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634 The Event ends now
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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634 The Event ends now

It didn't take any convincing at all for both Vorden and Raten to be in on the plan. Vorden hated the idea of anyone going through what they had to. Maybe Quinn's righteousness for a change in society was rubbing off on him.

As for Raten, he was happy to see the whole place burn and was imagining the look on Hilston's face when he left the place with the kids. Where would they go, well, he knew Quinn would accept him and the kids if he asked to. They could probably survive on the large spaceship for a while.

The problem was, doing this meant they would be enemies of the Balde family, which would make it, so Quinn had another large target on his back. Vorden and Sil just didn't want to do that to Quinn.

Instead, they would go to their own planet and hide it out for a while.

When they returned back that day, with only two days remaining, Vorden needed to act fast. But he had to go to the temple every day, there was no chance for him to find a way to escape. Luckily he had a little helper.

"Borden, I need you to try to find out where they keep all the ships. See if there is one big enough to take multiple people." Vorden asked, and of course, Borden agreed and was actually happy that he was needed for a change.

The ship Vorden had come in was far too small, but he knew that the Blade's kept several things on the island in secret somewhere, and Borden being the little explorer by now had a pretty good idea of where it would be.

The next day. Vorden attended his work at the temple as usual. Just like before, none of the teachers had informed the kids of what was going to happen.

"Hey, Vorden, do you mind looking over the kids tonight? The rest of us have to go and do.. .you know what." Bubble asked.

Vorden of course agreed, he couldn't really decline and he knew exactly what Bubble was talking about. They were going to get the Chained ready for tomorrow's event. However, they were told specifically to not let Vorden go there himself.

He would still be taking part in the event tomorrow, and would be given an invisibility ability. This way, he wouldn't have much power to even try to fight if he wanted to, and he was only to keep an eye out on the children.

Hilston wasn't stupid and could guess that Sil was acting the way he did due to anger and sadness. He thought he would have gotten over it by now, but it appeared that he hadn't. If he were to go with the Chained, he could touch the strongest ability users below and even be a match for Hilston himself.

His heart raced, thinking about going up against a six ability user, he himself was only a five ability user. Would he still be able to win, but now was not the time for that.

When they returned, Vorden was free to head back to the castle, and when he did Borden was there waiting for him in his room. In Borden's hand, he held out a small sausage, but it was still nearly as big as Borden. He had to hug the thing to be able to even attempt to eat it.

"That's great news, so there is a ship large enough to hold everyone. What I need you to do, is when we get there, do you think you could go on a small rampage?" Vorden asked. "Destroy all the ships as quick as you can, and then we can head off. "

"Of course, I've been beating up a couple of beasts here and there but was waiting for something else," Borden said.

"What?" Vorden nervously said.

"Calm down, at times it's natural for some strong beasts to tumble and fight with each other. It's nothing out of the ordinary, so if I didn't give one or two a beating, it would look even more suspicious." Borden explained.

That night it was a struggle for Vorden to sleep, as well as the other two in his mind. He tossed and turned as he went through everything in his head, the possible scenarios and just how fast they would have to act to make things work.

How long would it take for the castle to find out, how long would it take them to get from the castle to the ship area, which is located on the west end of the beach? Was there enough time?

There was also another problem he could think of. Vorden didn't even know how to fly a large spaceship. The smaller ones were simple, but the larger ones more could go wrong since they had so many buttons. Right now he wished Logan was with him. When thinking about Logan, he started to think about the others too. He wished they were all with him right now.

He thought about all the things they had done together. He was used to doing dangerous things due to everything he had done with Quinn and the others. Only this time, he would be doing it all on his own.

All these thoughts filled their heads, and before they knew it, the sun started to rise, and it was time to put their plan into motion.

The students had been gathered, around thirty of them outside on the Temple grounds just like before and at the front, Bubble was giving each one of them the instructions of the events.

"There will be Chained stationed all across the area. Use their abilities to fight and survive. Remember the wall will be coming at you constantly, so each one of you is on a timer."

Deal couldn't believe what he was hearing, he wanted to break down in tears like he usually did but instead was looking for teacher Vorden, when he spotted him standing by the side.

Upon seeing him while Bubble was in the middle of his explanation and was on the last few details, Deal shouted.

"Teacher, is this true?"

Vorden nodded in response and stood forward, he looked at Bubble as he decided to take over the talking from here.

"Just like you guys, I was told to participate in this event when I was younger. I was the only survivor of the whole thing and now live in the castle. I will tell you now, this is very real. People you thought were your friends will stab you in the back. Don't bother forming groups because it will only hurt more when you have to turn on each other.

"Just like Bubble said, you all have to remember there is only one survivor and winner of this game. There is no ability that can bring back the dead."

All of them there had spoken to Vorden. They knew how happy and bubbly he was to each of the kids when he spoke to them. Even though he had been here a short time, he actually tried to make conversation with each of them, and had quickly become their favourite teacher.

Now, hearing his tone of voice sound like so, they knew he was serious, and they were already starting to believe it was very real.

"Very well, with that said. Let the event begin!" Bubble shouted, it was the signal for each of them to turn invisible. The teachers disappeared, and all the kids were in a deep state of panic.

The teachers moved around, staying a good distance away, watching their every move. Nothing had happened yet, but just like last time, the first student had acted. He went forward and grabbed the ability of the Chained in front of them all.

Surprisingly though, the one that had acted was Deal. He grabbed the Chained, and in his palm, a strange green energy started to form.

"Please, nobody move!" Deal said with a face full of tears. "I don't want us to hurt each other. We don't have to listen to them, we can, we..can fight against the evil." Deal said, rubbing his eyes.

The others were frozen, thinking if they moved, he would throw out the green beam of energy at them. They could see Deal was unstable and were worried he would turn on them at any second.

"Please!" Deal shouted. "Let's save everyone."

And at the moment, he felt someone grab his hand from behind.

"Well said. Let's save everyone." Vorden replied.


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