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635 Too large of a hurdle
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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635 Too large of a hurdle

Feeling something touching his hand, Deal looked up and could see his teacher's sweet smile, the green aura that was within his palm started to die down.

"Vorden," Deal said as he sniffled.

"Close kid, but I'm going to need to come in for this one," Raten replied.

The kids were confused, unsure now what to do. The same person that had stopped Deal had said moments ago that they would all need to fight to the death.

"What do we do Bubble, he is disturbing the event." One of the teachers asked. "But he is someone from the castle, can he do this? "

"If the event was meant to be stopped, then I would have been informed. This is something he chose to do himself. Capture him now, and we can ask questions later."

Raten then with Deal's wrist threw the kid outward, into the others, he tumbled and crashed a bit as the throw was quite forceful. Raten knew the teachers would be acting right now and wanted to get him out of the way quickly.

"I've been waiting to do this for a long time, you guys who just stand there and watch as these kids kill themselves are just as guilty." The green aura was now formed into Raten's hand. He quickly blasted the ground beneath him, using it as a powerful laser.

Small rocks and such broke off straight from the ground and flew outward in all directions. A few of them had hit something, making them go off target. Even though they were invisible now, he knew where some of them were.

With his other hadn't free, he made it so his fingertips themselves could also shoot out lasers. He fired one-off in the direction of where the rocks swayed from their path, the Laser looked as if it was stopped mid-air, but soon after a man could be seen falling to the ground from the attack.

"Do you really think you guys can take me on? Even when I was these kid's age, I wouldn't have had a problem. There is a reason why you were never selected for this event in the first place." Raten said, as he felt the wind move slightly and another person had thrown a kick.

Lifting his forearm around the side of his head, he blocked the attack, and grabbed it with his other hand, before kicking him to the ground.

What Raten had said was true, and it was why he thought his plan when they were kids might have worked. The teachers and servants around the facilities, all of them could only hold one ability similar to Vorden. They were deemed so untalented with no potential they never had a life at the Temple.

Sure they were adults who had gone through training, but for someone like Raten, this was a piece of cake.

"How is he beating us so easily, isn't he the youngest one? Didn't the family always complain about how he was no longer his former skilful self?" Bubble said.

Even without the use of two abilities, the man he was watching was stronger, faster and more skilled. Finally, around where Raten was standing, ten or so bodies laid there on the floor. The kids had moved off the open grounds in front of the Temple and were standing at the edge of the Temple, watching everything that was happening.

One of them crouched downs and looked at a body that was close to him, it was unmoving, eyes lifeless with a burn mark through the chest.

"Why, why are the teachers fighting against each other?" The student started to cry. They were confused, was Vorden the bad guy that had killed all the people they knew their whole lives, or was he the saviour that had come to save them during their time of need.

"Bubble, I know you're out there somewhere, let's not make this hard, why don't you just let me tie you up," Raten suggested, but then the kid who was near the Temple looking at the body had been grabbed. He was yanked forward away from the rest, and a figure had appeared behind him.

Bubble held the kid with a knife to his throat.

"Raten switch with me!" Vorden demanded, knowing Raten might just escalate the situation.

"Vorden give up." Bubble said. "I know you're skilful, but there are more teachers who are moving the wall, and this whole event gets broadcasted to the main castle. Maybe you didn't know this, but your whole family is probably watching this right now, and they're on their way here already."

Vorden clenched his fist in frustration, he actually had no idea about this. This was the first time the event had taken place since his time. If Vorden wasn't sent to the Temple, then he too would have been invited to watch the event. He thought Bubble or someone else would just give them a report.

This certainly threw a spanner into the works if they were already moving from the castle.

"I'm sorry Bubble, I was going to try to convince you, maybe come over to our side and help us, but now with what you have told me. It doesn't look like I'll have time."

Switching back to Raten, a green laser was shot out from his finger tip and had hit Bubble right between his two eyebrows, shortly after he fell to the floor.

"You should have stayed invisible," Raten said.

Switching with Vorden once again he looked at the kids who equally looked at him back. A single person had killed all of their teachers. They knew the strength the teachers and the others had, and it looked like he had dealt with them easily.

Some of the kids stepped back, scared Vorden might now kill them, but not Deal.

"Everything I said before was true. If you want, you can stay here and find out for yourselves. You saw how he grabbed one of you kids and used you as a hostage without a second thought, and if I wanted to kill you, I could do so easily to all of you now.

"I went through the horror of killing my friends and those closest to me, I don't want you to do the same. I'm going to go off this island, and if you want to as well, then come with me."

The first two kids to walk over to Vordens side, was the one that had been saved, and was held hostage by Bubble, and Deal. They trusted him now. Slowly seeing this, and realising Vorden's words made sense. All thirty or so kids had gone over to his side.

Some thought maybe they could see the outside world, some still thought that Vorden might hurt them, and others who just didn't want to be alone and were simply being sheep, but Vorden didn't care what their reason was. Deep down, he knew he was saving them.

Touching them all, all of the children had been passed on the invisibility ability. Now they ran to the destination and Vorden would make small sounds as he went so the others could follow.

Back at the castle, they had seen everything, and his brother, sister, mother and father had remained silent through the whole thing waiting for Hilston to say something.

"This was not what I was expecting." Hilston said, "But I can't say it's a horrible result. Still, it doesn't change the fact that he has betrayed me just like Caser did many years ago. We shall capture him. We will split up and go to all the possible places that he can escape from. Bring him back alive, if you can." Hilston ordered.

The others went ahead and put on their beast gear. Even though Vorden didn't have any himself, they could see he was far more skilful than what he was before and not wanting to die themselves, they were going to fight with their full strength. However, Hilston didn't worry about beast gear for this one.

On the way, they had met a few chained around the island, and Vorden had set them free, he didn't explain much but just said they were trying to get off this place. They too had agreed to join and were running along with him.

One of them was an earth ability user. When reaching the wall, the switch with Sil was made, the kids saw for a second saw spikes come out from the wall, but the instant they activated Sil lifted an earth wall of his own and the spikes broke off, destroyed and fell to the ground. Then throwing out a large attack into the wall, it was partially destroyed, giving them an area to run through.

With thirty or so kids having also gained a few mixed abilities and Sil leading the charge, it was quick work when dealing with the teachers who were in charge of the wall. They carried on running forward through the jungle-like area, not slowing down and they had finally reached their destination, the beach.

On the beach, a large hanger like platform had been built out, connected by a wide metal bridge floating partly in the sea. On it, were several ships including his own he had come in that had been moved here. However, Sil was frozen, and the kids had stopped behind him.

Standing on the beach before one could even reach the hanger. Hilston stood there.

"Out of all the places you could have chosen to try and escape from, it looks like I chose the right one. This is either incredibly lucky for me, or incredibly unlucky for you." He said.


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