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625 A strange trio
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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625 A strange trio

Sil continued to sob in the corner of the classroom, and most of the students chose to ignore him, preparing themselves for the class they were about to have, and catching up on what they had done the other day.

The only one that had gone to approach him was Vorden. However, he had understood why the others had given up in trying to help, it was because this had become a daily occurrence. To put it simply, Sil was a crybaby that took the littlest of things and blew them up in that mind of his.

Sitting down next to him with his back against the wall mimicking him, Vorden was trying to comfort him. "Go on, why don't you tell me why Raten said you stink?"

Raten was already in his seat that wasn't too far from the back of the class, Vorden could see him peeking over and looking behind at them.

"Yesterday, when the results came out. He turned to me and said I stink." Sil replied while taking deep breaths from his crying. "So today, when I woke up, I showered extra careful. More than I usually do, using soap everywhere. Then he called me stinky again this morning."

"I was just greeting you!" Raten shouted. "I have names for everyone. Square face, ding a ling, two faced, rat eyes, bubble gut and weak balls that's next to you right now."

"Weak balls?" Vorden chuckled, he didn't know if it was true, as he had never heard Raten call him that before, at least not to his face, or if he just regretted what he had said and was hoping Sil would cheer up.

"Really, it's normal," Sil said, wiping away his tears. "Then what should I call you?"

Standing up, Raten placed his foot on his chair with his knee up and then pointed at himself.

"Number one, because I'm the best in this class."

"Aren't you number two?" One of his classmates said.

"Isn't that why you called him stinky in the first place."

"Ha, and in written exams, he's in the last place." The other kids commented.

Raten's face had gone bright red, and he immediately went to sit back down in his seat. He had his head held down, and a piece of water had dropped down on the table from his face.

"Are you crying?" One of his classmates sitting next to him said. "How could someone with such a big head be so soft, I think you're the real crybaby."

"Shut up!" Raten said, turning to his fellow student. He grabbed the back of his head and slammed it down on the desk with a wallop. His head flung back up, and a bloody nose squirted blood out everywhere.

Immediately Vorden and Sil got up from the corner of the classroom and held back Raten's arms so he couldn't do anything more.

"I'll kill him, I'll kill him. What's wrong with him, why can't he mind his own business and keep his mouth shut? Do people have to comment on every single little thing that happens around them?"

Eventually, the teacher had entered the room and had gotten them to calm down. The three, Sil, Raten and Vorden were sent out of the classroom. While the teacher would ask the class what exactly happened.

This wasn't exactly the first time something like this would happen where the three of them were together. Sil didn't really have any friends due to his crybaby like nature. As for Raten he had a few problems. Raten was skilled when it came to fighting and using abilities, and because of it, the other students felt like he was a little big headed.

But there was a frustration he carried with him all the time. There was one person who would outdo him on the ability test, and that was Sil. With the constant teasing from his classmates and this frustration, it led to him having some anger issues, and outbreaks that happened like before, would become frequent.

Then there was Vorden. The talkative type, he was able to talk to anyone but at the same time, felt like he really wasn't making a connection with anyone as well. At the start, he thought he considered some of them friends but soon found out they didn't feel the same way.

The reason being, he too was shunned in the class, the reason for this might be why Raten had given him his name. When it came to Vorden, he achieved the lowest results compared to everyone, he was a loser.

They were kids, and the Temple put a lot of emphasis on trying to become the best. Constantly showing rankings in different fields. Naturally, they started to feel if they hung out with him, he would only drag them down as well.

This led to the current situation. Although it was hard to call them friends, the three of them became common acquaintances who would out of no choice of their own, hang out with each other more than anyone else.

Standing against the wall, Raten's legs were getting tired as the adrenaline would start to leave his body as well. He let out a big sigh.

"I can't believe I got held back by Weak balls and Stinky."

"Well, we don't want number one getting in trouble," Sil said.

Raten turned to look at Sil. He started to grit his teeth, and then the anger suddenly just left him. Sil was the one person for some reason he could just never get angry at. Even though they were kids, he seemed to be even more childish. Naive to the point where he didn't understand.

"Let's get rid of these nicknames," Vorden said. "I kind of don't like mine."

The three of them laughed, and the teacher finally came outside in the hallway to talk to them. In all honesty for what Raten had done, he didn't get in much trouble, they just talked to him, but there was no punishment.

There wasn't much they could do, and they didn't really want to hamper his skills or training in any way. The other kids knew he got away with things because he was talented, and it was the reason why they just came to dislike him even more.

The class lesson today was about creating their own skills. After mastering an ability, it was important for them to try to create their own skills and not just rely on the ones in the skill book. For this, they would have to have a creative mind.

They had all sorts of different lessons, usually the theory based one's being in the morning. Once this class had finished, it was time for them to eat in one of the halls.

The three sat on their own, talked and ate, each day becoming closer and closer. The afternoon lessons were what Raten looked forward to the most though.

It was time for the combat classes. Generally, there were two types of combat classes that were taught. Basic hand to hand combat skills with no use of abilities. From time to time, they would also use weapons.

Then there was the ability class. Where they would practice using their abilities. When this class happened, they would often bring people out who were tied up and blindfolded, gagged so they couldn't say anything.

Not much was explained about who these people were, only that if they didn't do well, they could become like them in the future. It was their way of scaring the kids.

Today's lesson was casual hand to hand combat for them, and it was Friday. Each Friday it would be sparing night, where students would go up against each other in a duel.

This was done outside under the supervision of many teachers. The three watched a few people fight, and it was Sil's turn. Sil seemed like his normal self, but he wasn't too bad when it came to hand to fighting.

It always started usually the same, with Sil being hit first, and then soon after, not wanting to get hurt anymore, Sil would hit the person back beating them so he could no longer get hurt.

Then it was Vorden's turn. The student came running at him with a fist. It was obvious he was going to punch him Vorden thought, so he tried to step out of the way, but with the other hand, he had been grabbed by the shirt yanking him forward.

Using all the strength he had, he tried to kick the other person away in the stomach, but it was useless and weak. Then before he knew it, he was getting his face punched in until the fight was declared over.

Then finally, it was Raten's turn. He had a smile on his face and was ready to take on any one of them. Then he pointed at the student who had just fought.

"You, you're fresh, right? You didn't get hurt in the last fight, so let's get this on!" Raten shouted.

However, his request was denied, as the teachers knew what was going on. If Raten was to fight, he probably wouldn't have stopped hurting the child until someone pulled him off. Because even if he didn't know, they did. Raten cared about his two friends.

He was paired up with another student, and he had finished winning his fight with ease.

After the fighting session had ended, students were finally able to relax. They lived in the Temple, and this was considered free time where they could do as they wished. During this time, each one of them would be called one by one for an individual session.

Here they would speak to one of the teachers to hear if they had any problems. What they were going through would be a heavy toll on a child that was around eight years old. This was why they had a teacher check their mental health and state frequently.

"Sil, you're up next. You know the room to go to."

Sil got up and smiled as he headed to the room. When he opened the door. A black-haired curly young man was sitting down on the floor with a small table.

"Nice to see you, Sil."

"Caser!" Sil shouted as he ran and gave the man a big hug. Sure, Sil had his friends, and he cared for them, but this man in front of him was the most important person in the world.


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