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647 Pushing to the limi
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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647 Pushing to the limi

Badly beaten and standing absolutely still, Logan was deep in thought. His body was still hurting with lumps over his body just as bad as the first few times he had fought with Vicky. Perhaps his bones were even broken, but he didn't care about any of that. His facial expression told a different story to the situation he was in.

"How did I do that?" Logan asked, turning around.

When looking at Vicky, she had a mark on her right shoulder. And she was holding it. She was in no way badly hurt or had been delivered a fatal wound, but they're certainly were a few marks, showing she had been injured.

"I told you, didn't I? When the human body is in a desperate situation, it can do some crazy things." Vicky replied, she too looked happy, as if she was looking at a successful student of hers. "Although I never thought this would be the result and this quickly."

Logan wanted to fight again, get the same feeling back, attempt to improve himself with it, and learn how to use it. But when he tried right now, there was no result at all. For a short amount of time, somehow Logan had done something he had never done before.

"You look like you don't quite understand, what you just did was use your soul weapon," Vicky replied. "I can tell because when I touched you before, I know what your ability is capable of. How do you think the first person discovered their soul weapon, by trying to connect with their inner chest and tuning off their mind? No. Rather through extreme circumstances that I have put you through like this one."

Going over to Logan, she started to heal him up again, she had already done this a few times for him. Logan's initial thoughts of Vicky were completely different from what he thought now.

He initially felt like she was someone who just enjoyed fighting and wanted to use him as a ragdoll, but from all of this, he had gained a lot and in such a short amount of time.

"Can we fight again?" Logan asked.

"And I thought you said you weren't a fighter?" She replied back. "We should rest, for now. If I pushed you to the extreme where you had to use your soul weapon, it might not be good to push you further, maybe your whole body will shut down, and you stop moving, forever."

"That can happen?" Logan replied. To him, what she was saying and what he was learning was a whole new world he knew nothing about. Everything that was happening just seemed illogical in how it worked, and he couldn't comprehend it.

"We can fight again tomorrow. I'm kind of jealous you know, you should treasure your soul weapon. That's proof that your not a Blade unlike us, we don't have soul weapons. Maybe it's something to do with our ability or something else, but no one in our family has ever received one before."

It was an interesting thing to note, and now Logan was wondering if they could copy soul weapons as well, but that just seemed impossible to him. Even without a soul weapon, the Blades were plenty strong anyway.

Brock was happy that the fighting had finally stopped, because now he was able to do what he was originally meant to do, and inform Pam about Green's collaboration.

At the temple, Peter had learned the full details of what Vorden had done, and it seemed like the island or family ideals, and Vorden's didn't quite match up, but Vorden was more of a sane person than all these crazy people here that seemed to be fine with what was going on.

But then he thought about Jazz's words, "No one would want a job like the one he was doing." It showed the people who did live on the island did have emotion, so then why was everyone willing to comply and go along, when Vorden was the only one that had gone against them?

The answer was simple. Deal, the child he was speaking to had said it all. The old man had stopped him with no trouble, the leader or the person at the top. He was the crazy one and was too strong for anyone to go against his word.

Even if the whole island tried to stage a coup, it seemed like he would be able to beat them. Right now, Peter was just happy that this person was off the island.

The good news was, he knew where Vorden was, locked up in the castle somewhere, and judging by the story, he would be willing to leave with them. Unlike others, who missed their family, he probably was happy to get away from his crazy family. So there would be no need to convince him.

Peter couldn't just disappear from the temple and head to the castle. If he disappeared, they would probably know something was up. There weren't many who lived on the island in the first place, so out of no choice, he decided that it was best to ask someone, and the only person he could was Jazz.

"You want to head to the castle?" Jazz asked. "You know, no one but the servants and the Blade family is allowed in the castle. What do you want to go in there for? Do you really hate it in the village that much?"

This was what Peter was afraid of, that Jazz would just ask too many questions.

"If you really want to go that bad, then I'll come with you." Jazz suddenly said. This was completely out of Peter's calculations. Just what was wrong with this guy?

"The best person to ask would be Pam. If we were still at the village, we could ask Duncan, but Pam should have a connection with Brock, who is in charge of the servants, maybe get us a transfer or something. Your right, life in the village is a little boring, maybe it will be good to see how those guys in the castle live that we work under."

If there was one thing that Peter did have to be thankful off with Jazz, was that he wasn't shy. At least with him, he was happy to do all the talking, and the less tasking Peter did, the less likely they were to be caught.

The two of them went to the main temple office, which was where Pam would be. It was where all the reports of the students would go, and where Peter was to head at the end of the day, but he had never spoken to Pam, only handed her the reports.

With a few knocks, they entered, and Jazz was his normally cheery self.

"I hope you two haven't come with me with any problems or complaints," Pam said without directly looking at them. She seemed to be sorting through the files on a floating digital screen and was doing about four or five tasks at once.

When looking at her, Peter thought one thing, efficient. She was someone who didn't waste any time and was always doing something.

"It should only be a little longer before Hilston, and the others get back. It seems that they are getting closer and closer to Burnie. Did he really think he could run away? I wonder if he will give in, in the end. His father looks like he doesn't have many years to live, and if he dies, it will weaken the Hilston's power. He won't like that." Pam started to mumble and talk to herself as if she was thinking out loud.

"I changed my mind. They will take longer than I originally thought. Hilston will know this, so he will do what he can to bring back Burnie alive, and even if Burnie is an idiot for running away, he is one of the big three and is strong. Unlike that, Jack Truedream."

If they didn't interrupt her soon, both of them could see her rambling on, until the two of them left and it would be as if they had never come.

Finally, Jazz saw the break he needed.

"We were thinking if it was possible we could get a transfer to the castle." Jazz asked.

"The castle, trust me, you two don't want to work there. The village, being a front line fighter on the Blade island, is probably the safest place for you to keep your lives. I would have said the temple, but recently because of what happened, that has greatly skewed those numbers. But most deaths happen in the castle."

"We're not afraid!" Jazz said sternly, placing his hand on the table. "You don't think we thought about this for a while before asking."

'Didn't you decide on a whim after I asked?' Peter thought.

For the first time, Pam stopped what she was doing and looked at the two of them. In particular, she looked at Peter and was staring for longer than usual.

'Did she notice something, my disguise should be near perfect enough.'

"I can only do a transfer after the event is over. I can put in a word to Brock, and when a position is open recommend you two, but I don't know why you would want to work in the castle directly."

At that moment, a message had been received, and the two boys were starting to leave the room. After reading the message, Pam called out to them.

"Wait, it looks like you boys are in luck," Pam said. "I have been requested to head to the castle to meet with a guest. If you really want to see what life is like at the castle. I will bring you two along with me."

It would only be for one day, but Peter would be in the castle. He didn't know where Quinn or Logan was, but this was his chance to save him and act.


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