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637 Dangerous place on earth
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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637 Dangerous place on earth

It hadn't been long since Logan and Quinn had last spoken. Currently, Quinn was busy making preparations along with Fex to eventually head to Owen's coordinates.

Things were running smoothly now on the ship as well as on the Crow's planet. This was because, after the meeting with the Graylash leader, it was reasonable to think that they had decided they would not get involved with Quinn and his group's business. They could have easily done something about it there and then, and this was later confirmed when Blip had spoken with his special contact.

According to him, they could keep the planet as a reward for successfully defending it against the Sunshields. At least for now.

Without worrying about the Graylash family wanting to take back their planet. They were free to use it as a second base and to take quests for hunts of beasts when needed.

Inside his room, Fex was looking at his amour, flask and ring that he needed to take.

"Well this is going to be another fun adventure," Fex said, smiling.

"Yeah, it's a shame that you're going to miss out on it because you're not going." A voice said from behind. Turning around, Fex could see Peter standing by the door.

"What do you mean, I already volunteered back at the meeting. Everyone saw me say I was going to go. Crazy." Fex quietly said the last word out.

"You already went with them when they went to the Crow's faction. We even said that we would take it in turns doing this type of crap. I thought vampires didn't go back on their word?" Peter argued.

He had already spent a long time on the ship doing nothing, and even though there were others now onboard, he didn't really speak to them much. If Quinn was going off again, he would be bored once more.

"Yeah, exactly and you heard me say to everyone that I was coming along with Quinn. Vorden came to save you and me when we were in the vampire world, so I owe him this."

A sudden grab was felt around Fex's wrist. It was tight and Fex tired to move slightly, but Peter had incredible strength, more so than Fex did.

"And that's why I need to go," Peter said. "Vorden has done a lot more for me even before that. Remember me and Quinn knew him before we met you. Please, I need to do this."

With Peter's hearted plea, even though it was hard to tell if Peter was being emotional or not by his eyes. Fex gave in. "Alright fine, show me how to control this giant ship then."

It was a small team, the original school gang minus the girls would be going to save one of their own. Peter, when making his case had thought about this for a long time, he really did owe Vorden a lot. Both him and Quinn helped him so much before the turn.

Even if some could say he was slowly repaying the favour to Quinn, he hadn't done much for Vorden, and this would be his way of repaying him.

On his way, to inform Quinn of the news that he would be going instead of Fex, he had passed by Linda, Dennis and Blip who seemed to be having an interesting conversation. But Peter wasn't a busy body and didn't care, so he continued to move forward.

"We got another great hall sis," Blip said. "You really should come with us next time. The people here are settled in and fine now, there is no longer any need for you to babysit them."

"Yeah, me and Blip have made a great team, and we even got a king tier crystal the other day. We were thinking of going along the borders of the new land, but it's risky to bring along anyone else in case we run into an emperor tier when we're there. If you're worried, then let Megan handle the duties here, or Paul, Kazz there are plenty of choices. Remember were no longer the only leaders anymore, the people need to get used to listening to others than just us all of the time." Said Dennis.

Dennis and Blip had been going out on high level quests quite often. In fact they were the only ones, and from time to time they would also bring Nate with them. However, before Blip and Linda would often go on quests but ever since she had changed, she had stated she was just too busy looking after the people and the ship. She knew as soon as she did go out on the quest that there would be trouble.

She honestly didn't know how much longer she could keep saying no to Paul and Dennis without them getting suspicious. She was quite thankful that at times like this, her brother was a little slow.

"If there's nothing going on, then I guess next time I'll have to go with you, but if we're exploring the new lands. I think it would be good if we at least waited until Quinn got back from this. Even if it's only the borders, I think it's something he would want to come along for, right?"

Relectuneitly, the two of them thought that made sense.

"Fine." Blip said as he walked off but noticed that Dennis had stayed behind.

"Dennis, you coming?" Blip asked.

"You go ahead , I just wanted to talk to Linda about something."

"Oh, well I look forward to becoming an uncle soon then!" He shouted as he ran off before his sister could find something to pick up and hit him with.

After shouting all sorts of curses at her brother, when she returned to look at Dennis she noticed his face was red.

"Are you okay, you're not sick, or anything are you?" Linda asked.

"No just…forget it," Dennis said. "I wanted to say whatever you're hiding from your brother, if you can't tell him and you need to speak to someone about it then you can always talk to me."

Linda looked around the room before saying anything at all, and that's when she spotted Kazz and Paul talking together. She always seemed to be snooping around somewhere. It was impossible to say anything with her around, and Linda knew how dangerous that girl was. So dangerous that she had nearly died from It.

"I'm fine, I can deal with it myself," Linda said, walking off and wanting to get away from where Kazz was before she did something.

"Did I say something wrong," Dennis said looking at Paul.

Peter had finally returned to the command post where Quinn was just blankly staring into space doing nothing. He had been like that for a while. Apart from his daily routine to help him with his Qi control, he didn't do much these days. Too concerned or too focused.

[Incoming call from "Logan Green"]

Immediately Quinn went ahead and answered it.

"Good news?" Quinn asked.

"Good or bad, it depends on how you really look at the situation we are in. We are about to go into one of the potentially most dangerous places, so I wouldn't exactly call it good news, but it's the news you have been waiting for." Logan started to explain.

"I told Mona I wouldn't get involved with the Blades but to tell me when they were moving after your conversation with the Graylashes. Apparently, the Blades have already started moving." A small map of the current area of space, where the beast planets resided in was brought up to both of them.

"You see, the Sunshields are moving forward, and the territory directly in front of them belongs to the Graylashes. To the outside, it looks like the Sunshields are attacking everyone, but their main force is heavily focused on the Graylashes. When we look at the diagram here, it turns out that the Balde's were also attacking the Sunshields planets one by one. Do you understand what I'm saying?" Logan asked.

"The Sunshields, they weren't attacking the Graylashes out of anger for them not teaming up. They're running away from the Blades." Quinn replied.

"Exactly, the blades have already gotten rid of the basis on two of the Sunshields planets according to Mona. The split in the Sunshields is so the Blades are unable to find where Burnie currently is, but if I was to take a guess, it would be where the main forces currently are. Inside the Graylash territory.

"The good news in all of this it should take a while before the Blades find Burnie, the bad news is, we have to leave now if we don't want to get caught by them returning."

The call ended, and it was finally time for Quinn, Logan and Peter to get Vorden back.


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