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628 The past event starts
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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628 The past event starts

The day had ended, and Vorden returned to the castle, his feet felt heavy with each step, and the first day was tiring for him. In more ways than one. He didn't expect when coming here to have to go to the Temple for a while. He had wanted to confront the past himself but just didn't think it would happen so soon.

Not only that, but Sil had been crying nonstop inside the darkroom, which could be heard for both Raten and Vorden. The best person for calming Sil down would be himself, but while he was out here, it was impossible, and right now he needed someone by his side all the time. A few words wouldn't be enough.

Sure he could switch with Raten, but Raten at times could get very wild and unpredictable, and they didn't need that here. He couldn't imagine what Raten would say to one of the students if they needed speaking to him.

Since that fateful day for the three of them, Sil hadn't been out much or taken the seat. And he was pretty much the same Sil, from back then as he was now. Unable to deal with things or cope with things. Or as Raten would describe him, a cry baby.

Everything was too much, and Vorden was just wondering what Hilston was trying to get by sending them back there.

When entering the castle, he thought he would be called upon, and asked about Sil again. His grandpa seemed to be obsessed with Sil compared to all the others, even more so than his brothers and sisters who lived in the castle.

However, while walking past Vorden picked up on some rumours, it turned out that the Sunshields were acting out more than they had expected and they would need to move out soon. It was bad timing, as it also seemed to collide with the usual event.

Because of this, he was able to be left on his own, which was nice. When he returned to his room, Borden would update him about what he saw on the other half of the island. It looked like he was keeping track of what Beasts the Blade family-owned, and Vorden had to say some of them were really impressive. They had higher tier beasts then he expected.

It wasn't somewhere Vorden himself was familiar with as he hadn't gone to that part of the island much, apart from a few training sessions he would have here and there.

"Just don't get caught, okay?" Vorden said as he went to sleep for that day.

Maybe if Borden did get caught, it would be a distraction from what he was currently facing.

When he woke up, it was the usual routine of heading to the Temple, only this time it would only be for work. Throughout the day, students would be sent to him to be looked over and talked to. Most of the time, it was just petty problems, and the kids just wanted someone to listen.

They didn't have parents to confide in after all, or when they had questions, they didn't know who to ask. The people closest to them for guidance and who they felt like they could rely on were the teachers.

Still, he wasn't as busy as the other teachers since his task was split up between two teachers, so there was quite a bit of free time for him to watch the other students. At the moment, he was watching them go through combat training.

They had brought out a chained person who was blindfolded and was at the front of the class. Each of them was told to touch the chained to copy the ability, which would be the water ability for today.

The instructor at the front did the same, and following his words and movements, all of the students who were spread out would have to follow. When looking at them, he had spotted the student from before who was crying in the classroom, he was struggling to even form the water in his hands.

Speaking to him a bit more, he found out his name was Deal. He thought that maybe Deal would be like Sil, but it wasn't the case at all. When looking through the reports, the most skilful person in this group could hold three abilities at once.

It really hit home. That there had yet to be a person who could hold as many abilities as Sil could. He was certainly a special child. It would also explain why Hilston was so obsessed with him.

However, he didn't understand the why. Hilston was near enough already the strongest person. Why the need to do all this and look for someone stronger? This was what he didn't understand and was also something no one would dare just outright ask him.

As Vorden continued to look at the man chained up and tied to the wooden pole. It was reminding him of that day. The day after Caser had died.

It was early morning that day when all the thirty or so students had been gathered. They were all brought out onto the ground floor and in front of them was a chained tied to a pole. The kids looked at each other for a few seconds. It was odd because until now all the combat classes had been in the afternoon and not the morning.

"I heard the people talking this morning, they were moving about and setting something up," Vorden whispered to Raten. "I think something special might be going on today."

Although Raten could hear what Vorden was saying, he was looking around trying to find Sil. Yesterday night when returning to the others, he didn't say a single word to them. His eyes looked blank, dead, and when Raten said his usual taunts, there was no reaction from him at all.

Eventually, he had spotted Sil at the back of the group, while the two were near the front. Raten wanted to call out to him, but the teacher had already started speaking, so it was too late.

"Today is a special day for you all." The teacher said. "Today is the day you will finally graduate from the Temple, and one of you will be selected to go to the castle. As you know, this has always been the aim of the Temple."

"And no I didn't misspeak only one of you, will be selected." When he spoke those words, the expression on the teacher's face remained dark. It didn't change, and he wasn't his usual cheery, playful self.

Some of the kids were starting to worry about what exactly was going on.

"A number of your teachers with the earth ability are positioned in a circle around the island. They have copied the earth ability and together have created a solid wall surrounding all of you like so." The teacher stomped his foot on the ground, and a part of the wall was raised up.

He then picked up a rock and threw it against the wall, as soon as it touched several hard spikes appeared in an instant, hitting and crushing the rock. If a human had touched that wall, they would have been killed.

"As time passes, this wall surrounding the area will become smaller and smaller as the teachers move forward, and it will only carry on moving forward until a single person is left remaining alive."

Hearing this, one of the students broke out crying. Raten immediately turned his head, expecting it to be Sil but it wasn't it was another. At that moment, one of the teachers standing by the side walked over, he lifted his hand and gave the child a slap across the face.

"This is not a game, you will have no time for crying. If you want to live then fight, if not then throw yourself into the wall!" The teacher shouted. Clearly, he was emotional about what was happening, and even he didn't know how to react.

"These people are crazy. Does the castle know about this?" Vorden whispered.

"You're an idiot," Raten said. "The people in the castle are the ones who ordered this."

"The Blades believe that their bodies must be sharpened. Each time getting stronger and to do that, they must go through life and death experiences. This will be the first of many for the winner."

"Each time you survive, the cells in your body will react. This is how the Blades have always improved themselves, and this is how they will continue to."

"See this chained here." The teacher pointed to the man who was tied up blindfolded and gagged so they couldn't say anything.

"There are many of the chained randomly scattered out across the island. Tied to a poll just like this one. Each one of them with a different ability. Use this knowledge as you wish, use it to survive."

"Some of you are smarter than others, you will need to think fast and appropriately. Some of you are better fighters, and lastly, some of you are the best at using abilities. Work together, betray each other, whatever you can you must survive."

"But you all have to remember at the end of the day. There will only be one winner. The event starts now!"


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