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656 Saving Vorden
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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656 Saving Vorden

When Peter looked at Jazz and was trying to figure out what to do with him, he had a rare light bulb moment for himself. He had his soul weapon with him. It was an item type that allowed him to change a users appearance however he wished.

The thing was, the item didn't have to be used on just allies and friends for disguises, they could use it on Jazz. When rescuing Vorden, the plan was to replace him with Jazz while wearing the disguise.

If anyone came to visit him, it would look exactly like Vorden had never left. Even if he shouted and told people what really happened, they wouldn't believe him. After all Vorden was a prisoner, and it made sense for him to try and say whatever he wanted to get let out.

With his hands chained up, it would be hard for him to even destroy the mask off his face. Maybe eventually they would find out, but this seemed like a perfect plan getting rid of two stones in one. And if he didn't want to end up like Josh, he would comply, at least to start with.

There was another reason why they were sure Jazz wouldn't run his mouth. In a way, using him like this made him their accomplice. The way Peter had heard the island was run, he was sure that if they found out what Jazz had done, he wouldn't live to see another day whether it was his fault or not.

Jazz knew this was true as well.

"Guy's it's great that you made it down here, it means a lot but I can't come with you." Vorden said. "If you break me out of here and they find out, you will become an enemy of the Blades. You don't understand what my family is like."

"Vorden, don't you think we already know what they are like?" Logan replied. "How do you think we found the island in the first place, we know about the Blades."

"I know about the Temple and what you did there as well." Peter added. "Coming here, we have already made an enemy of the Blades."

"Quinn is here as well, and you know he won't leave without you. He already made a large powerful enemy once and we dealt with that didn't we, what's adding one more to that list?"

Truthfully, Vorden wanted to say more to try to convince them to not help him, but instead he knew his true feelings deep down. He looked at them and smiled and just said,

"Please, let's head back together."

The Blades were quite old fashioned when it came to their equipment. People like Logan could break quite complicated locks, but there were even some Logan couldn't break. The ones the Blades were using were quite basic.

He was easily able to shape his spiders into the correct design to open the cell door and then unlock the chains around Vorden's wrists.

"Where is Quinn?" Vorden asked.

"Honestly, we have no idea." Logan replied. "We got a little surprise from a giant sea creature."

"You came by sea?" Vorden said. As he was about to say more, he realised that it was probably better that they had come by sea rather than hovering around too close to a certain area on the island.

"Come on, it's your turn now." Peter said, holding the cuffs out while also making sure he didn't make direct eye contact with Jazz. It was one of the orders they had given him if he wanted to see another day.

"Isn't there another way, maybe I can do something to help you guys, at least better than this..please. I don't want to spend the rest of my time trapped here." Jazz pleaded.

"Thank you for your sacrifice." Vorden said. "I promise if I come back one day, I will thank you and reward you for this."

With that, they were gone, and so was Jazz's freedom. He didn't shout, he didn't scream. He pulled on the heavy chains and realised he wasn't ever going to be able to escape.

'If I had friends, maybe they would try and risk their lives to save me." Soon a weeping sound could be heard coming from his cell and others from the ones next to him followed. Being a chained was a cruel fate.

Exiting out of the castle was quite easy as there weren't really any guards placed for intruders or people trying to escape. Instead they were just normal workers that would take shifts working at certain times, but it wasn't as if they were on high alert.

Therefore it was quite easy for them to leave the castle and were now outside in the jungle area.

"Wait," Vorden said, "They will wonder where Josh and Jazz went. Before you go, you need to place their body at the halfway point on the island. It will be a little gruesome but if you could tear off one of their limbs, then it will make it look like a beast killed one of them, and they will naturally assume that the other was eaten."

"Why did you say before you go?" Logan replied. "We already discussed this."

"I can't, I can't leave without those kids." Vorden said. "I know what's going to happen to them. I couldn't live with myself knowing what they will go through. I'm going to head to a place called the village and grab some abilities from there. Then find a way to get them out of here. You guys go ahead I promise I won't be too far behind.'

"No!' Logan said in an instant. "You couldn't do it alone, what makes you think you can again."

"Because he's not here this time."

"I want to save them as well." Peter said.

"Peter's right." Logan replied. "If you want to save them then let's save them together. Look, I'll head back to the castle. They were going to let me go anyway so they won't do anything to me for a while. Peter can head back to the Temple and Vorden you try to find Quinn. When you do find him then we can try to form a plan to save those kids and get out of here. No one is going to try do something on their own and die."

When Logan spoke, he sounded almost angry, he was quite emotional and it was something Vorden rarely saw.

'Did something happen to him, I guess a few things have changed since I've been away.'

"Alright, fine."

The plan was set and Vorden ran off into the jungle in search for Quinn. Meanwhile Peter would head back towards the temple, leaving Logan to inform Brock that he saw the two of them head to go with Pam in the morning.

It would buy them the time they needed. Now the only question that was on his mind was where was Quinn.

"Are you sure he's in here?" Quinn asked. "There weren't even any guards."

"Yes I'm positive. This is where I went last time to hand him the mask. The island doesn't seem to get a lot of visitors so they aren't exactly on high alert." Borden replied.

The two of them had reached the dungeon door where the lock was perfectly on. Jumping up to it, using his inhuman strength, Borden was able to rip the lock apart and they could enter.

"I wonder where Logan and Peter are. I thought that they would come in handy trying to save Vorden, but it looks like I'll just have to do everything myself." Quinn said.

Entering the dungeon, they walked and a chorus of groaning could be heard. It was hard for Quinn especially with his sensitive ears but luckily, Borden had warned him beforehand what type of place this was.

Broden made Quinn promise that he wouldn't try to save everyone. This was a save one man and get the hell out of here type of thing.

"Hey, hey Vorden, I bet you're happy to see us?" Quinn said with a smile.

Lifting up his head, Jazz was looking at two complete strangers.

"We're here to break you free." Quinn said.

"Yes, yes I'm Vorden!" Jazz said.


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