then fair enough. But he couldn't not be there again. Last time, the same thing happened.

The humans had attacked the Dragon encampment while he was away, and now it felt like history was just repeating itself. He couldn't do anything as a dragon, and it looked like he wasn't going to be able to do anything as a human either, but finally, he pulled himself out of the pit and had made it.

Rushing off and heading out of the room, he had entered the tunnel. From here alone he could see bodies of dead Dark guild members along the walls. Then his eyes met on an unexpected person. It was Gary.

He spotted him slumped up against the wall. Ray quickly hurried to where he was and kneeled down by him. The impressive and strong armour that had on, which had to be at least at the Emperor tier was split open.

Placing his hand on the ground, Ray noticed that it was incredibly wet, lifting it up his hand was now red.


Gary was in a pool of his own blood.

Despite everything the two of them had been through, and what Gary had done, for some reason, Ray's heart started to ache at the sight of his fallen friend.

"What happened?" Ray asked.

Gary tried his best to look at Ray, but his eyes said it all. He was in immense pain.

"Of course I would see you before my death," Gary replied. "It was the Dragon. I couldn't control it, Ray. When it came out, it started to attack me and some of the soldiers. What about you, since you're out here, I don't think Morfran managed to deal with you.'

"He's either dead or wishes to not fight me," Ray replied.

"Well, nows your chance Ray, if you kill me here, it will be a big blow to the shadow."

Hearing those words, Ray was a little saddened. Even in this state now he was speaking words that Gary would have ever spoken before being infected by the Hammer. Had it already taken over his mind?

"You know, I never planned to kill you. You were one of the first off my list. I planned to kill a lot of people but not you." Ray said.

Gary couldn't; help but chuckle, and as he did, he felt the pain run through his body.

"I guess I should be happy about that."

"The Dragon, do you know how to send it back, or how to get rid of it?" Ray asked.

"Ray, I don't want you to die either. Just stay in here. The Dragon is too powerful. What I said about the gods being afraid of it. It's true, I didn't lie. Maybe if all the humans banded together like they did in the past, but there is no chance."

"Yes, you're right," Ray replied. "Dragons are strong, and no human can defeat one. For a person to bet a dragon. Then another Dragon is needed; it is simple."

Letting out an immense groan, Gary stood and rose to his feet. His body was swaying for a moment, and the stones on the gauntlet started to glow. It seemed like it was somehow healing him.

Ray didn't like this, he was relying on the power of the shadow after all.

"Ray, you are staying here. When I was still in control of the Dragon, I gave it an order. To kill every member of the Redwings. As you are their leader, that includes you."

Ray looked at the bodies around the two of them that were on the floor, the ones of the Dark guild members.

"Clearly it's not following your orders, it's killing all humans. I will deal with this."

Ray started to walk towards the end of the tunnel, when right by his foot the ground exploded suddenly.

"Didn't you hear me, Ray? You're not going anywhere."


The first wave of shadow beast came at them, but equally, to meet them and give confidence to the Redwing army, Jack had gone out transforming and so did the others. Climbing on top of a Jackel beast, in his transformed state. Jack placed both of his hands in the jaw of one of the beasts and ripped it apart in two halfs.

"Wer werl wird wthis war!" Jack growled out, but no one seemed to understand him.

"We will win this war!" Kyle shouted, translating for him. "Don't attack the Werewolves. I know they look like crazy beasts but they're on our side!"

The Redwing knights held their ground fighting strongly. With the Black guild members, attention focused on the Dragon. The fight felt more like a large scale beast hunt rather than a war, which they found a lot easier.

However, soon more beasts would join in on the fight. Mintours were coming out from the gates covered in shadow, and a few old foes they had seen before, including the slime Snake's that gave them so much trouble in the past.

There would be no Wyvern to save them out here like there was at Avrion they were on their own.

A lot of the beast seemed to hiss out some type of strange poison, As soon as it hit the front row of the redwing members, some of them seemed to go slightly mad, swinging as if they had gone blind.

Soon though, with the guidance of Roy and a few others they started aiming for these poison shots from the beast, Shooting out fireballs and energy blasts while they were mid-air. As long as they hit them before they reached the soldiers, then it would show little effect.

However, it wasn't all good news. The enemies that proved the most difficult were the minters, some had elemental abilities and had sheer brute strength, One had stormed in lifting a Red wing member in the air and had strangled him to death in front of everyone.

It sent fear running down many of the men's spine. Knowing that death could be upon any of them at any second.

"Don't give up!" Katy shouted. "Keep fighting. If we don't fight them, then who will. Think if they reached the gates of Avrion, think if they were to hold your family like that. We are fighting for them!"

"Boy you need to act now!" Lenny said.

A lot of the stronger forces, such as the beast team, and Dragon knights were left to protect Van and Bliss. It was hard for them to remain where they were when they could see all others the battlefield places that they could have provided support to help.

But they knew how important Van and Bliss could be to winning this whole war.

"Use the stone and kill that Dragon. It's infected by the shadow so it should work."

Fumbling to reach for the stone in his pouch. Van held the white stone in his hands. He concentrated his energy, and white beam of lights would come out firing at the Dragon. He was unsure if even the white stone or his powers would have an effect but he needed to try. However, he wouldn't even know if it did have an effect or not.

For the Dragon would be moving too fast and all over the place for him to even hit the Dragon. It was a strange sight to see. Dark guild members, and redwing members were working together to try to fight off and fend off against the Dragon.

Watching the dragon act, while Van felt like he could do nothing was bringing a pain to his heart. Wherever the Dragon would go, whatever area of the battlefield it would leave a group of dead bodies behind.

"Ahhh just hit, please kill the dragon!" Van cried, letting out more beams of white lite.

While he was so focused on the dragon, Van was unaware of the forces that were trying to grab hold of the stone. A bird like creatures had joined on the battlefield and one had swooped down hoping to grab the crystal, but before it could reach it was blasted away.

"Hold that crystal as if it is your heart," Bliss said.

Groups would break through the Redwing army surrounding them, coming in, but only to be met by, Dan, Sloth and Badger, as well as others doing what they could do to keep everyone off him.

"Van what are you doing!" Dan shouted as he knocked an ugly looking hound out of the way. "Hurry up and kill that dragon.'

"I know, I'm trying!" Van shouted, but more and more dead bodies were just piling up on the battlefield.


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