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633 History can“t repea
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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633 History can“t repea

When Sil had passed out on the floor that day in the throne room, his family thought something was seriously wrong with him. He was still alive and breathing, but it was like he was in a coma. Unresponsive to anything on the outside.

This had caused Hilston to go into a mighty rage, he wanted everyone to work on getting him awake as soon as possible. All of the resources they had were used.

However, everything they tried just didn't seem to work. No ability seemed to be waking him up. Meanwhile, in the black room, Vorden and Raten knew the reason very well, it was because somehow he was with them and not out there.

The two things couldn't be a coincidence.

At first, the two of them didn't really know how to approach Sil. Even when they didn't have this slightly awkward air and bad blood, it was hard. They were stuck in here, in this dark room because of him and they were unsure whether they could ever get out or not.

After thinking about it for a while, both of them felt like they couldn't really blame him for the situation they were in either.

In that event there was no chance of them escaping, they saw that now. Hilston had lied to Sil, and he would have naturally been the winner of the event anyway.

If they were put in the same position, maybe they would have done the same thing as well.

"Sil, are you really not going to go back?" Vorden asked.

"That liar, I will never see that man ever again, liar, liar, liar," Sil continued to shout, setting him off again.

He had been like this for a while, they thought maybe he would calm down after a few days, but he was adamant on not returning to his body. Somehow Sil was fine being stuck in the black room all day, but for Vorden and Raten it was torture.

They were experiencing nothing, no taste or smells of food, no conversation apart from between each other, and had nothing to entertain themselves. Eventually, Sil could see this and felt a little bad, he started to wonder if there was something he could do.

"If you want, one of you can go out there instead," Sil said, and suddenly in the room, a strange type of chair appeared.

The two of them looked at each other, and the next second, Raten shoved Vorden aside as he ran ahead. "You can stay in here for a while!" Raten shouted.

"Wait!" Vorden cried. "If you go out there now you're going to have to speak to them all. You're going to have to pretend to be like Sil and try to find out if there is a way we can get out of here at the same time. Are you sure you can do all that?"

Vorden's words made Raten stop and think for a second as his hand was about to touch the seat. Vorden was right. In the end, Vorden took over, and when he awoke in the seat, he was in a room.

The whole castle made a fuss, and it was reported to Hilston immediately. For a while, Vorden had done a good job mimicking how Sil would act.

That was until the training had begun. Just like Hilston had said it was only the start. Now Vorden had to go through multiple life and death situations, and the first one was fighting an advanced level beast. They had allowed him to touch a few Chained beforehand and Vorden had gone along with it.

But quickly he came to realise that even though he was in Sil's body, for some reason just like his old self, he could only control one ability. Fighting the beast proved difficult, and everyone watching felt like his powers, and MC cells were unusually weak.

When it looked like he was about to die, Hilston had come in to defeat the beast at the last second.

"What the hell is going on?" Hilston thought.

With no way out of their situation and for fear they might have made it worse, they decided to spill the beans. Hilston wasn't as angry about this as they thought, but he was slightly confused about what had happened and how it came to be so. However, that quickly changed when he found out that Sil refused to come out.

As the years went past, there were a few things they discovered which they hadn't informed Hilston or the others of. When Vorden was in control he could take on one ability, for Raten it was two abilities, but for Sil, it was three.

Sil was far weaker than what he once was, and the other two couldn't help but think they were partially to blame. This was never brought up to Hilston.

After some more time had passed, Vorden had tried to find out what exactly happened to them. Why were the three of them trapped in one body? Surprisingly, he had convinced his brother Pai to break the silence and was the one that had told him the truth.

Before Caser had died, he had gone down to fetch the Chained with the other teachers. He was already aware of what was to happen to him as Hilston had told him his plan and he had agreed. He knew his life was over and why he was doing it.

While down there, he had touched a Chained with the said ability to transfer consciousness. Soon after, he had poisoned him to release him from a slow death. When falling to his own death, he touched Sil's skin allowing the ability to last for a full 24 hours.

The event started in the early morning and didn't take long to end. The only two people Sil had killed that day were Vorden and Sil, and so their minds were transported into Sil's body. Before the castle found out about what had happened, it was already too late. Never before had someone gone against the main Blade family.

If they told you to die for them, then that's what needed to be done. It was a first.

The original with the ability had died. It was one with a rare ability, and apparently, they could no longer find it. However, abilities did have a habit of reappearing in people. Even if all the people had died with that knowledge, someone down the bloodline would make it appear again.

But because of this, they had no way of transporting their bodies into others, but if they did have the ability, then it would be possible.

Back in the present time, Vorden had relived everything and so had the other two. Coming back to the Temple wasn't a good memory at all for any of them, but they had learnt to cope and live with the three of them.

Right now, Vorden was in the middle of one of his counselling sessions. He felt distracted because honestly, he wasn't listening to them as thoughts filled his mind. At the end of every session, he needed to ask the students a set of questions, and they would be filled out on the tablet.

The report would be sent back, and it was up to them what they needed to do with it. This job involved far more than when he was a kid, and he felt like the reason was Sil.

After dealing with this student, there was one more at the end of the day. Deal had come into the room, and he had come in with a bigger smile than ever before.

"Vorden!" Just like how Sil was happy to see Caser, Deal was now happy to see Vorden as well, but Vorden wasn't the one he wanted to see. Quickly Vorden switched with Sil. Because this whole time through every single council session, Sil had been looking after him.

Every day, he would reenact a new chapter of the superhero saving them and Deal would be excited to hear, listening to every word. Vorden was still impressed that Sil could remember those books so well with no references, he couldn't imagine how many times he and Caser must have read them together.

This week's reenactment of a chapter was a little shorter than usual, so they had a bit of time to talk.

"Vorden, when I grow up and get out of here, I want to be a superhero as well!" Deal said. "Maybe I can break out all the kids here, and we can go exploring the outside. When we save people, they will reward us with all the candy and hamburgers in the world."

Hearing this, it reminded Sil and every one of what their fate was soon to be. In fact, it was now only two days away until the event would happen. When Deal left, Vorden was ready to switch bodies as they normally did.

Instead, Sil stood there, staring at the ground for a while.

"Is he okay?" Raten asked.

"Shh!" Vorden snapped back.

A few seconds later, Sil, through his own control, had walked out of the council room and headed into the main hall where most of the kids were. They were playing, teasing each other and some even fighting.

What Sil would have done to go back to these simple days. He remembered how he hated the teasing and the name-calling, but that seemed so little and pointless now.

"Guys, I have decided," Sil said. "I don't care what happens to me, but I don't want what happened to us to happen to them. Let's break them out of here."


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