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649 Hidden Blade
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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649 Hidden Blade

Borden and Quinn were walking through the jungle and were heading for the foot of the volcano. Only this time, they were being more cautious than before. Soon they would be fighting an Emperor tier beast, so they didn't want to waste any extra energy fighting king tier beasts on their way there.

They had agreed that Quinn would try to face the Emperor tier alone, as a way for him to improve and to see where he was at, skill-wise. Borden would watch and come in if there was any trouble, but this was a beast Borden was even unsure he could beat.

Quinn was quite confident, but he would be lying if he didn't say he was a little nervous. He had defeated an Emperor tier before, but that was with the help of his teammates that helped distract the beast.

Quinn himself also wanted to defeat the Emperor tier beast on his own, it was a good way to gauge where he was strength-wise, and if he could defeat a beast that Borden couldn't, then there would be no need for the two of them to fight each other again, and they could both go to save Vorden together.

"Don't worry, we won't have to move this slowly for much longer," Borden said. "For some reason, the closer we get to that large tablet, the fewer beasts there are. One time, my transformation was running low, and I escaped and ran to this area. When I went past the muddy ground onto the solid ground, the beast suddenly paused. It was as if it couldn't go past a certain point. Near the tablet, the only things there are, are Emperor tier beast and possibly higher ones, but I have never seen anything higher for myself."

"Have you gone to the tablet, maybe there's something there that's stopping them?" Quinn asked, finding what Borden said indeed strange.

"No," Borden replied. "Logan specifically told me to never go to the large tablet without him. I promised, and I shall keep my promises. Although I have to ask, do you feel this strange energy coming from it?"

Quin closed his eyes, he tried to focus, but he could feel nothing coming from the tablet, nor could he feel anything coming from around it. He tried using his inspect skill. But it was far too far for him to use.

"I feel nothing," Quinn replied.

Borden didn't say anything after that and just continued moving forward.

'Why, why the closer we get to that Tablet I can feel something, but Quinn can't? Maybe I need to ask brother Vorden once we save him.'


The room Logan had been given was quite nice and large inside. However it wasn't very modern, it looked like it hadn't been updated since the whole place was built. There was no sign of technology whatsoever inside, and if it wasn't for the sunlight from the window, then the only thing that he would have been able to use as a source of light was the candles scattered around.

Sitting on the bed, it felt so soft and comfy, Logan just wanted to lie down and rest. Take a night of good sleep. He was used to staying up all night to work on his gadgets, and he usuelly he would feel drained from that as well, but this time it felt different.

In his life, it was the first time that he had gone through so-called training sessions. Physical activities to get stronger and better and to improve his body. He also tinkered with objects and invented new things to get stronger.

Because of all of this, there was a new type of feeling entering his body for the first time, and it felt strange to him. He actually wanted to just rest his body for a change rather than his mind, but he knew he couldn't. Now was the perfect time for him to act.

Dispersing out a few of the small spiders it was time to search the castle and try to find out just where Vorden exactly was, and that's when they could start planning things.

For right now, he was unsure how long his little play would last, soon they would find out it was all an act. He was worried because he no longer had the mask he would use to communicate with others. He hoped that it was either destroyed or lost out in the jungle somewhere with the rest of the rubbish.

However, there was a chance someone had found it when it was on him. If they figured out what it was, it would certainly look bad for Logan. Especially since he had already stated, he was on his own.

He could have said there were others but knowing how the Blades acted, then they would have thought just keeping one alive for information was enough. This was also the first time he had been left alone since coming to the castle. It would have been impossible for Logan to update the others so they could all be telling the same story.

The second one of them said they were here for a different reason than him, they would have their own cover blown. Being chucked out of the sea by a large strange beast was not part of the plan, so Logan had never prepared for something like this.

Closing his eyes, he could sense the spiders better, and he was also trying to connect with his soul. There was a small warmth felt in his chest, but nothing else. It was certainly progressing from feeling nothing, but he still was unable to summon it.

Finally, it seemed like the spiders had discovered where Vorden was. A single floor under the first floor of the castle. Now he just needed to wait for the right time to go as well.

It wasn't long until Brock had returned and asked for Logan to come out again. Even if he did get some sleep, he would have been woken anyway. Brock then led him back into a reception room. It was a room that was a little ahead of when one would enter the castle.

"This is the boy I was talking about in the messages," Brock said entering, and Logan had followed. Sitting down on a sofa, he could see a fairly older middle-aged woman and behind her two boys.

'Logan, what the hell is he doing here!' Peter thought. 'He's already in the castle, and where is Quinn? I thought the two of them would be together by now?'

It was an unexpected surprise for Peter, but at the same time, this wouldn't be such a bad thing after all. The only problem was, Peter was under the disguise of someone else, and he needed to find out some way to tell Logan who he was without revealing himself.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Green," Pam said with her legs crossed. She didn't bother to get out of her seat as a sign of her power but at the same time wasn't being disrespectful. Brock was the one who actually placed his hand offering Logan to sit down.

"The Green family, one of the most influential families outside of the big four. It may have been a coincidence that you have arrived on this island, but I never thought there was a chance we could be working together. It would certainly make our lives a lot easier."

"Yes," Logan replied. "Although whoever was helping you out before or currently is doing a pretty good job, it was hard to find any information on the Blade family at all," Logan replied.

"Oh, so you knew about us. That's strange I didn't think the Green's did?"

"Maybe that's one of the reasons why you need me alive," Logan replied. 'You were almost invisible, but not quite. If I found out about you, then maybe others can as well."

This was a complete bluff on Logan's part. He had actually found nothing about the Blades, the only reason why he knew what he did, was thanks to Owen and Mona revealing things.

But there were two reasons why he had chosen to say this, one, hoping that it would reveal who had helped them out before. Two giving them a reason to keep him alive and so the two could work together.

Pam had a strange smile on her face and then started to laugh,

"You are a cocky little brat at your age," Pam replied. "Luckily I don't mind that, but let me tell you something that will shock you. The Blades never kept themselves hidden in the first place. Sure they didn't exactly shout about their name on the top of the lungs like the others, but we never tried to keep any of it under wraps either."

"What do you mean?" Logan said, confused. "Then why hide your involvement in everything. Why tell the big four to not reveal your names to anyone, and why dosen't the military know about you?"

"It certainly is a mystery, right?" Pam replied. "But what I'm telling you is the truth. We didn't do any of that. For a while now, for some reason, someone has been trying to make it appear as if the Blades never existed in the first place.

"You understand what I'm saying right, it wasn't us but someone else who wanted us to appear invisible to the outside world."


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