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643 Little Borden“s will!
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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643 Little Borden“s will!

If Quinn was to place a bet on the first human he would have run into on this island, it would have never been little Borden. Although human wouldn't have been the right word to refer to him. Especially after witnessing something completely inhuman.

Something the size of a puppy had just knocked aside a huge black cat that was bigger than a tiger with a single punch! At the moment Borden didn't really look human either, he was in a form that they had seen him in only twice. Once, when Quinn had first met him as a single Spiked Dalki, and later on when he tried protecting his brother as a two spiked Dalki.

Judging by the blow he had delivered to the King tier beast just now, it seemed like even in his small size, with the two spikes sticking out of his back, he was just as strong. The only difference was his size which might be an advantage in some situations.

After the initial hit, Borden went in again, the beast was hurt, but it wasn't dead, and Quinn decided to help join in as well. Although he didn't do this to help Borden, for he could have easily taken out the beast himself. He had an ulterior motive. After scanning the beast, his inspect skill had levelled up once again, it had been a long time, but it was by far his most used skill. This time when levelling up it came with a handy feature.

While using his inspect skill on the beast, it would tell him the current state of the beast's condition. After being hit, by Borden, it had gone from Very good, which was a healthy green colour, to weak and had turned an orange colour. After a few hits from both Borden and him. The condition went to very weak becoming an even darker orange, and eventually, it became critical and was now red.

That was when Quinn knew to act, and put his Qi with a blood crescent kick right towards its neck, finishing the beast off. The reasons for stealing the kill here was because he could do with the exp.

There wasn't a first person ever to kill this beast bonus, but there was a first time Quinn had killed the beast bonus. It didn't matter to Borden if he got the kill or not so Quinn saw no harm done in this one.

Even with killing a king tier now though, with his current level it barely made a dent into him moving onto the next one. He could grind king tier beast all day, and he still wouldn't level up.

[23,400/13,107,200 Exp]

This was a number he never wanted to look at again.

The exp required to level up each time doubled, and this usually reset so far with every ten levels, but this time the jump from Noble to lord was twenty levels. Luckily Quinn had gotten enough instant level up quests from fighting strong opponents that he was able to get stronger at a quick pace.

The two started to extract the crystal and got to talking.

"Thank you Borden," Quinn said. "If you're here then I guess that means Vorden is too then?"

"Your right," Borden replied, but he seemed to be a little weak. His scales were retracting into his body, and most of his Dalki like features were reverting.

"Do we need to move, have we made too much noise?" Quinn asked.

"Don't worry about that, the only thing that this thing will attract is more beasts. There aren't any humans in this half of the island." Borden replied, still breathing quite heavily.

Seeing how hard it was for Borden to speak, Quinn asked no further questions for now. The crystal was extracted, and Borden had asked Quinn to follow him. Eventually, he had led him to a strange little hideout of his. It was a thin crack between two cliffs. Borden was able to get in quite easy, but for Quinn, it was a bit of a squeeze.

Soon though, the crack opened up into a nice open space, but if one was to look up, it thinned out again. There weren't many things that would be able to fall into a crack that thin.

The place was quite nice, it looked as if Borden had built everything he needed to live here for the rest of his days, a nice little tree looking house made of twigs and leaves, a large log being used as a chair and sofa of sorts.

And plenty of meat from the beasts that he had killed.

'I guess it's not poisonous to the Dalki?' Quinn thought.

Most of the beasts meat the human body had trouble digesting but not all. Because of this, one would only try eating beast meat if they were truly desperate, but ever since food pills became a thing for humans there was no longer any need for people to get to such dire situations.

What impresses him most about everything though, was there was a large pile of beast crystals in the corner, they were not ordinary crystals either. Every single one of them were king tier crystals. In total there looked to be about thirteen of them.

Even Quinn himself only had one piece of equipment at the king tier level, and one at the emperor tier, and here they were just sitting here.

"Did you get all those yourself?" Quinn asked.

Borden seemed to have recovered well now that he was no longer in his Dalki form. His heavy breathing stopped, and he was no longer sweating.

"Yeah, this island is full of king tier beasts and higher. I've been fighting a couple of them every day." Borden replied. "I'm guessing Vorden eventually called out to you then."

Quinn nodded with a firm look in his eyes. "That's why we're here. It's not just me, but two more of us came to bring Vorden back."

Borden, had paused for a second and the look in his eyes, looked as if he had lost a little hope.

"Do you know much about my brother's family?" Borden asked.

"Recently I have come to learn some things, but honestly I can't say I know much as they are a complete mystery," Quinn replied.

"Let me tell you something. Half of this island is filled with king tier and emperor tier beast, yet for some reason, they never go to the other half of the island. That's where my brother's family lives. Such strong beasts have chosen not to go to the other side.

"In my head, it sounds crazy, but after seeing Vorden lose that day to that man, and knowing the strength i saw that day, then it doesn't sound so crazy after all. It's like all these beasts know if they cross over to the other side, they will be killed in an instant. Do you understand what I'm saying, Quinn?

"Those people, Vorden's family, they aren't his family, they are monsters."

Borden went on to tell Quinn of the events with Vorden that day, how he had planned to escape but an old looking man had managed to stop him, how it wasn't even a fight between the two of them. There was no contest and a clear winner.

"It looks like he really does need help then," Quinn said. "Is the old man still here?"

Borden was surprised that Quinn had asked this, was it all planned for Quinn to arrive when he left.

"No he went out, and I have no idea when he will return," Borden replied.

"So we still have a chance, we can still get Vorden then."

"Let me stop you there Quinn because I thought the same thing. Do you know why I'm fighting these beasts every day? Even with my power as a full Dalki I realise I'm no match for them, at least in my current state.

"If we can't beat the king tier and emperor tier beasts on this part of the island that refuses to go to the other, then there is no point of us trying.

"Quinn, when I saw that old man leave. I thought it was my chance to do something to save Vorden, but his eyes looked dead. He refused to go with me, at the time I didn't understand why. I thought maybe he was afraid of those that were left behind.

"I decided to wait for you guys to come by, but one day I ran into him, a man named Duncan. Chasing a king tier beast that had gone to the other side, it headed to a certain village and that was when he came. Seeing me, the two of us fought and I had no choice but to use my Dalki form. At that point, the two of us were completely even.

"Still at most, I could keep up my form for three minutes, and in the end, I had to retreat. Every day since then, I have been fighting beast to get stronger. Now at most I can keep my dalki form for ten minutes, but I know it's not enough."

It was hard to say how strong the person Borden had run into, after all, there was a special trait the Dalki had that Borden wasn't able to use in his current state. The more injured he got, the stronger they became.

"If the people outside of the castle are this strong, then the people on the inside must be true monsters."

It was strange for Quinn to see Borden like this. He had Dalki blood on him, and they loved to fight any enemy that they saw as strong, never backing down. It wasn't like Borden was backing down, but Quinn could tell he was greatly affected.

The only good news was that it seemed like the stronger of the Blade's had left the island.

"Quinn, if you want to save Vorden then before doing that, you will need to beat me. Fight me. If you can beat me in a fight, then I will come with you to the castle."


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